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Found 24 results

  1. Hi Team, I am a returning user and I request you to unarchive my account which was earlier suspended due to inactivity. PFB the details: username: giteshss server: tommy Please let me know in case you need any further detail. Thanks in advance! Regards, Gitesh
  2. Greetings! Created my first ever SQL database for my heliohost control panel and got number of questions(probably due to lack of enough knowledge or so). I can access my database from my control panels phpMyAdmin. But, is there any other method to do so? using any GUI, or Prompt, or anything of that sort! I simply dont wanna use phpMyAdmin.I rarely use PHP and use JDBC and ADO.NET to connect to my databases.Both JDBC and ADO.NET use a connection string of database configured with some user and password. - user: I have created and assigned to DB along with passwords! no problems here.What will be the connection string for both java JDBC and c# ADO.NET??????????Also, java uses drivers to connect to the databases due to common set of classes. So, is there any need to have this driver to my control panel account?Basically, when using Apache Tomcat server with java, Driver files are placed in "lib" of the Tomcat(locally). WHAT IS THE PROCEDURE FOR Cpanel. Please help me through it asap. Even i would love if someone speaks more on the topic, beyond the points I mentioned 'cz I might have missed something!!! Also, I have read the documentations on MySQL but am unable to find any particularly satisfying solution or support! Please support! Thank you!
  3. Hi, My account has been archived due to inactivity. I understand the action. Please active the same as I would love to continue my relationship with HelioHost! PFB the details: Username: giteshss Domain: giteshshroti.heliohost.org Let me know in case you need more details. Best Regards.
  4. Greetings! I am trying to create a simple application in java FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE. In that, I want to create databases dynamically. eg.: when i register, i get a database. ONLY TRIAL BASIS, nothing more than that. I have tried that with remote access from my development machine to tommy.heliohost.org, but i am getting an error while creating database. ALL OTHER TASKS ARE WORKING FINE EXCEPT THIS ONE: create database. Error: Access denied for user '*******'@'' to database '**************' *: my user and database names. Is it possible? Any suggestions? I again declare that it is ONLY for learning. Thanks.
  5. I want to attach one of my domains to my yandex account. I have connected my domain but now it is asking me to make an MX entry. The details of the entry mentioned there does not match with the options i am getting in my CP. Please help me configuring the same. Posting the details here: YANDEX CONFIGURATIONS: Value — “mx.yandex.net.”. The dot is required at the end of the server name. In some control panels, the dot is assumed automatically. In this case, you don't need to add it. Priority — 10. If a priority of “10” is not allowed in the control panel, enter any other priority other than zero. Subdomain name — “@”. In some control panels, you need to enter the name of your domain instead of “@” (for example, “yourdomain.tld.”). If you are not able to set either “@” or the domain name, leave this field empty. If this field isn't shown in the control panel, you don't have to set it. or Add MX record and create your first email account. Name Type of record Priority Host @ MX 10 mx.yandex.ru. Note: if @ is invalid then try your naked domain. e.g. example.com (not www.example.com). Optional (but recommended) Add SPF record: Name Type of record Host @ TXT v = spf1 redirect = _spf.yandex.ru Guide! Thanks a lot!
  6. Need to activate java on two of my domains: username: giteshss domain1: https://giteshsshroti.tk domain2: http://new.giteshsshroti.tk Thanks
  7. Greetings! Being new to the business, I am not yet exposed to PHP. I joined heliohost because of one reason: IT PROVIDED asp.net and java hosting. I IGNORED THE REST sorry! I am good at java and asp.net. But am worst at PHP! Earlier, I thought it doesn't matter at all to know PHP when knowing java and .net. But, now, I wanna correct myself! would love to expose myself to php too. For this, I tried many things: W3Schools tutorials, thenewboston.com tutorials, etc. but neither of them worked! Have heard many things about PHP5, PHP7, Yii framework, etc. Can someone suggest me where to start with? what would be the best of it to learn? Also, I don't wanna spend a lot of time leaning. I wanna learn all the basics and then spend a lot of time practicing, implementing and developing! So, please guide me accordingly! courtesy: heliohost - for exposing me to many technologies, tools and services. Even not being useful for current work, they motivate you to take a step towards learning them! It's awesome. Thanks a lot!! Got many stuffs to groom!
  8. Greetings! The forum is quiet! So, let's have a discussion! I want to create a website where the users visiting my website can sign up and log in. Not all, but some; who are meant to sign up! So: eg. for website example.tk, user should get an email id - user@example.tk.I can do it from my control panel, but i don't want to do so.I want users to signup and the username they enter there should be their address and should me added to my domain's email addresses.Users should be able to access their accounts using webmail - which I can simply provide the link!This is an experimental system. I don't wanna overload tommy. But this can be useful to me someday! Please guide me through this! I guess the question is clear. If it isn't, let me know. I'll explain. Thanks Alot
  9. How can i deploy .war file on my heliohost hosted domain? I don't know but have heard that many hosting companies provide support to java using the facility to deploy .war file. Is it possible on heliohost? Can i do so normally, with jsp permissions on my account activated? IF possible, please provide a Step-by-step procedure so that i can do so here. Help! Thanks.......
  10. I have a heliohost hosting account on Tommy server. I tried to log in to my account with my android phone but was unable to do so. Even i couldn't signin to my helionet account. It shows "incorrect credentials"/"Invalid username/password"/"Login failed". these kinda errors. I tried to check my login id and password a number of times to avoid any silly deed. But after a thousand checks too, the error persists. Can't understand whats happening out there! Support expected.
  11. Greetings! Am a developer, new to the business. while going across google page speed for the simplest site hosted by me, i came across some issues: Should Fix: Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content Consider Fixing: Leverage browser caching i have googled the problem but was unable to find a quick and specific solution. Can Someone Help?
  12. Greetings!! I have an account on Tommy Username: giteshss Main Domain: giteshsshroti.heliohost.org Also, i have java and asp.net active on my domain as well as my sub-domains and my alias domain. BUT, even though i am facing a weird problem: Whenever I try to test the test pages: test.aspx and test.jsp on my domain without using "https://", they WORK. as: gitessshroti.heliohost.org/test.jsp gitessshroti.heliohost.org/test.aspxBut, whenever I try the same links with prefix "https://" they don't work!!! In my earlier posts for subdomains*, krydos said that i might be misspelling something. So, for THIS PROBLEM, I am providing the screenshots. *That post was for different reason. So, avoid reporting but help resolving! Hope my problem is clear to you, if not so, please communicate. Thank you!! Here are the attachments: I have an alias trial-gss.tk that points to the main domain. Please check the same for that too!
  13. I have a parked domain that points to my main domain: giteshsshroti.heliohost.org(main-domain), trial-gss.tk(sub-domain) But for all my subdomains, the following happens: (eg. my subdomain is: giteshss) Whenever I open giteshss.giteshsshroti.heliohost.org, the subdomains open successfully.But, whenever I do giteshss.trial-gss.tk, it doesnt and flashes án error saying site can't be reached.Will someone help WHY this happens? And also, HOW to overcome this? Also, can i have my email accounts for my main domain, with my subdomains too? If so, what shall I do? eg.: admin@trial-gss.tk can this happen?
  14. Whenever Visiting the CP SSL/TSL module, I always get the folliwing notice: Note: You do not have a dedicated IP address. As a result, web browsers that do not support SNI will probably give false security warnings to your users when they access any of your SSL websites. Microsoft® Internet Explorer™ on Windows XP™ is the most widely used web browser that does not support SNI. Please tell me: Why on Tommy we don't have dedicated IPsIs it possible to get dedicated IP for our domains?If so, HOW?Please help. Thank you!
  15. I have "Tommy" account with asp.net and java working on my main domain as enabled by krydos. But both of them are not working on my subdomains. Can someone help? Do i have to request java and asp.net support for all my subdomains individually? Please help me through it. Thanks!
  16. I had an account on johnny which had java support too. But, now i recently migrated to Tommy. Do I have to again activate java on my account using "Request for java" post?
  17. I have recently migrated to tommy and want to activate java support on my account. HelioHost account name- giteshss HelioHost domain name- giteshshroti.heliohost.org server name- tommy
  18. Heliohost Username: giteshss Heliohost Domain name: giteshshroti.heliohost.org server: Tommy
  19. I wish to migrate to TOMMY please process AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Also i don't know the process, please guide me through it. Username: giteshss Domain - name: https://giteshshroti.heliohost.org Paypal Donation ID: 67C01190VE686863J
  20. Hello! From some official post I have read that server johnny crashed. Whatever may be the reason, I have some queries and am in need of them RESOLVED! Will my account exist after the crisis is over? - Some have posted(for Stevie...) that the account and all the information will go off!! I need confirmed details! Admins, help!! Is some backup of accounts there, so that i can retrieve my information?Is it possible to migrate from johnny to tommy in the crisis period? (Donation is good...but what about switching without info loss?)If if overcomes, what time will it take you guyz to do so? Thanks again heliohost!!
  21. Greetings for the New Year to all! I wanted to know some details about SSL and its use with HELIOHOST. I know exactly what SSL is and that's not my point. However I wanna understand how we can use it with HELIOHOST. Does heliohost provides support for SSL? Does heliohost provide SSL Certificate or I have to get it from some other source? Can I use One SSL certificate for Multiple domains owned by me?Does the certificate apply to sub-domains too? If NOT, what CAN I DO to do so?Is getting SSL Certificate from Heliohost is FREE or CHARGED?How to get or apply for SSL Certificate?Is it really important to have SSL or is there some alternative for it? If so, IS IT RELIABLE and CHEAPER? I request all the intellectuals to please provide all the details regarding SSL. Because, this post can help the beginners like me to LEARN. Thank you! I will really appreciate if heliohost provides SSL certificates. Please share the procedure to get it, if so.
  22. Greetings! I have my own SSL Certificate and have registered me domain with it too. BUT, Whenever i open my website in the web browser, this happens: My domain name is giteshshroti.heliohost.orgWhenever I type: giteshshroti.heliohost.org, it establishes INSECURE CONNECTION - HTTPBut, when i EXPLICITLY enter: https://giteshshroti.heliohost.org, A SECURE CONNECTION IS ESTABLISHED. i.e. HTTPS. Now the problem is, i dont wanna specify https:// all the time. But still want that even when i enter giteshshroti.heliohost.org, IT MUST ESTABLISH SECURE CONNECTION. Please guide me!!
  23. Hello everyone! I am new to this business and am a student who wanna learn and experiment things. However, I am curious about: What are THESE aliases and what they are beneficial for.Is it really necessary to use them?If so, when and where?And most important, HOW? I expect support and guidance over the same! You can even provide me links to the content! Thank You. Hope Heliohost helps me learn the things better! Thanks heliohost!
  24. What are the hosting experience difference between Johnny server and Tommy server? I am a newbie and surveying Heliohost to adjust my needs!But, i am still unknown to the fact that why people switch their servers to Tommy! Is it only because it has fabulous uptime, or is there some other important point too?I am using Jhonny and i have to request all the technologies for my use every now and then. Are these problems not faced in Tommy server?Does Tommy provide greater storage?Does Tommy provide more technologies?Does Tommy provide Better security? Please help me with that so that i can also know what is better for me. 2. Also, What are the norms to switch from johnny to tommy?Is there any fee to be paid? Or request it?Thank You Heliohost
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