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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I gonna share the step by step method to link your new domain name eg. zengvee.tk to zengvee.heliohost.org You probably want to use other domain or free domain, I will use .tk in my example. [ STEP ONE ] Go to http://www.dot.tk Type in your preferred name eg. http://www.zengvee.tk in my case Below are the top options after you press [ NEXT ] [ ] Forward this domain to [ ] Use DNS [ ] Build a new website with Choose the middle [ * ] Use DNS Fill in like below Server Name : ns1.heliohost.org IP Address : Server Name : ns2.heliohost.org IP Address : Fill in Registration Length, 1 month to 12 months depend on how long you want to use this .tk domain ( You could renew for free after expiration ) Fill in Captcha code Click on Sign up and use your email, basically the thing on dot.tk are done. [ STEP TWO ] You should perform the following steps in your heliohost.org cpanel Log into your cpanel, depend on which server you are, mine is https://stevie.heliohost.org:2083 Under Domains, choose Alias Under the Create a New Alias textbox, key in your .tk domain name, in my case, zengvee.tk Click on the [ Add Domain ] button Done [ FAQ ] How to get the Server Name and its IP Address in step 1.13? Visit https://whois.icann.org , search your domain name, eg. zengvee.heliohost.org Under Name Servers, you would see NS1.HELIOHOST.ORG and NS2.HELIOHOST.ORG To get the IP Address of them, open up cmd.exe or terminal, type ping ns1.heliohost.org and then ping ns2.heliohost.org PING ns1.heliohost.org ( 56(84) bytes of data. PING ns2.heliohost.org ( 56(84) bytes of data. If you visit http://www.zengvee.tk now, you would see my website which is still queuing at this moment.
  2. I can not set well my domain. Tk it has three choices: 1 - Domain forwarding 2 - Dot TK DNS Service 3 - Custom DNS the first to enter my domain plr-gold.tk working but is in fact only a redirect observing when the page loads refers giulio74.heliohost.org and has not to my domain for the rest I do not know how and where to insert the dns Can someone kindly help me? my domains is plr-gold.tk Note: the template inserted and only for testing.
  3. Mam/Sir, When I try to Addon the Domain example.tk instead that domain be added, it looks like it's creating example.main.tk subdomain.. Wherever I do, I couldn't add my another "dot tk" domain. Could you please give me a solution? And tell me what's the problem? My following information: My domain that couldn't be added: webdirectory.tk My cPanel username: mbdungo My main domain: firm.tk Thank you!
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