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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I just received my invite to restore my Tommy account after the downtime and have successfully created my main account. Before the server went down I had a second domain on heliohost that was manually enabled by the root admin. May I request that it be added again? Many thanks, Kurt Server: Tommy Recently created domain: kurtilk.heliohost.org Desired second domain: tpltrl.heliohost.org
  2. Dear HelioHost Community, I came here to try out some web development. Unfortunately I started with overriding my .htaccess file in the /public-html/cgi-bin directory. Is there a way to restore it? Or has there never been a .htaccess file? To my shame I have to admit that I didn't do a backup before. Otherwise I didn't change anything. Maybe someone could just upload the standard .htaccess for this directory or tell me how to reset the whole file structure to default? Would be a great help. Another thing I want to know is that if I want to run python 2.7 scripts I have to move to Server "Ricky", right? Thanks for helping out a newbie! Kind regards, mojo
  3. Hi, I deleted an addon domain from the CP to start clean. However, I am unable to add the deleted domain again. I get the following error. Please advice. A DNS entry for the domain “smritinandan.smritinandan.heliohost.org” already exists Thank you LSU
  4. Hi, This is a total long shot but I used to have a wordpress site hosted with you under the username afnanlib. Unfortunately, the email reminders you send to make sure one log's in frequently enough to keep the account active were not getting through to me because there was something wrong with the forwarding I'd set up on that email account, so I failed to reactivate it after suspension and I guess ultimately you deleted the account. Is there even the vaguest possibility that you might have some remnance of my content in a recycle bin or otherwise restorable location? All I really need is a copy of the MySQL database I had? Thanks for your consideration anyway, Vincent
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