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  1. Mam/Sir, When I try to Addon the Domain example.tk instead that domain be added, it looks like it's creating example.main.tk subdomain.. Wherever I do, I couldn't add my another "dot tk" domain. Could you please give me a solution? And tell me what's the problem? My following information: My domain that couldn't be added: webdirectory.tk My cPanel username: mbdungo My main domain: firm.tk Thank you!
  2. Username: arsinx Domain: http://cv-management.heliohost.org/ server: johnny I made my account 4-5 days ago, and I could access my C-Panel the next day, but for some reason my domain does not seem to be working, I am currently getting an error 503 when I try to access it. Please Help
  3. Hi, Server : Stevie Domain: mrgrindsmith.com username : sthabile My site redirects to another domain auto-im.com as if it was hacked, I don't know what the cause could be, kindly help.
  4. Hello! When trying to add an addon domain to my hosting account, I receive this error message: "Sorry, you are not allowed to add any more than (0) addon domains! The domain below was not setup!" It was my understanding that I was allowed to add domains. Here is my information: Server: Stevie Username: crthell Main domain: crthell.tk I also am given this information from my cPanel stats: Parked Domains: 0 / 0 Addon Domains: 0 / 0 While some who are more maliciously inclined would fail to state this, cPanel also reports my storage as infinite. I don't want karma to bite me in the ass If this has, by chance, been posted in the wrong subforum, please correct my mistake Thank you for your assistance, crthell
  5. Hello Heliohost, First of all. I love your service. It's better in lot of segment as most of the host companies. Thank you for it. I would like to register a new .hu domain. I gave the ns1.heliohost.org, ns2.heliohost.org DNS datas to domain register. Changed my main domain with your script to eqaudio.hu. Everything seems correctly setted up in Advanced DNS Zone Editor. My registrator signed me they can only begin the registration if this regcheck run successfully. However it answers back the following error : M-PRIF -E- [domain] Cannot get domain data (nshost_a nshost) I'm not able to set up anything on domain registrator side, and totally no idea what did I do bad. Could you help me to solve this problem? My shared IP: Server: stevie Domain: valyi.heliohost.org or eqaudio.hu ps: sorry for my English. Many thanks, Zoltan
  6. Hi, I am just trying to set my domain: www.electrosavings.co.uk To be the root of my account here, as when i registored it asked me to create one and now thats the root... Ive tried addon manager but that just creates my site as a sub-directery.. Thanks in advance! Ravenx30
  7. Hi there, I've changed my domain name from mandytw.co.cc to mandytw using the scripts provided by helionet but for some reason, the old domain name seems still to be registered. Can anyone at support do a quick check for me and tell me what the problem is? Thanks
  8. Hello, www.nradvocacia.com registered my domain, but when I change my ISP dns(rede host) error happens. thanks,
  9. first of all i want to thank all of heliohost staff for providing us best free hosting/support out there i just have one question, i can understand there is some sort of a que for creating new accounts but why is it like that for subdomains, parked/addon domains? its a real pain waiting 24hrs for a subdomain, i mean 1 day is really too long, there's 365 days in a year lol it is created immediately, it just points to another directory/has a redirect, why is it like that?
  10. Is there any restriction on sending e-mails using mail() to the same domain that is hosting the script? I'm slowly building my site during my free time and just noticed that my contact form isn't working properly. It spits out no error, but the mail never reaches it's destination. So, I've created the following test file (let's say my domain is "example.com"): <?php error_reporting(E_ALL); $to = "me@example.com"; $subject = "Test Mail"; $message = "Hello world!"; $headers = "From: no-reply@example.com"; echo mail($to, $subject, $message, $headers) ? "The email was sent" : "Fail!"; ?> Playing with this file I discovered that my mail never gets sent only if the recipient I've specified is from my own domain, the same domain which is hosting the script. If I change it to another one (gmail in this case) it works without problems: <?php error_reporting(E_ALL); $to = "me@gmail.com"; $subject = "Test Mail"; $message = "Hello world!"; $headers = "From: no-reply@example.com"; echo mail($to, $subject, $message, $headers) ? "The email was sent" : "Fail!"; ?> What really puzzles me is that this code works flawlessly in another host - and yes, using my domain. I've been using an DNS Round Robin to check out it's pros & cons and I'm able to test both hosts at the same time. Some useful (or not) information: My MX records are pointing directly to Google's records, since I'm using their Tools, and I'm also using an spf. I'm not using any nameservers, but A records only. The round robin has been working like a charm so far and the only problem I've encountered is the mail() one. I don't see how the round robin could have anything to do with this. If you need more info like seeing my DNS records, or how my mail headers looks like when I manage to send them (through the other host/to my gmail account) just ask. P.s.: English isn't my mother tongue, sorry about any weird sounding sentence. Also, I wasn't sure about where post it. Since it looks like a host-restriction, I've chosen this section.
  11. Hi! Good day! Anyone who knows how to change my domain name? from matthewhalos.heliohost.org to pepschool.co.cc Thanks!
  12. I X-posted this same question on WordPress' own forums just a little while ago, but I wanted to ask here as well since I figured Helio would be more familiar with the workings of their own sites (and some of my previous issues). So I finally got my domain names set up, and now am ready to get things into gear regarding my website. I use the Multisite system of WordPress because in the future, I may be looking to add other blogs to my "network" as time goes on and I get more comfortable with blogging in general. However, now that I have a domain of my own I will need to change things with regards to how URLs in WordPress are displayed. I also am seeking to relocate the WordPress system itself to a subfolder of the root. Right now WordPress sits at a subdomain.heliohost.org URL, with the "static homepage" of my current blog at the root, and the "blog page" under subdomain.heliohost.org/myblog. Not only am I looking to change the URL (via the "Parked Domains" section of cPanel) to the top-level domains I had ordered, but want to have a physical move of the WordPress install to a subfolder on the server. So what I want is for the physical location of the Multisite database to be a subfolder like /wp or /wordpress, and for the individual blog(s) to have URLs like blog1.mysite.com and blog2.mysite.com or mysite.com/blog1 and mysite.com/blog2 (with content reading as blog1.mysite.com/this-is-an-article or mysite.com/blog1/this-is-an-article). I'm not even sure if this is possible; from what I understand of WordPress' own documentation (and other sites delivering howtos on this subject), it is, but is difficult (especially for "beginners"), and requires some extra steps depending on how comprehensive your Multisite network happens to be. As of right now, there is only one blog, but as I'd also mentioned, I plan to add others in the future, and Multisite allows for that without having separate WordPress installs on the same server. What I'm basically asking, once more, as I had with the question about DNS and domain configuration, is which to do first. Do I configure my Parked Domains in the cPanel interface first, and then make the physical move, or do the physical move first (moving WordPress from subdomain.heliohost.org to subdomain.heliohost.org/wordpress) and then configure Parked Domains, replacing content as necessary (mysite.com/wordpress) i.e. with the popular, recommended Search & Replace Script? Also, since I have two domains (a .com and a .net) that I'll be looking to have as the main domain for my site (both of which pointing to the same content), how would I go about ensuring that each of these goes to the same location when relocating/changing the Multisite install, so that mysite.com/blog1 displays the same as mysite.net/blog1 or blog1.mysite.com = blog1.mysite.net? Is it enough to just have subdomain.heliohost.org point via Parked Domains to my .com and .net, or is there something in WordPress that I will need to configure too?
  13. !!! TL;DR ALERT !!! In a thread I started, I believe yesterday, I mentioned that I had purchased a domain -- two, actually (a .com and a .net) -- for which the company had yet to reply with an email indicating receipt of payment, and that yesterday they emailed me asking what DNS servers I wanted for my domain. I responded in turn, expecting that someone would at least acknowledge they got the email about DNS, but no one did. Thinking maybe it was my own error or some glitch in the system, I also cc'ed a copy to other addresses, one for Billing, one for Accounts, one for General Info, and another for Orders. No reply has yet come into my email, and I'm getting a little apprehensive -- especially after reading some reports about this company online. The company is called Katz Global Media, and reportedly is run out of some fellow's trailer park in Arizona, named Gordon Hayes aka Scott Morgan. (The first email was signed by a "Paris Hayes," either a family member/spouse or pseudonym, I can't be sure.) A legal battle ensued over a possible cybersquatter case involving a family-owned restaurant in California for which the owner, a man named Tom, had neglected to renew the domain TomsFamilyRestaurants.com (which is now unreachable), and saw it snapped up by an anonymous registrant who bought it with Katz and was accused of using it for "bad faith" purposes. This Tom's Family Restaurants case was back in 2005, I believe, and there's another (archived) thread at a forum called Web Hosting Talk dated from the same year or thereabouts discussing the allegedly dubious merits of Katz as a webhost and registrar. The thread mentions another site known as CattyShaq.com (via Internet Archive), on which a series of threads (not readable, only viewable via the Wayback Machine) issuing complaints was deleted when the owner of Katz threatened legal action for "defamation of character." CattyShaq appears to no longer exist in the form it once existed, and is now some other site written entirely in what appears to be Japanese. But this was, of course, seven years ago, and this being 2012, Like Mulder (or was it Scully?) said on The X-Files, "I want to believe" -- I want to give Katz the benefit of the doubt in terms of processing my account, so I am going to wait until at least Friday of next week, since Monday is a holiday in the United States and Katz, as mentioned above, is located in Arizona. I also don't know how long it will take for the payment to even get to Arizona from where I mailed it (the East Coast, so cross-country), especially considering the sadly ever-decreasing staff and schedule of the once stalwart U.S. Postal delivery. Several surreptitious fly-by-night sites operating in the MLM, HYIP and "discount RX" realms (99% of these from countries like China, India and various former Soviet republics) are hosted and/or registered with Katz, and it has been speculated that the owner is either involved somehow in some of these, or intentionally denies knowledge of the websites under the Katz trust, "pleading the Fifth" but with dubious merit. Just to point out, I am NOT running any of these kinds of services. I simply registered my own name (well, a pseudonym), not for illegitimate purposes but because I do not want certain people in my past/private life to be aware of my personal blog/website. I have suffered threats and harassment from personal acquaintances in the past, and hoped "anonymous registration" would have allowed me to make a "fresh start." Unfortunately, I feel as though I'm one of the gullible honest folks caught up in something screwy, one of the few golden eggs out of a rotten dozen all broken in the same spoiled omelette. (You kind of get what I'm saying here, right?) I went through Katz because I do need something like they purport to provide -- completely anonymous registration that not only masks your personal information in Whois records, but doesn't even ask you for it when you sign up. I also do not have a credit card or checking account and would have needed to pay by paper currency, which I (foolishly?) did. I am also boycotting Go Daddy because of Go Daddy CEO Bob Parsons' abhorrent passion for elephant hunting and his company's stance on the recent SOPA initiative (I also am patently disgusted by the Danica Patrick ads). Katz promises that Whois anonymity is bundled with registration and is not subject to an extra fee, like other hosting providers and registrars, another aspect that attracted me because of my extremely limited budget. Now, however, I am unsure the status of my domain registration and what to do regarding contacting customer service. I cannot claim copyright infringement because the name I registered is one that would be applied to a person and not a company. I am posting here, for advice, after asking a similar question on Yahoo! Answers about the situation (a few days after asking another one about how long mailing takes from NY to AZ). The responder of that last one said it would take no more than 3 days. It is now Friday, 5 days after mailing, and I'm still waiting on an email to confirm they got my DNS request. I know it's a desert out there, hence no water, but something smells fishy out in Tucson, Arizona. So should I wait until Friday of next week to contact them, which is what I intend to do, to either call up their line, email the "emergency" address, or IM via their ICQ #? If so, what should my next course of action be if (1) my DNS is not ready, (2) they haven't received the payment or (3) they don't get back to me? How can I make sure I can still use my domains? As I said, I'm on not even a shoestring budget -- more like a frayed thread -- and obviously can't afford legal fees if there is a legit red flag. My whole purpose for going with Katz was to avoid paperwork and identity requests in the first place. Does it cost money to file for an investigation with the BBB? Is it possible to request help from ICANN if something goes wrong?
  14. I have just purchased a domain name for use with my HelioHost website. I bought it through Katz Global, a company that allows for alternative payments of purchases without credit or checking (like the standard GoDaddy, HostGator and NameCheap, etc. require). I received an email from their Customer Service dept. asking what DNS records I want to use with the domain(s). Obviously I know the answer to be ns1.heliohost.org and ns2.heliohost.org, but I'm just confused about when I should have this configured. Technically, I do not "own" the domain as of yet; the purchase is pending (paid by U.S. mail), and I'll only "own" it once I've received an email with further details, which I haven't yet received. Katz takes care of everything nameserver wise on their end; there is no control panel to manage your domains, and configurations are achieved by sending tech support an email. I read in the HelioHost wiki the information about parked, addon and subdomains: I read also on the HH wiki that The problem is that they seem to be asking to change the nameservers first, and I cannot add a domain to my Parked Domains that I technically do not own yet. My understanding is that the sequence seems a little backwards, at least comparing their setup requirements to HH's domains section on the Wiki, which states to enter your domains first to cPanel and then configure it with your registrar. Per the Katz Global domain registration FAQ: So what should I do to go about pointing this domain to the yourname.heliohost.org URL? Should I enter the domains I just purchased (but which are not "mine" yet) into cPanel anyway and then tell Customer Service what DNS servers to use? Should I let them know which servers to use but ask them to hold on on updating until I "have" the domain (payment receipt) and can subsequently configure it on my site? Will my custom domain(s) still work if I tell tech support to point them to Helio's DNS records before I enter them into my cPanel? I'm just confused from a sequential standpoint as to which I should do first and how long it will take for the domain I don't yet have to become active on my site. I'm going to wait to respond to the setup guy until I hear from support on this end. Thanks in advance.
  15. (Never mind, found answer. Please feel free to lock/delete.) Topic resolved
  16. Hello every one in this great forum. First, i am a new at web hosting and i wonder how to get .co.cc domain for my python/django web app hosted here Also, what URL do i have to type to get access to my web site, because i is 3 days that i am registered here and when i try to enter to my web site using this address : http://pydevstore.tk i got HELIOHOST ACCOUNT QUEUED For more information: my web site has a .tk domain and i already have an account at .co.cc and i just want to know how to set the configuration for the last one. Thanks in advance
  17. i desperately need some help configuring DNS for my domain.. i bough a domain name and tried to configured it for my heliohost account. (buzzmouse.com) ns1.heliohost.org, ns2.heliohost.org the heliohost account was working good (buzzmouse.heliohost.com). i tried first using the cPanel option : Parked Domain - gave it 2 days. then tried manually configured 'Advanced DNS zone editor'. then tried to use the domain change script at: http://www.heliohost.org/home/support/scripts/domain all option resulted in getting to this page : /cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi (HELIOHOST ACCOUNT QUEUED) the situation now is that i cant do anything in either cPanel ( You do not have permission to read the zone for : www.buzzmouse.com) or using the script again ( We're sorry, but we either could not find that account in the database, or it is not listed as active. Please contact an administrator if you feel this message is in error.) HELP!!!
  18. SignUp Domain: http://stgeorge.heliohost.org/ Server: Stevie I did a backup of a TLD that I moved to a new server prior to deleting the files in my HelioHost account due to disk space usage being high and although the backup was created which took the Account size to 507mb prior to deleting the files, once files were deleted this took it down to 340mb. The problem I have is that I has 3 AddOn Domains but noticed that these are not shown: However of the three AddOn domains, two are now pointing to the heliohost server, the two: http://translationstreet.co.uk/ http://winfoes.co.uk/ Initially I got a 500 server error when visiting these two sites but after logging out then in again, the Disk Space Usage eventually went to the correct amount and both sites started working OK even though there is the above message in AddOn Domains. Why are these not showing as configured. Does exceeding disk space usage wipe AddOn Domains. I re-named the Directory of one of the sites then went to AddOn to Add it but it said that this was owned by another User. The directory was created however, so I moved the files into the new directory. So both the above TLD's work, but they do not appear in the AddOn Domains!
  19. Username: Felix95 Default domain name : sidesign.heliohost.org Parked domain name : anonymia.iz.rs I am receiving this error : Error from park wrapper: Sorry, you are not allowed to add any more than (0) parked domains! Server : johnny Parked Domains 0 / 0 Addon Domains 0 / 0 Can you please fix this? Thanks in advance.
  20. Hello, Am encountering a problem here. I can access the website www.hcaivu.com just fine. But when I try it without www i.e. hcaivu.com I see the "Heliohost Account Queued" page. How can I rectify this? Thank you
  21. Hi! I have a my domain,I would like to link to my site. NameServer: ns1.heliohost.org ns2.heliohost.org but I can not add to a parked domain What is the problem?
  22. Hi, I registered my main domain as mangimosbi.co.cc without realizing that all *.co.cc domains were blacklisted by google. Is there a way i could change my main domain to something else?? any help would be very much appreciated. Kind regards,
  23. Hello, I have been trying for several days to park the domain appseresvivos.pt using cPanel without success. The error "Error from park wrapper: appseresvivos.pt is owned by another user." keeps appearing, even though the registrar is correctly set to the heliohost's nameservers. When accessed directly, it shows a queued account page from the server. What should I do to solve the problem? The account is appsv.heliohost.org. We are a non-profit organization based in Portugal involved in activities about the preservation of life. Thank you.
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