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Found 13 results

  1. Hi, i would like to create indixes used by the like-phrase something like select name from collected_admin_boundaries where name ilike 'san %'; This type of query will only use trgm-indices which can be created using create index idx_collected_admin_boundaries_name on collected_admin_boundaries using gin(name gin_trgm_ops); But for that i need the extension pg_trbn, which is installed but not activated. wambachr_osm=> create extension pg_trgm with schema pg_catalog; ERROR: permission denied to create extension "pg_trgm" HINT: Must be superuser to create this extension. Time: 2486,759 ms (00:02,487) Regards walter
  2. Hello can you please enable intl extension on php 7.3 ?
  3. Requesting soap extension for PHP 7.3 on johnny server, thanks in advance!
  4. Hello i need a requirements to install XenForo 2.1.10. The extension is called PHP Iconv Thanks again! Proof: https://prnt.sc/t3bzft
  5. Hi, could you install Imagick extension on PHP 7.3 on Tommy? Thanks
  6. Hello. I am on the Johnny server for my site, and i am trying to install MediaWiki. However, it says this. The following errors were found : Required PHP extension not found: iconvI looked it up, and iconv is supposed to be enabled by default, so I don't know why its disabled or not there. Requesting it to have it be put back. EDIT: Fixed it, i changed to a newer version of PHP (i was on 7.2) and now it installed correctly. Lock this thread or something, or delete it.
  7. how do access php.ini to enable maximum_upload size to 16mb and to enable php_mcrypt and inconv extension on tommy
  8. Hi, would it be possible to install gettext on PHP? As you can see here it isn't installed: https://interrogazioniprogrammate.tk/gettext.php Thanks
  9. Hi HelioHost, Is it possible to install the PHP intl extension? My web app requires it... Thanks
  10. trey


    Hey, Trying to use a critical plugin on my wordpress site, but it requires the GMP PHP extension. Any plans on installing it? Thanks!
  11. Please install exif ( Exchangeable image file format ) extension or tell me a method how to install a custom php exntension , Thanks
  12. Hi, can you enable the opcache php extension on Tommy? Thanks
  13. Hi, I'm trying to setup a Database (PostgreSql) that I'm currently using locally, into a Stevie host. But my database uses resources from two Extensions: pgcrypto and hstore. I'm currently using Postgresql version 9.3, which supports the CREATE EXTENSION statement. Anyway, I've found that both extensions are compatible to Postgresql version 9.0 (as in Stevie Host), but all directions I've found, to install them, require access to the operating system of the database. Is there any other way of using such packages in my Stevie Host? Thanks,
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