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Found 4 results

  1. Hi! My username in heliohost is jason4931 and I'd like to create a new domain on my account named "xrplbkas.com" if that's possible, thanks!
  2. Good day, admins! I respectfully request to register an addon domain under my Tommy account. Username: TheDannified Addon Domain to be registed: kitakitaproject.site I have already registered the Heliohost nameservers in my addon domain. Please acknowledge receipt thereof. Thank you!
  3. Hello! I'm moving my account from Tommy to Rickie. My previous account ID was janisek7 and the new one for Rickie is jana7. Could you please remove the DNS entry for my domain tackbyjana.com from all servers in the DNS cluster for me, so I could make it my primary domain for the new Rickie account? Also, could you please tell me the nameservers for Rickie? Thank you so much! Jana Paypal transaction ID 12V75405NC752642E
  4. dear admin, I want to add "23creative.xyz" as my addon domain. But when I try to add this domain "23creative.xyz" as an addon domain it shows the message (XID fx8hwf) The domain “23creative.xyz” already exists in the Apache configuration. However, the domain "23creative.xyz" is not appearing in the addon domain list. How to proceed with addon domain?? please solve this problem and reply. user name- hoebbiet sub domain - myhoebbiet.heliohost.org
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