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Found 3 results

  1. see well, it's not in in my interest to have directions from one domain/subdomain to another, nor indeed from domains/subdomains. my interest is, in fact, that all wildcard domains point to the same folder as follows an example below. for better understanding imagine the following folder tree: {webRootDir}/.htaccess {webRootDir}/ricm.dev/ {webRootDir}/subdomain1.ricm.dev/ {webRootDir}/subdomain2.ricm.dev/ {webRootDir}/subdomain3.ricm.dev/ Now the pointing of the domains to their folders: ricm.dev -> {webRootDir}/ subdomain1.ricm.dev -> {webRootDir}/ subdomain2.ricm.dev -> {webRootDir}/ subdomain3.ricm.dev -> {webRootDir}/ in my {webRootDir}/.htaccess file I would have the directive: RewriteCond {webRootDir}/%{HTTP_HOST} -d RewriteRule ^(.*)$ {webRootDir}/%{HTTP_HOST}$1 [NC,QSA,L] or something similar to: RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ricm.dev RewriteBase {webRootDir}/ricm.dev/ RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} subdomain1.ricm.dev RewriteBase {webRootDir}/subdomain1.ricm.dev/ RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} subdomain2.ricm.dev RewriteBase {webRootDir}/subdomain2.ricm.dev/ RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} subdomain3.ricm.dev RewriteBase {webRootDir}/subdomain3.ricm.dev/ but I'll fix it. in this case you can remove all subdomains leaving only the main and wildcard. no problem with loss because the data is all in github and external databases. If it's possible to do this: - My username is: ricmdev - The server of my account is: tommy - The domain I would like to have the wildcard subdomain on is: ricm.dev - In which directory should the webroot of this wildcard character be located and the main domain is: {HOMEDIR}/ricm.dev/ I also ask that you add the domain: ricm.ml and the same wildcards, but the webroot {HOMEDIR}/ricm.ml/ thank you for your attention
  2. I can not set well my domain. Tk it has three choices: 1 - Domain forwarding 2 - Dot TK DNS Service 3 - Custom DNS the first to enter my domain plr-gold.tk working but is in fact only a redirect observing when the page loads refers giulio74.heliohost.org and has not to my domain for the rest I do not know how and where to insert the dns Can someone kindly help me? my domains is plr-gold.tk Note: the template inserted and only for testing.
  3. We all want a free domain, and we all know of free TLDs like .tk and such, but we also know how difficult they are to get on Search Engine results due to the general belief that free domains=spam sites, so while they're great for personal sites, they're unfavourable for business sites. Among domains the most common are .com/.net/.org and they're relatively cheap ranging from $8-$13 at most registrars, but cheap isn't always in the budget as many of us may know. Well recently I was looking into getting a little spare cash to pay for monthly subscription services and a friend of mine mentioned he knew someone who paid recurring game subscriptions through online surveys. I thought about the idea some and decided I should at least give it a shot and happened across something legitimate and simple. Points2shop allows users to choose from a large pile of possible surveys, play online games, watch short video ads, and even just register for free trial subscriptions to Hulu, Gamefly, and Netflix to earn points. Points on this site are equivalent to one US cent, and can be redeemed through Points2Shop at Amazon for anything on the Amazon marketplace Or for PayPal cashouts. Your welcome to try it for yourself, they even give you 250 points just for registering. There are several daily surveys that each award 100 points so if you just log in a few times a week to do simple 20-30 minute surveys you can easily save up for that professional-looking domain name you've been wanting. Personally I'm just in it for a recurring Runescape subscription and I'll be trying to build up a small electronics workshop to feed my nerdy hobbyist needs. I do believe that before you try to withdraw anything above $.50 you have to be Bronze rank which happens after your first rewards order is approved and completed (personally I bought an HDMI adapter for 135 points including shipping). I've seen Network Solutions ads about $.99 domains for a limited time so I thought I'd share this little bit of information, don't forget that we also have a free domain for 400 forum posts policy, so if you're knowledgeable you could donate some time on here and earn yourself a free domain name that way. http://www.points2shop.com/?ref=uin1357498239
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