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Found 10 results

  1. Hi. Intending to force usage of https when accessing my site, I only noticed now, that SSL seems to be installed and work. Sorry for these "stupid" questions, but I just want to be really sure, that what I intend to do is correct. 1. Certificates and keys have been generated and validated. On the "Manage installed SSL websites" page in C-panel, there is a button to install the certificates on the server. Have I to put this button, or is everything as it should be, nothing to do by me and, when expired, all renews by itself? 2. To force http to https, is adding a rewrite rule to .htaccess the best method? 3. Some older browsers (probably still used by lots of people in some parts of the world) do not support SNI. Does that mean that these people couldn't any longer access the site, if I do the rewrite? How to solve this issue? Thanks for answer. And thanks to the HelioHost team for this nice thing called AutoSSL.
  2. So before I had my server moved to Tommy, I had to manually install an SSL Certificate using ZeroSSL. Now I am on Tommy and should have AutoSSL. My ZeroSSL certificate for the main trenten.heliohost.org expired a couple days ago. So how can I get the AutoSSL to issue a Certificate for my main domain? I deleted the certificate in one page and on another it says uninstall and gives a warning that this is permanent so I don't want to mess anything up. Currently I can't reach my site using https. Here are some screenshots of what my SSL status is. Deleted Old certificate. Scary Uninstall option that I'm not sure about. The SSL/TLS status page: It doesn't give me the option to run AutoSSL on the domain that has the expired ZeroSSL certificate which I think I deleted as shown above. So any idea on how I can remove the ZeroSSL Cert and have AutoSSL issue and manage all of them? Thanks!
  3. According to the Wiki, Ricky is supposed to have free AutoSSL support, but I only see the option to "purchase" certificates in my cpanel. I've been using the 90 day Let's encrypt certs so far, but I haven't stayed on top of renewing them. I'd like to get AutoSSL working if possible.
  4. Hello I am facing some issue i want to use autossl on my website but it is not visible on the cpanel please help me with this your hosting is the best Thank you
  5. My website (adrishtalpu.live) has cloudflare protection. It displays a message: Ahoy! You're seeing this page because you've reached a website on our service that's not configured to accept secure connections (HTTPS). I searched the forum and one of the answer mentioned that using Cloudflare SSL and AutoSSL is conflicting. How can I disable AutoSSL?
  6. Hi my domain is sosbrigade.club Whenever I go to my site I get a warning on my browser saying that my connection to the website is not encrypted... I have tried to obtain a ssl certificate but to be honest I don't know what I am doing. On cpanel it says that I have certificate on sosbrigade.club but not for mail.sosbrigade.club and some other subdomains are also listed.
  7. Hi, I'm on Tommy. In order to get AutoSSL on my domains (especially https://lue.heliohost.org/) I removed all other certificates but it didn't "kick in" for over a week now. I'm afraid I went too far with the "removing" part of the process and server seems to serve a zikzak.cf certificate now - no idea what it is, not my domain: https://www.sslshopper.com/ssl-checker.html#hostname=lue.heliohost.org Can I please, have an AutoSSL log so I could see what's missing? Cheers! Cy
  8. Guest

    [Solved] AutoSSL

    Hi, Can you start AutoSSL for my domain echoteam.gq? Thanks War-inCA PS: This has nothing to do with the other topic called Start AutoSSL for my domain that I created earlier, as it became the subject of an explanation why there were two accounts which have the same domain name (no these were 2 separate accounts managed by 2 different people)
  9. Hi Could you start AutoSSL for main domain and subdomains 'tommystaging.icnsoft.org' It's on server Tommy obviously Thanks War-inCA
  10. Hello, AutoSSL is not renewing on my account. The SSL Status page on CPanel reports the following: > Expired on November 24, 2017. The certificate will renew via AutoSSL. However, it has been much longer than 48 hours (more like a few months), and SSL has not been renewed. Can you please help me? Username: wspiano Site: ws.heliohost.org Server: Tommy Thanks in advance!
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