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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys, I have (had) an accout in Tommy, but during down time I didn't move to Ricky. Since when Tommy is back I cannot receive e-mails, the following message appear: No mx record found for domain=luan.heliohost.org I need wait to my accout in Tommy get back to configure MX records and receive e-emails again? Regards, Luan
  2. Hello, is there some one who know a way to have a private e-mail contact form; with some kind of captcha? A form that dont show the e-mail destination "private", and with some kind of captcha; to be assured it's not some robot that submit a message. Why the form dont show at all the e-mail the message is sent to? It's because i would not want to have some spam's and would not want that some robots send a lot of e-mail to my e-mail account i want. Wich could result into some server that are over loaded and my email account way to full. I have seen a lot of website that offer this kind of service, an example would be: http://www.jotform.com , like i have for now. The problem with those websites, is that you must pay some money each month; and the free version have a lot of limitations. I'm sure a lot of peoples out there, would appreciate to have a private e-mail contact form into there website with some kind of captcha. So the user can be sure it's not a robot that continue to send e-mail messages "knowing the e-mail address the message is sent to". Also the form with name sender, e-mail of the user, message box; and captcha to verify before sending. Is a great thing. Wonder if some one could help me with it? Thank's for your time!
  3. I can not receive or send e-mails again. I would post this in the correct forum but I can never find out which forum that would be. I rely on my e-mail and cannot afford for it to be down. Please advise: 1, where to post this problem 2, what is wrong with my e-mail account 3, what I can do to prevent this in the future. I love your hosting otherwise. My account is on Stevie, it is www.j-birdweb.com Thank you
  4. Is there any restriction on sending e-mails using mail() to the same domain that is hosting the script? I'm slowly building my site during my free time and just noticed that my contact form isn't working properly. It spits out no error, but the mail never reaches it's destination. So, I've created the following test file (let's say my domain is "example.com"): <?php error_reporting(E_ALL); $to = "me@example.com"; $subject = "Test Mail"; $message = "Hello world!"; $headers = "From: no-reply@example.com"; echo mail($to, $subject, $message, $headers) ? "The email was sent" : "Fail!"; ?> Playing with this file I discovered that my mail never gets sent only if the recipient I've specified is from my own domain, the same domain which is hosting the script. If I change it to another one (gmail in this case) it works without problems: <?php error_reporting(E_ALL); $to = "me@gmail.com"; $subject = "Test Mail"; $message = "Hello world!"; $headers = "From: no-reply@example.com"; echo mail($to, $subject, $message, $headers) ? "The email was sent" : "Fail!"; ?> What really puzzles me is that this code works flawlessly in another host - and yes, using my domain. I've been using an DNS Round Robin to check out it's pros & cons and I'm able to test both hosts at the same time. Some useful (or not) information: My MX records are pointing directly to Google's records, since I'm using their Tools, and I'm also using an spf. I'm not using any nameservers, but A records only. The round robin has been working like a charm so far and the only problem I've encountered is the mail() one. I don't see how the round robin could have anything to do with this. If you need more info like seeing my DNS records, or how my mail headers looks like when I manage to send them (through the other host/to my gmail account) just ask. P.s.: English isn't my mother tongue, sorry about any weird sounding sentence. Also, I wasn't sure about where post it. Since it looks like a host-restriction, I've chosen this section.
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