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Found 9 results

  1. hi, i'm unable to run nodejs app, i'm getting error about port that is already in used. i tried many ports but same error every time. i also tried process.env.PORT but it is undefined. Error: listen EADDRINUSE: address already in use thanks,
  2. Hey there, I am doing some socket and Python stuff and I am wondering is there a list of open Ports I can use ? I am using the Port 5050 right now but I can change it to anything if I have to.
  3. Hello I've finally been granted Java support on my account, and so today I tried to test out my website/game on it. I'm very new to websites, domains, etc. so my knowledge of all this is limited. That being said I've worked on my website/game for a while now, and I know it works as I have tested it on my computer. My game uses a websocket from the client side to connect to the Java websocket endpoint. I use: new WebSocket("ws://localhost:443/Hide/Server/ANY") ...on the client side to do this. "localhost" is used because this is being tested on Tomcat on the same computer; "443" because while I can set this to any number (which I have tested), it seems like the best port I could use for a non-secured connection; "Hide" is the project folder name; "Server/ANY" is the server endpoint. I've tested this many times and it works. Now to move the project/WAR file (WAR file is called "Hide-1.war") to HelioHost, I first changed the Websocket URL to: new WebSocket("ws://hhdavidh.heliohost.org/Hide/Server/ANY") I then uploaded the WAR file and deployed it. However, when I go to the URL where it's deployed at (http://hhdavidh.heliohost.org/Hide-1/) I get: WebSocket connection to 'ws://hhdavidh.heliohost.org/Hide/Server/ANY' failed: Error during WebSocket handshake: Unexpected response code: 404 I've tried port "8080" as well as other port numbers. I've tried changing the websocket URL to: new WebSocket("ws://hhdavidh.heliohost.org/Hide-1/Server/ANY") new WebSocket("ws://hhdavidh.heliohost.org/Server/ANY") new WebSocket("ws://hhdavidh.heliohost.org:8080/Hide/Server/ANY") ... ...which all come up with the same error. When trying: new WebSocket("ws://hhdavidh.heliohost.org:443/Hide/Server/ANY") ...the error is instead: WebSocket connection to 'ws://hhdavidh.heliohost.org:443/Hide/Server/ANY' failed: Connection closed before receiving a handshake response I've tried everything I can think of but now I'm stuck. Any help is appreciated!
  4. My servlet is deployed at http://vaninf.heliohost.org/2/url.jsp It returns 3 wrong parameters: request.getServerName() = request.getServerPort() = 8080 request.getContextPath() = /vaninf_2 The expected correct data should be: request.getServerName() = vaninf.heliohost.org request.getServerPort() = 80 request.getContextPath() = /2 Can you support people tell me why, and how to fix it?
  5. Do you allow fsockopen on stevie? maybe some ports are blocked. :-( please help me to sort out my problem. Can I PM any admin about the actual port I need (maybe ports are blocked for security reasons. So I didn't post the actual port)? I can explain. It is Important. Thank you. Warning : fsockopen() [ function.fsockopen ]: unable to connect to foo.bar.com:1234 (Connection timed out) in /home1/ souravin/public_html/foobar in line 1234
  6. What is the port value of server socket?(johnny)
  7. Hello, HelioHost forums! I had a small question for you guys. Would it be possible to forward the port 27015 for UDP incoming and TCP outgoing? I need this for an online bans module that I use for my GMod server. Is this possible? If so, would it be a hassle to do? Thanks, -Princess Twilight Sparkle
  8. Hi, I'm trying to call a Gitlab API from my website, sadly the Gitlab repo is hosted at port 5000 which seems to be blocked by HelioHost. There probably isn't away around this, other than changing the Gitlab host to port 80, is there?
  9. Hello there! My first cry for help. I am behind the firewalled network and no access to ports over 1000 is allowed. There is no way that I can influence on this to be changed so I can't access my cpanel since it's on 2082 port. But, I've found in your wiki this http://wiki.helionet.org/How_to_access_cPanel Sadly, I have tried this method and got nothing. It's like the subdomain does not even exist. I hope you'll figure out the problem. Thank you.
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