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Found 7 results

  1. Hello all, I've recently come across https://eu.org and thought "Why not give it a try?". I have applied for a domain and got accepted! However, I can't add my domain as an alias or addon domain. I have the right nameservers set (ns1.heliohost.org and ns2.heliohost.org), what am I doing wrong? Furthermore, I would like to use CloudFlare with it, is that possible? Edit: There is this post by Krydos on cPanel's forum which is really confusing to me... so does it mean that we can't use eu.org domains...? P.S.: Sorry for my lack of knowledge regarding domain names and related subjects. I'm happy to elaborate if needed. Thanks for all answers!
  2. Hello guys, I'm new to this host. I created my account some days ago, and a friend of mine give to me a subdomain on he's domain to use it instead of main free .tk domain that I've configured at the moment that I created the account. Well, yesterday (or at twesday, I can't remember exactly) I added the domain (seb.tiflojuegos.com) on my aliases, and my friend at he's registrar webpage, He added the two heliohost nameservers to the nameservers list that he have configured, and added in to the DNS configurations, an A record pointing the subdomain (seb.tiflojuegos.com) to the ip address of my server. I have created the account at johnny. Well, a few hours after the a record was created, the subdomain start to work, but instead of show my example webpage (that I've configured) the domain point to the main johnny request point. Of course, johnny says that the page is quewed and not configured. but if i enter to seb.tiflojuegos.com/~seb, appear the content of my webpage. like if enter to johnny.heliohost.org/~seb What is wrong in my configuration? My friend have to point the a record to other ip? Consider that in the domain configuration, are two more different nameservers configured. ¡thanks for all! A, Johnny server is down at the moment? Thanks
  3. I have a parked domain that points to my main domain: giteshsshroti.heliohost.org(main-domain), trial-gss.tk(sub-domain) But for all my subdomains, the following happens: (eg. my subdomain is: giteshss) Whenever I open giteshss.giteshsshroti.heliohost.org, the subdomains open successfully.But, whenever I do giteshss.trial-gss.tk, it doesnt and flashes án error saying site can't be reached.Will someone help WHY this happens? And also, HOW to overcome this? Also, can i have my email accounts for my main domain, with my subdomains too? If so, what shall I do? eg.: admin@trial-gss.tk can this happen?
  4. Additions of addon domains/alias domains are causing errors. The script isn't being competed resulting in partial addition. It's running long and ending in a 500 Internal Server Error. Please help solve this issue.. When adding alias domain:- There was an error when the system attempted to create the alias. Park::park(bloodlineodisha.tk) failed: (XID x5vcs3) The domain “bloodlineodisha.tk” already exists in the Apache configuration. Also, Now I am unable to unpark the domain theroyalsdestiny.tk Error:- There was a problem removing the alias. Park::unpark(theroyalsdestiny.tk) failed: The system cannot determine the base domain for “theroyalsdestiny.tk” (i.e., the domain on which “theroyalsdestiny.tk” is parked). Thanks for your help!
  5. Hello everyone! I am new to this business and am a student who wanna learn and experiment things. However, I am curious about: What are THESE aliases and what they are beneficial for.Is it really necessary to use them?If so, when and where?And most important, HOW? I expect support and guidance over the same! You can even provide me links to the content! Thank You. Hope Heliohost helps me learn the things better! Thanks heliohost!
  6. Hello! My username at Heliohost is kuksamax. My main domain is kuksa.ru. I want to have kuksa.org as an alias for kuksa.ru My KUKSA.RU zone file @ A mail CNAME domain.mail.yandex.net. www CNAME kuksa.ru. @ NS dns1.yandex.ru. @ NS dns2.yandex.ru. @ MX mx.yandex.ru. 10 My KUKSA.ORG zone file @ A mail CNAME domain.mail.yandex.net. www CNAME kuksa.org. @ NS dns1.yandex.ru. @ NS dns2.yandex.ru. @ MX mx.yandex.ru. 10 Last changes in zone files have been made a week ago. I've tried to add the parked domain kuksa.org and get this error Error from park wrapper: Using nameservers with the following IPs:, Sorry, the domain is already pointed to an IP address that does not appear to use DNS servers associated with this server. Please transfer the domain to this servers nameservers or have your administrator add one of its nameservers to /etc/ips.remotedns and make the proper A entries on that remote nameserver. I can't abandon Yandex nameservers because of mail service. Is there another way to have the alias kuksa.org for kuksa.ru?
  7. (Never mind, found answer. Please feel free to lock/delete.) Topic resolved
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