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Found 4 results

  1. Hi! My username in heliohost is jason4931 and I'd like to create a new domain on my account named "xrplbkas.com" if that's possible, thanks!
  2. i was setup a add-on domain and still queued Username : kangtomo Server : johnny Heliohost main domain : secondserver.tk Queued Add on domain : smpn1tegalombo.sch.id
  3. Hi! I have an account on Stevie called "awawiwo" and tried to add the URL www.chroniclesonline.net as an add-on domain some time ago. It's set to point at heliohost's dns servers and was used as a parked domain temporarily, so I'm sure there's no problem from that side, but I deleted it before trying to add it as an add-on and let 24 hours pass in-between. The process of adding the add-on domain itself worked, but since then I only get the "this account is queued" page. I deleted it as an add-on domain after about a week and tried to re-add it, but now it says the domain is already owned by another user. Neither FAQ nor wiki provide advice on this kind of situation, so how do I proceed now? Marco
  4. Hi Tech Supports, May I request to check my domain (u6c.net) I am trying to delete it since last week, but unfortunately Johnny server went down, and I did not noticed that the add-on domain deletion is not successful, thus when I tried adding it again on my cpanel(bugoy) it wont add and gave me the attache image error. I just need it to be added on my cpanel(bugoy). Thanks for the help, Bugoy
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