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  1. Hello, Could I have, please, remote access to the postgresql database from any IP? Server: johnny.heliohost.org Host: mvivanco.heliohost.us Postgresql users: "mvivanco_gisnet_adm". Postgresql database: "mvivanco_gisnet_db". Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello there, I would like to request remote access to PostgreSQL database. Server: johnny.heliohost.org Database name: mvivanco_gisnet_db Database user: mvivanco_gisnet_adm Access: all IPs Thank you for your time, Best Regards
  3. Hi All, I was wondering how I go about getting the following IPs allowed to connect to my PostgresDB hosted on Tommy? It seems things have changed on their end and need these opened up now for continued use. The google article I was sent by Google: https://support.google.com/datastudio/answer/7288010?hl=en&ref_topic=7332343#zippy=%2Cin-this-article%2Cshow-the-list-of-ip-addresses Thanks!
  4. database: chrislyt_CRL_DB connection url: jdbc:postgresql://johnny.heliohost.org:5432/chrislyt_CRL_DB Is it possible to extract the DB data in case this will continue for more days?
  5. Hello, How do I enable remote access for my posgtres database database name: kyrios21_L_portfolio database user: Kyrios_DB
  6. Can you please enable remote Postgres access on my account? Ricky - Server: tbs.heliohost.us DB: trexsys_TBS Port: 5432 For testing, please allow all DB Users and all IP Addresses. Thanks!!
  7. Hello, I wanted to access my postgres db from remote servers How can I enable for remote access DB: pradpro_equeefy_dev host: johnny.heliohost.org thanks
  8. Hello there, I would like to request remote access to PostgreSQL database. Server: johnny.heliohost.org Database name: fireplan_firechess Database user: fireplan_root Access: all IPs Thank you for your time, Best Regards [3:42 PM
  9. Hello, I'd like to ask for enabling remote access for the Postgres database: Database: nieznany_project_magma_db user: nieznany_admin host: johnny.heliohost.org Which, as I hope, will help me fix this error i get when trying to connect from my laptop using python3/psycopg2 psycopg2.OperationalError: could not translate host name "johnny.heliohost.org" to address: Unknown host Xwin.tk (on Heliohost discord server) suggested it may be because of Johnny being restarted, but the situation maintains during a period of many hours while, as I believe, the remote access wasn't enabled. Thank you in advance.
  10. Hello. I would like to request a PostgreSQL database remote access, will be using in conjunction with Heroku. Database Username: bwatinc_bwat Server: Tommy. Thank You! Regards, bwat
  11. Hi, I was just moved to Tommy and I am having issues connecting remotely to my PostgreSQL DB. Can you please enable remote connection for the following database and 3 users. database: bee1_sensor_data users: bee1_sensor_user bee1_remote bee1_data Thank you!
  12. Hello, could you please enable remote access from any IP for my Postgres database: Server: Johnny Database: suppandr_host User: suppandr_user Thank you
  13. Hi, I have a local copy of pgAdmin which I am using to connect to my database, but I am not sure how to connect pgAgent to automate backups / dumps of my databases on a regular schedule. Any suggestions or web tutorials you are able to point me to would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  14. Hello, I would like to have remote connections enabled for any ip to my postgres DB please. username: bee1 db: bee1_sensor_data Let me know if you need anything additional, thanks!
  15. Hello! Could you please enable remote access for my postgres database: Server: Tommy Database Name: wmenezes_investtegmen User: wmenezes_investtegmenapp Thank you
  16. Hi, Please let me know how to connect to postgres database remotely from othe server or PC having dynamic IP. Host: johnny.heliohost.org Database: readerx_db User: readerx_dbuser Regards, ReaderX
  17. Hello, I would like to request access to my postgress db from all IPs. Here are the credentials: Database: raz03_students_data User: raz03_user Host: tommy.heliohost.org Thank you for enabling the access.
  18. Hi again, I need help connecting my flask app to the postgres database on the server. PS. I'm not trying to connect from outside although having remote access would be a bonus username: geojoe database: geojoe_flask-app database user: geojoe_admin server: Tommy Issue 2: how do I hide the flask.wsgi from urls e.g instead of flask.geoffery.ml/flask.wsgi/login, i want it to be flask.geoffery.ml/login thanks in anticipation
  19. Hello, After Johnny's server upgrade I've started receiving this error whenever I try to connect remotely to my database: FATAL: no pg_hba.conf entry for host ..., user "gabfam_BTAU", database "gabfam_BTA", SSL off Could you please give me remote access again? Thank you. Server: Johnny Database Name: gabfam_BTA User: gabfam_BTAU
  20. Hi Team I need remote access to the postgresql database from any ip. Can you please enable it? Server: tommy.heliohost.org Postgresql user: subbu19_postgres Postgresql database: subbu19_marketanaltics Thanks Subramanian
  21. Hi team, I need remote access to the postgresql database from any ip. server: tommy.heliohost.org user: ducquang_dev database: ducquang_hoidonghuong_vnuhcm
  22. hi, i need remote access to my postgres database to make a work on my university, my server is "Johnny", database is "thielke_si2" and user "thielke_thielke", Sorry if this is not a local to this, but i don't found another space.
  23. I'm getting the following error: no pg_hba.conf entry for host "XXX.XXX.XXIP", user "lunchbox_instaDBer", database "lunchbox_instaquiz.default", SSL off My app insists that I use the database+schema string to connect. is there any way to sort this on the server side? I'm on johnny.heliohost.org PS. I can already connect with "psql -h johnny.heliohost.org -U lunchbox_instaDBer -W lunchbox_instaquiz" without difficulty
  24. I need your help to access the postgresql databases remotely Database: lunchbox_instaquiz user: lunchbox_instaDBer I was unable connect and I believe it is configured to restrict remote access, but I could be wrong.
  25. I'm connecting to my postgres db remotely and that seems to work. I am unable to use SSL though. When I try I'm told "server doesn't support ssl connections". Is this simply a limitation that I should accept and move or is there something that I have not set up correctly yet?
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