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Found 17 results

  1. Hey My Current Domain is server.ppblk.space but I want To change it to ppblk.space
  2. I wanna change my domain from rogeriobsoares.heliohost.us to sitesfy.heliohost.us. Could you manually change it for me? Thanks. I also have a few subdomains in there. Would I have to set them all up again?
  3. I recently changed my domain name from munny to bigmoney. Is this domain name available? In the last field I typed "bigmoney.heliohost.org". Is that correct or should I have entered bigmoney only. Correct me if I made any mistake please. Thanks for the support. Note: I just hope that this change doesn't affect the database...
  4. I've requested that my main domain change for a long time now. I read everywhere that it takes 48 hours so I'm just wondering how come mine is taking such a long time? I tried the link in the account page (http://www.heliohost.org/classic/support/scripts/domain) perhaps I did someting wrong. Anyway, my main domain is retrope.heliohost.org, and I'd like it to change to radioretroperu.com. Otherwise, could you change it for me? Thanks.
  5. I've requested that my main domain change for a long time now, almost a week if I'm not mistaken. I read everywhere that it takes at most 48 hours so I'm just wondering how come mine is taking such a long time?
  6. Hi I made mistake in registration. I used wrong username. I am on ricky. Can you change it from jakobhos to etilk? I would like it to take changes even on database. And also I made mistake in adding new domain (using script). etilk.cm instead etilk.com can you remove etilk.cm? Thank you.
  7. Hi Im wondering if its possible to change the Heliohost domain i registered to something else? It is current bloodbound.heliohost.org and I'm wanting to change it to bb.heliohost.org Any help is appreciated thanks
  8. I could not change the domain for a problem you face when I execute the task
  9. Can I have php 7.1 on my johny server? If yes, could you change it? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hello How can i set max user connections from 4 to 0 as you can see but i get error (Access denied) Cpanel username: dw Main Domain: dw.heliohost.org Server: johnny.heliohost.org E-mail: hak.ghosts@gmail.com
  11. Hello. I was an user from Stevie, but with the crash itself I donated to try out Tommy Server. But everything that I uploaded are in Stevie. Can you move my files/configs to Tommy server and change my main domain on it to lucasgv.com? I own that domain, and the nameservers are already pointed. If you can't move the files/configs from Stevie to Tommy, just change my main domain name and I will upload again. My login on Stevie was Lukkasss My new login on Tommy is lucasgv Thanks in advance.
  12. Hello, I would like to change my main domain info: - My current domain -http://axia.heliohost.org - My new domain -http://axia.gq - Your cPanel username - mw It is a parked domain, thanks.
  13. Hello every one, Previously, my main domain was ethiopiandating.tk, but two months age, I bought a new domain hameroha.com and changed the previous main domain to hameroha.com using the following link. http://www.heliohost.org/home/support/scripts/domain It was changed two days ago and I am waiting for around 48 hours, but the website is not working. Also the C Panel is not working. What shall I do? Thank you in advance
  14. Is my main domain gonna change while it's dns is set to cloudflare? since I noticed I should first remove the domain from being parked, I'm wondering if I should also remove its cloudflare dns or not.
  15. Hi! Good day! Anyone who knows how to change my domain name? from matthewhalos.heliohost.org to pepschool.co.cc Thanks!
  16. domain: soundclouder.net server: Johnny account name: esjonne I don't get that confirmation code to my email. Help
  17. My WordPress admin site says I should live a little and try more themes. When you change a theme does it pull all the info (posts, comments, stats, etc.) from the database you created with the account and post those to the new theme or do you just start over completely? I would not see the point and actually think it would be crazy to swap themes on a regular basis if you had to rebuild your site each time. If the info does carry over then I will be excited about this option as I would love to try out some of the neat looking themes posted in this forum and elsewhere. Please advise. *This is a conversational post. Please do not close it as [resolved] when someone answers. I want to discuss options. Thanks. www.360DegreeNetworking.com
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