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Found 4 results

  1. Hello: As of the point of posting this, my account is still queued to initialize and setup, but I have a web service I need to have deployed as soon as posible. username: macencio filename: InformatikService.war Thanks in advance. P.S.: Yes, I've enabled java in my account.
  2. I'm sure that some of you are looking for an online directory which will allow you to submit your business listing without a cost. Here I introduce you http://www.webdirectory.tk where you can find great products, services and businesses you can even check it if what I'm saying is real, or you can even submit your business if only it's not trivial because this business directory is fully reviewed by the admin. So we're sure that all of the listings therein are not spammy.. Guys, what do you think about this business directory?
  3. Today as I was allocating my databases I suddenly got a message "There are no users associated with your account" & There are no databases associated with your account." I took the time to create 20+ databases.... what now? I hope you can give me a reasonable explanation and resolve this issue... otherwise I have to make some decisions. Thanks
  4. main domain opportunity.heliohost.org Server Stevie I have provisioned several sub-domains and noticed only one is in queue. Is this the normal SOP when it comes to loading domains into the system? If so can you please place a note in the C-panel to alert all users to post a forum topic on this matter. It would be nice to avoid all this since it requires more work for the admin and the clients. I hope we can resolve this asap. This can be a time sensitive issue if I need to install a new sub-domain to respond to new keyword popularity and trends. Thanks PS: is there any limit to how many sites a user can obtain here?
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