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Found 10 results

  1. Username: fasouza | Server: Tommy | Domain: fasouza.eu.org When I connect to SFTP with my username/password I can't see any of my files, just a directory named "fasouza" with no content. I'm also unable to create files and directories inside this mentioned directory. Here's a print from my SFTP client:
  2. After a few little hiccups with logging in, I am now able to upload PHP scripts to my account. Woop! However, when uploading via SFTP, I notice that the default permissions are 664, which gives group write access to my files. cPanel does not like that, and so bombs out with this error: I suspect this is a default that I cannot change myself, other than modifying permissions per-file after I have uploaded them. I think the default should be 644, which works for me. If the changes can be done and are per-user, my username is "halfer". However, it seems to me that this should be 644 for everyone. Can this tweak be made, or is it group-write by default for a reason? Thanks!
  3. Hi HelioHost, I have to upload an update for my installed web app but it requires these values: upload_max_filesize = 16MBpost_max_size = 16MBI browsed on the forum and I can't on PHP.ini. Could you do this for me in PHP 7.2? Thanks
  4. Dear sir/Madam, I have uploaded my war file.please deploy it on the server.Java support is activated for my account. My username: nilban12 War filename: Prac.war
  5. Please install exif ( Exchangeable image file format ) extension or tell me a method how to install a custom php exntension , Thanks
  6. i want to give the path of files which are using in servlet but it is giving me error (java.lang.NullPointerException) bcoz of invalid path plz help me out with the path Here is MyCode := public static Document getDOM(String test) throws SAXException,ParserConfigurationException,IOException, URISyntaxException{ Document dom=null; File quizFile=null; quizFile=new File("/home/thakurs/public_html/"+test+"-quiz-1.xml"); System.out.println("Quiz File Absolute Path "+quizFile.getAbsolutePath());
  7. Hi, I'm trying to upload in WordPress a wallpaper but it is bigger than 2 MB (the limit for PHP 7.2 7.1 version...). Is it possible to increase this limit on Tommy server? Thanks
  8. I have a JSP file mkdir.jsp in folder /home/vaninf/public_html/, it tries to create a directory and file, but I get "Permission denied" exception. How can I create a directory or file using JSP script? How can I get the permission to do it? Thanks.
  9. This AJAX error is irritating me when every time I try to create a new folder on the folder of the Document Root of my Addon Domain: But after clicking the "OK" button on the alert, the created new folder will appear, I mean, it's created, but still, the error is irritating. But when I try to add a new folder on the folder of the Document Root of my main domain, that error doesn't exist.. Do anybody here experienced the same issue when creating a new folder on the Document Root's folder of an Addon Domain in File Manager? Is there any way to fix it? My details about what's folder of a Document Root that causes the error when I try to add a new folder and about what's my username, are in the attachment. I hope that irritation can be fixed, thanks!
  10. Mam/Sir, Just a simple question.. What are the upload size limits on File Manager and FTP client for your free web hosting service? Hope it will be answered soon. Thank you!
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