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Found 6 results

  1. My First question is, is the storage calculated in HD or SSD? Also is there a guarantee uptime or is that only for the shared hosting? Lastly what are the differences between Ubuntu, Centos, or Windows does one cost more or less?
  2. I'm asking about the difference between production servers and testing servers. I heard that uptime is a factor, but is there any other factors that makes one better. I also heard that the speed is faster, but also heard that Ricky was slow (before the upgrading). Also this is off topic but is Autossl Let's Encrypt or Sectigo/Comondo (I know that cpanel.net is Sectigo)???
  3. Hi all, Wonderful service so far, really happy with this website. I'm running a Java server on Tommy, and I notice that it gets restarted or put to sleep regularly. Is this intended? The server I'm running was designed to run constantly. I need to regularly access a servlet page in order to keep the matchmaking service running. Cheers, Tommygun
  4. Hi, when shall johnny server be online again? This month seems to be the third for it being offline. Thanks
  5. Okay, so I don't mean to be so picky about this but when will stevie be updated to 11.34, I am not sure if it came out already the cpanel site says so. Sorry if I am being picky just wondering
  6. HII everyone, i'm a new user and i don't know if this hosting is reliable and fast, so please evaluate this hosting in your words and what can you say about uptime? thanks
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