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Found 9 results

  1. Hi there! I have a java web project that used jsp and servlet. I´ve done correctly all the database and there is no problem with that. In the section of MySql Databases I´ve created a new user and I attached it to the database created. The problem is that I don´t get the connection to the database. I genere a .war file to be deployed . I attach part of the code that I use to connect java to the database. public class Clase_Conexion{ private Connection cn; private String user="garoskul_garos"; //The user I created private String password="mypassword"; private String url="jdbc:mysql://"; //I used hnny.heliohost.org fist and it doesn´t work public Clase_Conexion(){ cn=null; try{ Class.forName("com.mysql.jdbc.Driver"); cn=DriverManager.getConnection(url,user,password); if(cn!=null){ System.out.println("Conexion establecida"); } }catch ( SQLException e){ System.out.println("error al conectar"+e); } catch (ClassNotFoundException ex) { Logger.getLogger(Clase_Conexion.class.getName()).log(Level.SEVERE, null, ex); } } public Connection getConnection(){ return cn; } Please if u don´t mine to help me I´ll be very grateful.
  2. Hello, I was unable to access my website - "http://speedycart.ml/clgproj/", then I was trying to re-deploy the .war file. But it was not happening, why? Please help and fix this.
  3. Hello: As of the point of posting this, my account is still queued to initialize and setup, but I have a web service I need to have deployed as soon as posible. username: macencio filename: InformatikService.war Thanks in advance. P.S.: Yes, I've enabled java in my account.
  4. How can I shift from johny to tommy and after shifting how many days would take to enable java and deploy JSP website?
  5. my username="hkaldane"; location of war file = home/hkaldane/Website.war
  6. How can i deploy .war file on my heliohost hosted domain? I don't know but have heard that many hosting companies provide support to java using the facility to deploy .war file. Is it possible on heliohost? Can i do so normally, with jsp permissions on my account activated? IF possible, please provide a Step-by-step procedure so that i can do so here. Help! Thanks.......
  7. Username : anishpau .war file name : BookStore-JSP2.war path of .war file : home/anishpau/BookStore-JSP2.war
  8. I uploaded Soccer.war file at home/pratik09 username: pratik09 war file: Soccer.war I hope it deploys soon...
  9. I uploded a .war file to my home directory. What should I do now?
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