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  1. Bro Roger I was on Tommy will I join back to the crowded Tommy
  2. From the last reading Tommy is shut down, is this right. If so what will happen to Account previously on Tommy. Please advise as I may miss something, my apologies 🙏
  3. Wolstech I will go for winscp if I can't resolve TC. Thanks.
  4. Wolstech@. My problem, I did nothing to change or specify any port yet total commander cannot do plain FTP once we switch to plesk. So I google & found reference to passive port & thus looking for assistance to resolve this failure. Port 1373 was mentioned as note in your email with "transfer" button.
  5. Hi guys I use Total Commander PC version "NET FTP" to connect to your Linux server with previous CPanel and all going fine. However when i try the same to server with Plesk control panel it slow at MLSD and finally report it failed to resolve with title "PASV" saying port failed. I have been told in plesk the port for FTP is changed to 1373 but i don't know its significance or how to resolve this. According to documentation from deveoper's link it goes as follows; quote (Plesk for Linux) Configuring Passive FTP Mode By default, Plesk allows only active FTP connections. This may result in customers being unable to connect to the server via FTP. To avoid this, we recommend enabling passive FTP. This topic explains how to enable passive FTP mode in Plesk for Linux. To enable passive FTP mode in Plesk for Linux: Log in to your server via SSH as the root user. Create the /etc/proftpd.d/55-passive-ports.conf file, add the following lines to it, and then save the changes: <Global> PassivePorts 49152 65535 </Global> Run the following command: systemctl restart xinetd unquote Any advice to share. Take note the mobile version of TC no issues.
  6. Krydos@ Beautiful ! bro there you are, bravo. No more need to have extra index.php in url link .. lesson that's the result of htaccess.txt. ... dot or no dot. Appreciate your deductive detective work!👍🎉😊 By the way it seems Johnny seldom goes down ..also pretty fast
  7. Let's see our expert's expertise 🥺
  8. Admins I think my tinkering has reached my ability limits. I also get 403 error where the server refuse to process. By ignoring ie just repeat url request it gets through. All these happening is stated to due to .htaccess which i think has been renamed to without dot. If the link string is within a html text i can still resolve the issue by adding index.php but if it is a built in button from SP Simple Portfolio, i am lost. A typical erroneous link text that flag 404 error is "https://peace2u.heliohost.org/component/spsimpleportfolio/item/16-meditation?Itemid=0" where /index.php is missing. In Cpanel server the url is intact as in "https://peace2u.heliohost.org/index.php/component/spsimpleportfolio/item/16-meditation?Itemid=0" This only happened since the conversion to use Plesk; in previous Cpanel these error never occurred. So please see if you can do something. i actually reinstalled the latest version 2.0.7 plus add a new item which create a new portfolio item which when click "View" button send the usual missing "index.php" url that flag 404 error. Please put on your expert thinking gear.
  9. wolstech@ from plesk file manager there is no .htaccess in public_html or in root, hence the err 404 error is not resolved. Funny! Some link work but some flag 404. Wave your magic wand to fix it, please. I just found all links end up as 404 because index.php somehow became missing within the link string. This string came from sp simple portfolio extension that was working in the website before the migration.
  10. Great pointers .. Thanks .. Appreciate
  11. New issues ..Good news is there is no report of site being down for 48 hours & still counting. 1 I log in to Plesk using Heliohost.org/login to make use of phpadmin. After a small change to just one article, i then goto into the Joomla backend, clear the cache. I then browse peace2u.heliohost.org, the Home Page pop up. But when i try to move to other pages, all case flag "not found 404 err". Whats happening, how to resolve it? 2 I used to have a folder phpAdm in the public_html which I can browse for phpadmin using https://peace2u.heliohost.org/phpAdm/index.php. The folder & its content are still Johnny .141.67 but it wont work so i went to Plesk. The response please see attached image. Why??
  12. New item in learning curve ..on SSL I use lets encrypted in past that requires 3 months renewal From plesk which also using let's encrypted, it say it will be it will auto renew with a date. I assume it is do so ie auto renewed by plesk then. Ok?
  13. Wolstech thank you for the clarification. Actually I had checked, plesk it says 67.
  14. Thank you wolstech for your caring response. UC browser I post them a prompt in this issue. lets wait if they reply before I thinker with error reporting. There is however a nagging phenomenon that I hope you can assist. I use mobile Total commander to FTP to & that's from this way I don't see . htaccess. Before plesk I use then I see . htaccess. From plesk file manager I do see . htaccess which I now rename to . htaccessab. In mobile Total commander configuration is set 'show files starting with dot' last time & now Another to resolve discrepancy is you said my new address is but the first info stated Which should I use.
  15. One new issue Lots warnings at start .. Why it only appear using UC browser Wolstech@ I don't see any .htaccess in public_html so why 500 err still occur which is now fixed
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