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Found 3 results

  1. Dear Admins, I don't know if my account is suspended or not, but when I try to log-in I got this message: "Invalid Login" (see attachment) Again, I can't navigate to my site, because ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT. May you help me, please? Thanks in advance Marco
  2. Hi, when trying to login to cPanel with the brand new user: acrimes I get an invalid password, and when I try to reset the password, I get: HelioHost Account Errorno-reply@heliohost.orgOct 12 at 4:35 PMToAC@UFNPSI.COM Dear acrimes, Your hosting account at HelioHost has encountered an error during installation. The error is: The domain “atrocitycrimes.org” already exists in the Apache configuration. Please visit http://www.heliohost.org/scripts/signup.php and try to signup again. Regards, HelioHost Staff ======================================================== If there is another atrocitycrimes.org, I would own it, since I own the domain (and .US) and have the DNS pointed to you and the NS1-4 at AFRAID.ORG. Did I somehow mistakenly sign up with a misspelled user or something? Could I please use the following? Server: stevie HH User: acrimes HH Pass: [the one I'm using for this HN account] HH Email: AC@UFNPSI.COM HH Domain: ATROCITYCRIMES.ORG (I will also add ATROCITYCRIMES.US) HN User: acrimes HN Pass: [same as above] I may have also used an email of AC@MichaelOatman.net, but that user would also be called acrimes with the same info as above. Please point me in the right direction to fix this so I can get the site up soon. Thank you very much in advance for any assistance! Michael AC@UFNPSI.COM ~or~ AC@MichaelOatman.net
  3. Hello. I created an account on HelioHost with the same username as here, and after 24 hours my page is up. So when I tried to go to the C-Panel, it gave the error, "The login is invalid" So the first thing I did was to press the reset password button, but that didn't send any emails to me. So out of luck, I found the account deletion page, and I entered my login details and then it worked. I got a suspended page on my site. Which was verrryyyy weird cause I couldn't log in. So I found the reactivate page and entered my login details. It worked. My page was up again. (I did not upload any content yet, as I've been only here for 24 hours.) Now, the problem is. I can't login. I can use the 'login into c-panel' on the homepage, and it will recognize my account (Reason I know it recognizes my account is because of the next sentence.) and take me to the c-panel Johnny login. (I have a Johnny account) Thanks, Sadra.
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