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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Sir, I want to add a TXT record to my domain mehla.heliohost.us for verification purposes (Google). Please add this TXT record to my domain: Host: @ (mehla.heliohost.us) TXT Record: google-site-verification=jFQNsEZglV_KcRm9uSjlhGtH3D9KX7ALm0EpZXLh0b0 TTL can be any value. Thank You.
  2. Greeting. I tried about 5-6 time to add an "Addon domain" but every time page won't do anything or returns an error! It says DNS record already available, so I went to "Zone editor" --> click on manage button in front of my addon domain name and delete every 5 records (name of domain still is there, but when I clicked on the manage button for it, it shows no record founds); also deleted the appropriative folder named with my domain, under public_html; plus I deleted the sub-domain it generates with the name of addon domain followed by shahabou.heliohost.org then, I click on add domain in Addon domain section, after did and check the above things, and it shows me error below: (XID uhuswp) A DNS entry for “ouraie.ir” already exists. You must remove this DNS entry from this server or all servers in the DNS cluster to proceed.please help. thanks in advance bcs of all of your helps! with LOVE to HELIO <3....
  3. Hi, I can't access my webmail... which I configured in helionet cPanel to use my domain registrar (bigrock.in) settings .. when I access the link webmail.algby.com I get helionet cPanel login where I should get a login something like us2.webmail.mailhostbox.com Have I configured incorrectly .. In my domain registrar (bigrock.in) control panel I have set my NS to point to ns1.helionet.org & ns2.helionet.org & later I appended dns4.bigrock.in dns2.bigrock.in dns3.bigrock.in & dns1.bigrock.in How Do I Configure my DNS / MX / CNAME to use webmail service provided by my domain registrar (bigrock.in) I've updated the DNS details in cPanel which I got from my domain registrar (bigrock.in) control panel which are as follows: Instructions by my domain registrar (bigrock.in) Your DNS Manager must insert the following MX records in the DNS Zone of algby.com 100 algby.com. us2.mx3.mailhostbox.com. 1 day 100 algby.com. us2.mx1.mailhostbox.com. 1 day 100 algby.com. us2.mx2.mailhostbox.com. 1 day Please add the following CNAME records for your branding to work Alias Host Canonical Host TTL imap.algby.com. us2.imap.mailhostbox.com. 1 day pop.algby.com. us2.pop.mailhostbox.com. 1 day smtp.algby.com. us2.smtp.mailhostbox.com. 1 day webmail.algby.com. us2.webmail.mailhostbox.com. 1 day Your DNS Manager must insert the following TXT records in the DNS Zone of algby.com I have updated the TXT as well .. but still can't access my webmail .. Please assist.
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