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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, I have two questions, maybe you can help me. I have waited a few days to 2 o'clock at night to check whether I can register for a Java server. Unfortunately, only Stevie was available for an account registration so far. Is there an estimated date when you can register again for a Java server? Can I register with another e-mail address for a Java server as soon as it is available and delete the current account later? I would like to be able to log in to the forum until the new registration. Or will I be blocked immediately if I have two accounts? Thanks for your help.
  2. Hello all! I have next problem? I want to register in Steavi hosting, but ALL times I have error: "A DNS entry for “bimusoft.tk” already exists. You must remove this DNS entry from all servers in the DNS cluster to proceed." I full delete this domain, but have error again, now I register domain, and configure ns servers to this hosting but have this error again? why!!!? If I delete domain I have error, if I register domain I have error again, why why why? Whois service showes that domain correctly configure to this toyur hosting, why I have error all times?
  3. Hi, I've tried many times to register a Johnny account and any time I try it, it says: "We're sorry, but an error was encountered during signup. Please try again later." Is there any chance there are some capacity issues? Thx
  4. Hi! I'm having kind of an issue over here. I am a teacher who likes to consecrate my students in the awesomeness of HTML and website building in common (also CMS like Wordpress or Joomla or Drupal or...). Is there a possibility that I can register a multitude of accounts? I tried registering my students in the class room, but they've got errors. I suppose the amount of registrations is automatically limited by IP adress? Your help would be very welcome! Thanks in advance.
  5. Paypal transaction ID: #8EJ233969P109880G username: tuttles main domain: tuttles.heliohost.org server: stevie
  6. Can anyone help me to do it ~~ I try for so long but still can't do it -> Chat with me : hoang8595@yahoo.com.vn or Post it here tks so much
  7. Mam/Sir, When I try to Addon the Domain example.tk instead that domain be added, it looks like it's creating example.main.tk subdomain.. Wherever I do, I couldn't add my another "dot tk" domain. Could you please give me a solution? And tell me what's the problem? My following information: My domain that couldn't be added: webdirectory.tk My cPanel username: mbdungo My main domain: firm.tk Thank you!
  8. Hello, www.nradvocacia.com registered my domain, but when I change my ISP dns(rede host) error happens. thanks,
  9. Hey! I am wondering why I haven't been able to register to Stevie, even after many days of trying. When it becomes midnight, the form becomes avaivable and I fill it out, then I press Send, either it says "Registration Limit reahed..." or some other error message, and after a few minutes, usually 1-3min the registration page closes because the daily registration limit has been reached. I have come to think that could spam bots be bypassing the CAPTCHA, or is Stevie just so wanted? I tried Johnny for my website, despite the warning, and it is utterly slow and have decided to delete it, if I'd get the lucky chance to register on Stevie in the coming days! Hope to hear from you people soon, Arttu
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