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    Like creating personnal websites for my friends, and other creations. Like Heliohost very much and the peoples that administrate it. I'm helping some time some peoples or/and company's. I have created some free pdf guides about some softwares. Examples: Sylvain Futurepinball free pdf guide. Sylvain Milkshape3d free pdf guide. Sylvain Mamewah free pdf guide.

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  1. Yup it would be great. I have friends of mine that ask what is my url, and i notice by there own instinct they write (www) and ask what is the rest of the url. So i reply to them no need to write (www) i indicate to them start with https:// I wonder how to do it secure www (step by step), i know i repeat my self, but i realy dont want to give any errors to the server. There is many things i must learn i know just basic things about creating some webpages. Some peoples asked me to create some radio player skin, but i dont know how to do that and host it; i have done a skin on Muses.org hosted there many years ago https://www.muses.org/community-skins. But finding some stream full url free its also hard. Some peoples even suggested me to try to create some kind of tv list menu, but i suggest them url like (pluto tv) or (tubi tv). Well they seem to know that i want good things for the peoples. But i say to them that if it was not from peoples that have helped me trough the years, i could not do the great and good things for the peoples; so the thanks goes more to all of you that help me for my website, this beside the peoples that helped me with other domains. Once again many thanks.
  2. I know that my url: https://sylvain.heliohost.org is fine. But the hosting say that the (www) is unsecure, i guess it say that the url: www.sylvain.heliohost.org is unsecure. I wonder how to do that (step by step), i'm no expert about servers and i dont want to make any problems. Or maybe some moderator/admin could check it and correct it. user name: favrons onto: tommy2 Well i'm glad to be with you. Thanks for your time and help.
  3. Thank's for your reply Wolstech and for your help, thanks also to the other peoples that had helped me trough time. I have updated fiew things into my website, but not finish. I think to maybe put some "weather widget" that could know the city of the current user; so that it make apear the weather of the user online. But not sure if this kind of widget exist? I also wonder if there is some kind of "game list widget" that auto change and update. Just for peoples wanting to play some games online. Brief make more interesting and captivating my free personal website, as long that it dont have some adult content and other bad things into. Maybe there could be some peoples that might have some suggestions? Again thanks to all for your help. At leass you know that i still want to be with heliohost and glad to be with you.
  4. Hi there it strange i wonder if its because of the DDoS attack mentionned on the forum. I go to my website url https://sylvain.heliohost.org, i know that i have webpages. But with my url i see some Plesk message. I join a printscreens of what i see and i wonder why i have this Plesk message? If some moderator or admins could check it. I'm on Tommy2 server. Thank's for your time and help.
  5. My self also is having problems, since yesterday my free personnal website is down. If i believe the server monitor at: http://heliohost.grd.net.pl/monitor/ it seem that not only on Tommy there is some problems? I do hope that it will be fixed, not only for me but for other users; but i'm sure that the admins and moderators do what they can. They are great peoples that i appreciate very much.
  6. sylvain

    PHP 8.2

    Thanks Krydos for the reply and your help. I did not know that it is possible to switch back. 👍
  7. sylvain

    PHP 8.2

    Just want to know if i update, if it gonna be ok for my web search page, also for the contact form? Also i want to give my thanks for having fixed my contact form. 👍 Once again thanks for your time and help. 😉
  8. Just letting you know Kairon that ive sent you an other pm
  9. I have changed the code in the web search thanks to you. But about the Email Headers https://mxtoolbox.com/Public/Content/EmailHeaders/. I dont see at all in the options "RoundCube" that Plesk have. If i need to set an email to my computer, sorry i did not do it and i wont do. I only access email account trough webpages, not directly by computer. Because directly could be an entrance door to some virus. So i guess some moderator or admin could find the email header by accessing to my account. What i have simply done is fill my self the contact form as any one would do and created some user name, created some subject, creating some fictive email and message. If you have access to my account and you do the simple contact form; after you should notice message sent that it have entered my spams account. Thanks for your time and help.
  10. I have difficulty to understand your demand for the contact form. Is it the files that have the html codes into that make the contact form? It's some moderators if i remember that helped me trough it many years ago. If you need these files ill be glad to provide but in private. Or maybe some moderator could simply replace the contact form, that look alike to an other contact form mostly the same as i have. Contact form as a box that is named (name) that the user enter the name he/she want, a box named (subject) that is the title of the message, a box that is named (email) that the user enter his/her email adresse. "Upmost important" a image captcha that need to be filled, to not have some robot spams or junks; this to respect heliohost and its servers, similar as the one at my https://sylvain.heliohost.org/contact . The last thing of course is a (send button). Then after pressing the send button, it show an other page into with the indications as: "its possible that messages is not sent correctly, because servers might have problems", " and not sure your gonna have a reply from us". The order of these boxes is not much of importance. But as i say the "captcha" is very important, also the message is just plain text "no attatchments at all". Because i would not like that heliohost and its servers have some problems. The moderators and administrators had done soo much work lately, because of Eddy server and Tommy also and the rest. Simply because i care for each of you Now about my search form, well it was an old search form i have found free made in flash, but i dont think i have the flash ".fla" file anymore. The idea of this form is quite basicly a search form that the user enter in the first box the thing he/she search. After the user choose a search engine from the list, next one of the options (web) (img) (vid). I'm sure you have guessed that web mean (web search) img mean (image search) and you know vid for (video). Next the user click on the button (search) wich make a "_blank" page as if some one would search on one of the search engines. It arrive that the options (web), (img), (vid) does the same search result. Here is the codes at the top before doc html: <?php # give submit button a name # do it only if submit button clicked if ( $_GET[submited] ) { # die if no search engine selected if ( !isset($_GET[u]) ) { die("<p style=\"text-align: center; font-size: 22px;\">Select a search engine</p>"); } $u = $_GET[u]; # strip slashes from query # urlencode query $q = $_GET[q]; $q = urlencode(stripslashes($_GET[q])); /* if other search engines use a name other than q, set them = to $q */ $w = $_GET[w]; #### Google #### if ( $u == "google" && $w == "web") { header("location:https://www.google.com/search?q=$q&gws_rd=ssl"); exit; } if ($u == "google" && $w == "img") { header("location:https://www.google.com/search?q=$q&safe=off&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei"); exit; } if ( $u == "google" && $w == "vid") { header("location:https://www.google.com/search?q=$q&safe=off&tbm=vid&source=lnms&sa"); exit; } ### yahoo ### if ( $u == "yahoo" && $w == "web") { header("location:https://search.yahoo.com/search;_ylt=At_heI5nfkmLUf3jdNcXhVObvZx4?p=$q&toggle=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8"); exit; } if ($u == "yahoo" && $w == "img") { header("location:https://images.search.yahoo.com/search/images;_ylt=AwrBT9GcjclUTT0AyBtXNyoA?p=$q&fr=sfp"); exit; } if ($u == "yahoo" && $w == "vid") { header("location:https://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video;_ylt=AwrB8piljclUbUkAqzaJzbkF?p=$q&fr=sfp"); exit; } ### bing ### if ( $u == "bing" && $w == "web") { header("location:http://www.bing.com/search?form=QBLH&q=$q"); exit; } if ($u == "bing" && $w == "img") { header("location:http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=$q"); exit; } if ($u == "bing" && $w == "vid") { header("location:http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=$q"); exit; } ### Excite ### if ( $u == "excite" && $w == "web") { header("location:http://msxml.excite.com/search/web?q=$q"); exit; } if ($u == "excite" && $w == "img") { header("location:http://msxml.excite.com/search/images?q=$q"); exit; } if ($u == "excite" && $w == "vid") { header("location:http://msxml.excite.com/search/video?q=$q"); exit; } ### Webcrawler ### if ( $u == "webcrawler" && $w == "web") { header("location:http://www.webcrawler.com/search/web?q=$q"); exit; } if ($u == "webcrawler" && $w == "img") { header("location:http://www.webcrawler.com/search/images?q=$q"); exit; } if ($u == "webcrawler" && $w == "vid") { header("location:http://www.webcrawler.com/search/video?q=$q"); exit; } ### Infospace ### if ( $u == "infospace" && $w == "web") { header("location:http://www.infospace.com/search/web?q=$q"); exit; } if ($u == "infospace" && $w == "img") { header("location:http://www.infospace.com/search/images?q=$q"); exit; } if ($u == "infospace" && $w == "vid") { header("location:http://www.infospace.com/search/video?q=$q"); exit; } ### Ask ### if ( $u == "ask" && $w == "web") { header("location:http://www.ask.com/web?q=$q"); exit; } if ($u == "ask" && $w == "img") { header("location:http://www.ask.com/pictures?qsrc=1&o=0&l=dir&q=$q"); exit; } if ($u == "ask" && $w == "vid") { header("location:http://www.ask.com/youtube?qsrc=1&o=0&l=dir&q=$q"); exit; } ### Aol ### if ( $u == "aol" && $w == "web") { header("location:http://search.aol.com/aol/search?s_it=topsearchbox.search&v_t=na&q=$q"); exit; } if ($u == "aol" && $w == "img") { header("location:http://search.aol.com/aol/image?q=$q"); exit; } if ($u == "aol" && $w == "vid") { header("location:http://search.aol.com/aol/video?q=$q"); exit; } ### Youtube ### if ( $u == "youtube" && $w == "web") { header("location:http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=$q"); exit; } if ($u == "youtube" && $w == "img") { header("location:http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=$q"); exit; } if ($u == "youtube" && $w == "vid") { header("location:http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=$q"); exit; } ### Vanbasco ### if ( $u == "vanbasco" && $w == "web") { header("location:http://www.vanbasco.com/search.html?q=$q"); exit; } if ($u == "vanbasco" && $w == "img") { header("location:http://www.vanbasco.com/search.html?q=$q"); exit; } if ($u == "vanbasco" && $w == "vid") { header("location:http://www.vanbasco.com/search.html?q=$q"); exit; } ### sourceforge ### if ( $u == "sourceforge" && $w == "web") { header("location:https://sourceforge.net/directory/?q=$q"); exit; } if ($u == "sourceforge" && $w == "img") { header("location:https://sourceforge.net/directory/?q=$q"); exit; } if ($u == "sourceforge" && $w == "vid") { header("location:https://sourceforge.net/directory/?q=$q"); exit; } ### pxhere ### if ( $u == "pxhere" && $w == "web") { header("location:https://pxhere.com/en/photos?q=$q"); exit; } if ($u == "sourceforge" && $w == "img") { header("location:https://pxhere.com/en/photos?q=$q"); exit; } if ($u == "sourceforge" && $w == "vid") { header("location:https://pxhere.com/en/photos?q=$q"); exit; } } ?> After into the page here is the codes: <P align=center> <div align="center"> <form action="" method="get" name="m" target="_blank"> <TABLE align="center" border=1 cellSpacing=2 cellPadding=1 width=450 background="./images/sylvain_searchbox_bckgrnd03.jpg" height=300> <TBODY> <TR> <TD align=center> <P> <br><br><br><br><br> <input type="text" size="20" name="q" value=""></P> <P><div align=center><select name="u" align="center"><OPTION value="google" class="thestyle" selected>Google Search</OPTION><OPTION value="yahoo">Yahoo Search</OPTION><OPTION value="bing">Bing Search</OPTION><OPTION value="excite">Excite Search</OPTION><OPTION value="webcrawler">Webcrawler Search</OPTION><OPTION value="infospace">Infospace Search</OPTION><OPTION value="ask">Ask Search</OPTION><OPTION value="aol">Aol Search</OPTION><OPTION value="youtube">Youtube Search</OPTION><OPTION value="vanbasco">Vanbasco Karaoke</OPTION><OPTION value="sourceforge">Sourceforge Soft Search</OPTION> <OPTION value="pxhere">PxHere Images "CC0 License"</OPTION> </select></P> </P> <P><INPUT type="radio" name="w" value="web" checked>WEB<INPUT type="radio" name="w" value="img">IMG.<INPUT type="radio" name="w" value="vid">VID.</P> <P><input type="submit" name="submited" value="Submit Search"></P></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE></form></div></P> I hope it help? Again many thanks.
  11. Hi id like that some moderator or admin check and test my contact form and search form. Also if the moderator or admin could do changes on it. I'm no expert its very old code that i have found online long time ago, but i think you could check it and fix it. What i have notice. I have simply gone to my contact form with captcha, then i fill my self the form and write some text message; after i enter the captcha and click send. I have gone see my messages after, and i have notice it was in my spam and not in my inbox. I dont mind if it goes in the spam directory, if the system protect the servers its maybe best to leave it that way "i think". The other thing is my old search php form, i dont know what to do at all. Its a form that i have found many years ago, again i'm no expert beside many others. I have simply notice when i go to my search form, there is a text message at the top of the pages writing this (ive copied the message seen); would like if u could fix it because im affraid to do some errors: Warning: Use of undefined constant submited - assumed 'submited' (this will throw an Error in a future version of PHP) in /home/sylvain.heliohost.org/public_html/web-search.php on line 4 Thanks for your time and help. Also thanks for the great work you have done on the servers. I'm glad to still have my url for the peoples that know, and my free personnal website is still there. As you can see by writing you, i'm still with you and glad to be with you. For peoples seeing this public help request message: If peoples want to know a great web hosting place, heliohost.org is a very great place to start; with great peoples that administrate it. Once again many thanks.
  12. sylvain

    Tommy back online

    Thanks for your efforts.
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