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Found 21 results

  1. Hi. Intending to force usage of https when accessing my site, I only noticed now, that SSL seems to be installed and work. Sorry for these "stupid" questions, but I just want to be really sure, that what I intend to do is correct. 1. Certificates and keys have been generated and validated. On the "Manage installed SSL websites" page in C-panel, there is a button to install the certificates on the server. Have I to put this button, or is everything as it should be, nothing to do by me and, when expired, all renews by itself? 2. To force http to https, is adding a rewrite rule to .htaccess the best method? 3. Some older browsers (probably still used by lots of people in some parts of the world) do not support SNI. Does that mean that these people couldn't any longer access the site, if I do the rewrite? How to solve this issue? Thanks for answer. And thanks to the HelioHost team for this nice thing called AutoSSL.
  2. Hi! I was wondering why, on heliohost, my website doesn’t use https directly without any need to use redirection on .htaccess ? Indeed, I’m also managing website for an organisation, which is hosted with cpanel as well, when I setted up wordpress with the https site, I didn’t have to modify .htaccess and visitors are always browsing https version of the site. Never the http. For information, the website is : lescommettants.fr and hosted by planethoster (the free version) Any clue how they can do that ? Implementing redirections affect loading performance that's why I'm wondering...
  3. How can I force redirect webmail.galactico.fashion to https://webmail.galactico.fashion My server is : Johnny
  4. Hi, there! Howdy, all? This time, my question is related to how I can force https only throughout my website. Well, I've installed my certificates via ZeroSSL, just by following the instructions given by you at: https://wiki.helionet.org/Installing_a_Let%27s_Encrypt_SSL_Certificate Ok, excellent! It's all working. But even so, I notice that if I type http it still there. What I want is that when a user types http as if it were the default protocol and then presses "enter", he/she is automatically redirected to the https version. That's all, guys. So... How do I do this? Thank you!
  5. Hi my domain is sosbrigade.club Whenever I go to my site I get a warning on my browser saying that my connection to the website is not encrypted... I have tried to obtain a ssl certificate but to be honest I don't know what I am doing. On cpanel it says that I have certificate on sosbrigade.club but not for mail.sosbrigade.club and some other subdomains are also listed.
  6. Hello dear heliohosters I've noticed a difference between Tommy and Ricky when it comes to the HTTPS version of the default subdomains, namely: webmail.xxx, cpanel.xxx, and webdisk.xxx.heliohost.org. 1) On Ricky http://cpanel.licool.heliohost.org loads the NOT secured cpanel login page. https://cpanel.licool.heliohost.org loads correctly the SECURED cpanel login page. While, 2) On Tommy http://cpanel.awal1.heliohost.org loads the NOT secured cpanel login page as well, but https://cpanel.awal1.heliohost.org POINTS to the INDEX page in public_html! instead of loading the secured cpanel page. Although Krydos has explained to me that on Tommy cpanel.xxx, webmail.xxx... etc are not real subdomains, they are actually proxies. For instance, cpanel.xxx is a proxy to tommy.heliohost.org:2083. I would like to know what is the difference then with Ricky that loads the right subdomain page weather using http or https? when Tommy doesn't I hope my question is clear and thank you in advance for any help.
  7. Can anyone tell us something about HSTS option for a safer https. How to enable it. Server setup or through htaccess. Thank you.
  8. Hi team, I have few questions regarding the Tomcat installation: 1) I am able to reach my website over HTTPS, for example: https://shuffly-backend.heliohost.org/. Anyway, I am not able to reach the war application in my Tomcat over HTTPS, it works only over HTTP. Is it possible to extend the HTTPS protection to the Tomcat applications too? 2) Is there a way for us to read the Tomcat logs? It would be very helpful to check my war logs. As an alternative, can I configure my application to log in an accessible folder visible from the File Manager webpage (as an example, /home/shuffly/logs/)? Thanks for the support!
  9. I want to buy a Symantec SSL certifcate and i decided to try the trial certificate to test it, but i can't install it. Cpanel gives me the error: The certificate could not be installed on the domain “laparcela.tk”. Certificate verification failed! The system did not find the root certificate that corresponds to the supplied Certificate Authority Bundle’s intermediate certificate. Please supply a full Certificate Authority Bundle with the root certificate included. I generated a CSR and Symantec give me my the certificate and two more. Secure Site Trial Root Certificate Secure Site Trial Intermediate Certificate In CABUNDLE i wrote Symantec Trial Secure Server CA - G3 (Secure Site Trial Intermediate Certificate) I tried to add de Root Certificate but is not possbile. I don't know if i buy a certificate, i would install it. Tkanks Team.
  10. I have an SSL certificate installed on my domain (both example.heliohost.org and example.tk, and variants), and would like to make it so that users going to http://example.tk are redirected to https://example.tk. I am currently using mod_rewrite inside .htaccess to make this work, but every post I can find on this online says this is a last resort and that using apache virtualhosts is much better. The problem is, I have no idea where the necessary apache configuration files are located, if I need to create them, or if I even have access to them. Or, should I use cPanel's redirects along with a wildcard instead? Some other method? Thanks for any help. Edit: Also, I'm on Ricky, if that helps.
  11. Greetings! I have my own SSL Certificate and have registered me domain with it too. BUT, Whenever i open my website in the web browser, this happens: My domain name is giteshshroti.heliohost.orgWhenever I type: giteshshroti.heliohost.org, it establishes INSECURE CONNECTION - HTTPBut, when i EXPLICITLY enter: https://giteshshroti.heliohost.org, A SECURE CONNECTION IS ESTABLISHED. i.e. HTTPS. Now the problem is, i dont wanna specify https:// all the time. But still want that even when i enter giteshshroti.heliohost.org, IT MUST ESTABLISH SECURE CONNECTION. Please guide me!!
  12. Let's Encrypt is an open-source project from the Electronic Frontier Foundation to promote simplified decentralized encryption on the Internet. According to this forum post, HelioHost is not in there, but the thread does mention that cPanel is working on an implementation. So, will HelioHost support Let's Encrypt as soon as cPanel finishes work on the feature? Will it be included in an update?
  13. Is it possible to use Let’s Encrypt certificates within Heliohost ? They are free and work great! Thanks!
  14. Hi, I am webmaster of minecrafthk.com and minecraft-hk.gq Recently, I enabled hsts function, but when I visit my site with ssl encrypt, it automatically redirect to https://MYSITE/cgi-sys/suspendedpage.cgi, and shows this " Executing in an invalid environment for the supplied user " Can anyone help me? My cpanel name is chinglam .
  15. I have been using the hosting for a long time now, and HelioHost is undoubtedly my favourite free hosting. But the missing thing is https on almost all the pages. Why don't you people enable CloudFlare Free throughout? It gives at least a basic SSL protection. Also, the cpanel logins and all the credentials are passed over http which is not secure. I understand that the free hosting is supposed to be used for testing purposes and not for actual websites, but when you can have a valid CloudFlare certificate for free, why not use it?
  16. how do I permanatly redirect both example.com and www.example.com to https://www.example.com
  17. Sorry if this isn't in the corrct order. I have set up a key, I have a signed cookie from a provider, and I have my CSR all set. I read somewhere where you have to use a dedicated IP address, and I was wondering if my website has one? I pinged it in Command Prompt(on Windows) and the same IP came up but not in the browser. My website isn't finished(just basically white with text right now) but I wanted to secure it before I started building onto it, but If my website is not dedicated IP, would I be allowed to request one? My website is demonnos.heliohost.org Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  18. Hello, I used the SSL Manager to create my cert,key and ca files. They seem ok. When I configured I was offered www.azseniorservices.com or azseniorservices.comas choices for my certs. I chose azseniorservices.com. They seem ok. However if I enter https://azseniorservices.com I get a "SSL connection error" Now for the daft part: I only want to use SSL for my Contact.php file and on no other pages of my web site....last time I did this it seems I put a single file into a folder and made sure my code read something like,,, in the bold below <nav class="mobileUI-site-nav"> <a href="index.html">Home</a> <a href="services.html" class="current-page-item">services</a> <a href="faq.html">faqs</a> <a href="reviews.html">reviews</a> <a href="https://somefolder/contact.php">contact</a> </nav> Soooo... is there some step I am missing? Did I use the right domain name? (I used azseniorservices.com. NOT www.azseniorservices.com. Is my coded url correct? Is it already nearly 11:00 PM and I've just gone brain dead? Many thanks !!! Gloria
  19. Hello, Thank you for your free hosting. Does your free hosting support Http port = 80 and https port = 443? Can you open in sever https port = 443 for my account? Do you take any extra price for https port = 443? Do I need a dedicated IP address for https port = 443 support? If I need dedicated IP, do you take price for it? Actually I want to host a e-commerce website. I have talk to Bank for payment gateway. They will create the payment gateway and also they will give SSL certificate only in payment page. But they ask me that the web hosting server should support https port = 443 to interact with Bank server. So, I want to ask you all these above question. My user id is - sandi565 Regards, Sandip
  20. I got this error when i'm trying to install ssl on www.sharenwatch.info What should i do?
  21. I'm planning to migrate part of my management consulting website to this new domain I acquired: valoritas.com.br I'm trying to activate SSL on my domain: valoritas.com.br Already obtained a 90-day trial for testing and validation purposes from Comodo, installed it, but the activate SSL link won't show off on cPanel. I followed the link: http://stevie.heliohost.org:2082/frontend/x3/ssl/install.html mentioned in one post but I couldn't finish the process because of dedicated IP pre-requisite. I read some article here in this Forum saying that I'd need a dedicated IP, and I that must request it in here. What are the other pre requisites and costs for that request? Thank you for you help and service (awesome so far) Rafael Machado
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