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  1. Node will be updated after Morty (our new upcoming server) is released. I don't have any estimate for when this may happen, but news will be announced here.
  2. You were suspended for using over 100 GB of memory. While you can see your load at heliohost.org/dashboard/load, there's currently no way to see exactly what's causing your load to increase. I'll escalate your thread so an administrator can look into it for you.
  3. Your forum account doesn't match that of piyush499. Please create a new thread using the same forum account associated with your hosting account or send an email to support@heliohost.org from the same email as you signed up with.
  4. Domain added. It may take a few minutes to start working.
  5. Domain changed. It may take a few minutes for it to take effect.
  6. Our terms of service prohibits having more than one account, so you'll need to choose which account you would like unsuspended.
  7. You were suspended for having multiple accounts, which is against our terms of service. Which account would you like to keep?
  8. You were suspended for high server load (10195 CPU). Please keep your CPU usage under 10000. You can check your load here. I'll unsuspend your account, it may take a few minutes to start working again.
  9. Answered on Discord. Please reduce your CPU usage. WordPress is known for causing high server load, so consider using alternatives if possible.
  10. You were suspended for creating multiple accounts, which is against our terms of service. Is this the account you'd like to keep?
  11. Your account has been deleted. You should receive an email to create a new account momentarily.
  12. Subdomain added. Please make sure to either create an A record to Johnny's IP address or switch to HelioHost's nameservers.
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