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Found 2 results

  1. Hey friends, everyone wants free stuff and when it is custom made its demand become more, I am krishna, a full time science student but much interested in designing and painting. So i decided let you help in your website building in free of cost, if you want to pay my service just thank me, like me, and add me as a friend. POST YOUR REQUIREMENTS HERE AS GIVEN BELOW--- 1)brand name(your website or product or service name) 2)color 3)expected filetype 4)expected file size(in KB) 5)link of any image or symbol(optional, if any symbol resembles your site) THANK YOU !!!
  2. I mentioned in IRC that I'd be up for designing ad banners a couple weeks ago after Krydos had asked, so I figured I'd start a thread here about how that's going and to get feedback from users and staff. Currently my only ad (Work In Progress still) is at http://shinryuukai.t...HHBannerWIP.png but I plan on moving them to ads.shinryuukai.tk once the daemon gets around to setting up that sub. The current one is a static banner, but I can and will make some animated GIFs, if anyone has ideas for improving the current ad or ideas for GIFs please let me know. Also, I know it's huge, I'll scale it down when finished, and clip my stray pencil marks. To access individual layers add .001 .002 or .003 before .png EDIT: If a HelioHost user wants a personalized banner reply to this post with the following: 1) website or company name. 2) color scheme or pallette. 3) rough idea of what you'd like or whether it's up to me. - include size here, refer to wikipedia for standardized sizes. 4) contact email. Keep in mind I'm not a professional artist or graphics designer, and I'm a full time student, it may take a while to get your ads done but it'll get done.
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