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Found 11 results

  1. Hi. Good day. I was busy and was not able to login to my account. Now my account has been archived and I am not able to access it again. Would it be fine to have my account unarchived @admins? Thank you!
  2. Hey, I was unable to use my account for a while so my account has been archived. Can anyone help me reactivate it?
  3. a. username - gypsyb b. the server - johnny.heliohost c. main domain - gypsybud.com
  4. Hey guys, can you please reactivate my account? Taruninsa1@gmail.com
  5. Hello, I'd like to reactivate my account (website: https://englishup.heliohost.org | username: roguitar). I believe it was suspended by mistake. Thank you.
  6. Username : thakurs Server : tommy Domain : quizguru.tk
  7. Hi Webmaster, could you please reactivate my account? Details below. User: qmuleiro Server: Tommy Domain: www.rentalglass.com -Best.
  8. Good afternoon, I was wondering if it's possible to reactivate my account,email: j-ma@hotmail.esuser: martinez domain : http://yonathanmartinez.heliohost.org/ can you help me
  9. Hello I would like to know why my account was suspended/deleted. I logon frequently so if there is anything that I am not following as per the T&C's I would love to know and if it is possible to have my account again that would be amazing. Below is the required information: a. thewitch b. stevie server c. http://www.thewitch.ml
  10. Hi! Account: fleomikn Host: spandora.tk My account has been suspended. I think, the reason is, for a long time, i didn't use this. I've worked around and around to find the best free hosting service. But up to now, i think helionet.org is the best one, it supports almost all features that basic website service required. The only thing is the page-loading is so slow. So, a free account is not a good solution for business. I'm thinking about upgrating my account later. Up till now, i used helionet.org just for tesing some web platform/ apps. I've installed alot of things in my account just for testing later (because the pageload is so slow, and at least 24h, i could access my new installed app/domain mapping service). Of course, that will waste the sever's resource, i know that. If that's is the reason, so please reactivate my account, i'll release some resource to free the disk space. If you still decide turn off my account pemenently, that's OK! I'll think about hosting on heliohost later. But, at least, i hope you can reactivate my account, just only in 24h. I'll backup all data to my pc, then i'll delete my account after that. Many thanks!
  11. Hi! I am the webmaster of vnmart.org. I've been so busy for a long time, after setup the site. So, please reactive my account. I'm not a spammer. name: vnmart domain: vnmart.org Best regard, thanks.
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