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Found 3 results

  1. Hi there i wonder if some moderator or admin could check why the virus scanner dont seem to work. I go into my heliohost account, then go into my cpanel, go to the section "advanced" then click the option "virus scanner". What ever option i choose to scan, the virus scanner dont seem to work properly? I wonder why? There might be something that i dont know? I have done virus scanner in the past fiew times and it worked. My user name is: favrons Im on the server Tommy Thank's for your time and help
  2. I have just set up an account and have tried to login for the first time After submitting my username and password into the Cpanel login form My antivirus has blocked the page with 4 virus alerts stating that there was a virus called HTML Framer detected. Virus found HTML/Framer Johnny.heliohost.org:2082cpcess......... What should I do?
  3. I have www.j-birdweb.com hosted on Stevie When I went to check my e-mail it showed my e-mail inbox as empty. So I went to see if my site was still up. My antivirus came back and told me the site load was stopped due to an infection with the js exploit virus. I have not uploaded any files to my site in months and I am curious as to the nature of this problem. Do I need to re install all of my files? or is this something that is server wide and is being dealt with. I need my E-mails for business purposes and hope this can be resolved soon my username is jbirdweb.
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