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Found 2 results

  1. While I was using HestiaCP on my VPS I found out it lacks support to IPv6. In fact, this is on their "to do" since 2020 so it seems it will take a while. Considering that IPv6 support is one of Internet's best practice, what are other free control panel options to use? Some I found while researching were these: CyberPanel: https://cyberpanel.net/ CloudPanel: https://www.cloudpanel.io/ KeyHelp: https://www.keyhelp.de/en/ ISPConfig: https://www.ispconfig.org/ Control-WebPanel (CWP): https://control-webpanel.com/ SPanel (free for the next couple of months since "licensing is in beta (?)"): https://www.spanel.io/ Virtualmin: https://www.virtualmin.com/ Webmin: https://www.webmin.com/ OVIPanel: https://www.ovipanel.in/ aaPanel: https://www.aapanel.com/ Froxlor: https://froxlor.org/ Cloudron (free for two apps): https://cloudron.io/ Ajenti: https://ajenti.org/ Sentora: http://www.sentora.org/ Through a fast analysis from their websites CyberPanel, CloudPanel, KeyHelp, ISPConfig, Control-WebPanel (if you're into RHEL/CentOS based distros), Sentora (supporting Ubuntu 20.04 right now) and SPanel (despite it isn't really free) seems to be the most promising ones. Does anyone have any experience with any of those? Right now I have access just to my HelioHost's VPS so I'm unable to destroy/create my machine and thus it wouldn't be easy to test them, that's why I'm looking for people who had already used and could vouch for one of them.
  2. Dear Members of HelioNet, First of all, I just want to say Hi to everyone, as this is my first post here :D/>/> A few days ago, I just joined HelioHost (Stevie server) and after configuring some initial settings, now I want to add my future main domain. Searching online led to the eu.org service (http://eu.org), which is free, and according to the vast majority of the reviews, reliable and stable. However, I am having some dificulties setting up this domain. I am a newbie, but from what I read, I must register the domain with the ns1.heliohost.org and ns2.heliohost.org nameservers, and then add an Addon Domain via cPanel. But after filling in the eu.org form (http://eu.org/form_n.html), this is the result: where xxxxx is the name for the future domain. I tried starting with cPanel, just to be sure, but there was another (predictable) error: TL;DR: Has anyone sucessfully registered an eu.org (sub-)domain? Or how can I make ns1.heliohost.org and ns2.heliohost.org authoritative for this domain? Sorry for the long post. Best Regards, Sergio
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