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  1. Added. It may take up to 2 hours to work.
  2. This error occurs when apache is restarting and takes longer than normal. It generally clears up on its own in a few minutes once the restart finishes.
  3. The best solution to WordPress load, is to not use WordPress. To give an idea a WordPress site with no traffic will cause more load than a site made in other CMSes with several gigs of traffic (nodejs-based solutions notwithstanding).
  4. You're suspended for illegal activity. The domain hitservices.org on your account was advertising doxxing services and the unauthorized sale of private (and possibly stolen) information such as SSNs. Both of these are illegal in the USA where we are based, and our Terms of Service make it extremely clear that such cannot be hosted here: Would you care to explain?
  5. This should be fine. As long as nothing private is published without consent, and there's no copyright infringement you should be good.
  6. Lily's biggest issue is that she doesn't have any control panel or other UI. All you get is FTP and phpmyadmin for databases. It doesn't talk to a Plesk account, and does not run Plesk itself. While we do require a Plesk account before you can get a Lily account, there is no actual technical reason for this anymore unless you need email service (back when we ran cPanel, this was actually needed for DNS and other essential functionality). It supports .NET 4.8, 5.0 and 6.0, as well as pretty much all versions of PHP. Will that work for you?
  7. Domain added. It can take up to 2 hours to start working.
  8. If you want a VPS, you can simply purchase it through the normal sign-up process. https://heliohost.org/vps/ Having a shared hosting account does not impact the ability to purchase a VPS. Also, unlike the shared hosting, you can have more than one VPS too if needed.
  9. The contents of the account you didn't keep can be downloaded from https://heliohost.org/backup/ Please refer to this document for instructions on unpacking the backup file: https://wiki.helionet.org/tutorials/plesk/account-backups
  10. Domains added. They can take up to 2 hours to work.
  11. You're suspended for high server load. We don't have the ability to modify what your site does to reduce its load, it is your responsibility to do that. If you want to remove comment functions on your site, you need to do that in its settings. WordPress is notorious for high load regardless. Your best solution for WP load is to not use WP at all. Please fix the issue quickly. You can watch your own load here: https://heliohost.org/dashboard/load/ Unsuspended.
  12. Try making the folders where the files will go have 757 (rwx r-x rwx) and see if the file writes successfully. If that doesn't work, try 775. I forget if it's "group" or "other" that needs it, but IIRC one of the two needs write permissions in order for Python to write files...
  13. To give an idea of the conversion, the shared hosting's "100GB/day" memory limit is roughly equivalent to one process using 60MB continuously (node apps especially tend to use more than this, and PHP can do similar if there's a lot of traffic or inefficient, long running code like WP installed). With a VPS, you can use the entire 1GB 24/7 if you need to. For CPU, the shared server has several cores, and you get to use a certain % of the available CPU time, with too much resulting in suspension. On a VPS, you can peg it continuously without issue. Keep in mind all you get on a VPS by default is an empty linux box with SSH access. You'll need to actually install a web server on it (most people just put a control panel like Hestia or Keyhelp on it).
  14. What is trying to write to the file (PHP, node, etc.)? What are the permissions on the folder where the file will go? Sorry about the slow response. We don't read the section you posted this in regularly. For things needing admin attention, customer service or questions will get you a faster response. Moved.
  15. Krydos can verify this for you and add the space (I don't have access to check crypto donations). Escalating.
  16. It should renew on its own as it approaches expiration. Since you already have an LE cert, it shouldn't matter, but I did turn on the "keep website secured" option for you anyway (this basically just tells Plesk to automatically get an LE cert for you in the event the cert that's there is expired or invalid).
  17. Space increases are not free and are only available to donors who've donated $5 or more ($6 or more for Tommy users, as the first $1 gives you the Tommy account). To increase space, please provide a transaction number for a donation of $5 or more. Each $5 donated entitles you to 1000MB extra space, with a max of 6000MB for any one person on the shared hosting. (Space beyond 6000MB can be obtained by purchasing a VPS).
  18. Node is infamous for this issue and to be honest is better suited for a VPS. I even posted a chart shortly after you were unsuspended last time warning you about the fact that your app slammed the memory chart pretty much immediately after unsuspension: https://helionet.org/index/topic/59977-solved-suspended-account/ but you apparently didn't see it. You can watch your load here yourself: https://heliohost.org/dashboard/load/ Do not run that here again unless and until you can reduce its memory footprint. A node app running continuously has a max allowable memory usage of about 50-60MB if it will run 24/7. More than that will exceed your memory limit. Please be aware that we have a 3 strikes policy for unfixed load issues. A third suspension for high load may result in a permanent ban if there is no indication you're working to fix the issue. Node has been disabled on your account so the app won't start automatically and you've been unsuspended...again. It may take a few minutes to work.
  19. For your account, the MX record should point to johnny.heliohost.org.
  20. Your account is still causing a ton of memory load... You can view this chart yourself here: https://heliohost.org/dashboard/load/
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