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  1. User : ansab Not able to login with the correct password. Didn't changed my password as well. Please help me with resetting my password.
  2. Thank you soo much all of you. I got your emials @Wolstech. Could you please tell me what was the issue.
  3. Hey, Update on this issue. The problem is still not solved. l have checked all the MX records have propagated globally properly. Still i can't receive mails on my domain emails. I am attaching some screen shots, which i think could help to solve the issue. 1. This what gmail shows to me when i send email to contact@devansab.com https://drive.google.com/open?id=1EoxQZ2HNCaTwPGxA2xohlipmLdztsYNs Now I went to Track Delivery under Email in cPanel, then i got these errors A simple error https://drive.google.com/open?id=11uL5C7B6xjYcZaGk8L2IXXgqjwipllOL A detailed error https://drive.google.com/open?id=1K13ZrLJoMyRw2Q-wPyp6Y_HA0bzasHQJ The time is in +5:30 GMT. Which is about 9:35 PM according to HelioHost servers. I don't know what could went wrong during transfer of account. PS: I have tried creating new different email account but the problem is same. I have tried deleting and recreating same email account but the problem is same.
  4. No, I am not using cloudfare. I am using all default. My name servers are pointing to heliohost name servers. Could you please check my DNS records if all records are correct or not.
  5. Hey, I think i got where the problem was. I was looking at DNS records and my MX records were still pointing to johnny.heliohost.org. I changed it to tommy.heliohost.org now. DNS propogation will take some time. I hope it will work now
  6. I had already tried deleting and recreating the same accounts, but it didn't helped. I even created a new account and it also have same problem.
  7. I can send it from contact@devansab.com to my gmail and it shows perfectly fine in my inbox. Ther is no problem if i send it from contact@devansab.com. But the problem is that when i send email from my gmail account to contact@devansab.com it shows that error. Its like I can send email to anyone using contact@devansab.com, but no one can send on contact@devansab.com. I have tried by creating new email account, it also have same problem.
  8. Hey, Today I got my account transferred to tommy by donation to heliohost. Now i am facing this issue with all my email accounts. Whenever i send email i receive an error that I can successfully send emails from my mail accounts, but i am having trouble in receiving email. I was using Gmail for checking.
  9. Hey, here are my transaction ID's made on Skrill to admin@heliohost.org Transaction ID 3143933800 for 0.6$ Transaction ID 3143940263 for 0.7$
  10. Thanks Will update you after transaction
  11. Hey, I am sending by Skrill but for some reason i can not send more than 0.6USD in single transaction. Is it Ok if i make two transactions of 0.6USD at Skrill to email admin@heliohost.org
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