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Found 8 results

  1. How do I change my HelioHost Free Subdomain? Tags: Support Main Domain Free HelioHost subdomain heliohost.us Hi, When I created my hosting account I chose a .heliohost.us subdomain, now I want to change it for another equal subdomain, that is, it would be like creating another .heliohost.us subdomain and replacing the old one with this new one, it would be like, when creating my account I chose subdomaina-heliohost.us and now I want to create subdomain-b.heliohost.us and replace subdomain-a.heliohost.us with subdomain-b.heliohost.us
  2. I've requested that my main domain change for a long time now, almost a week if I'm not mistaken. I read everywhere that it takes at most 48 hours so I'm just wondering how come mine is taking such a long time?
  3. Hi! Is there a way to change my main domain name? I tried the link in the account page (https://www.heliohost.org/classic/support/scripts/domain) but it didn't worked or perhaps I did someting wrong. Anyway, my main domain is smarteditorwebapp.heliohost.org, I was using it to host a web app that I won't keep anymore so I tough I could still use my account to test code and projects. I'd like it to change to my username zkelvin2.
  4. Hi, I made a mistake after registering my account. I used the Change Main Domain script instead of adding an Addon Domain. It was confusing at first but after reading the wiki again I have understood the value of the original domain. Is it possible to have it reset back to the original domain? Thank you! Account name: killjill
  5. How i can change my email on heliohost account? After i try to change it using EditProfile in HelioHost Tools, its redirect to Helionet, i change my email there, but when I login in https://www.heliohost.org/login/ its always displaying my old email at the top right corner. I also cannot login using my new email, only able if I using username. And how i can using my own domain as my main domain? I has fill the form on the "Change Main Domain" menu and wait for 2 days but nothing changed. I also has add ns1.heliohost.org and ns2.heliohost.org in DNS. Sorry if my english are bad.
  6. Hello. I was an user from Stevie, but with the crash itself I donated to try out Tommy Server. But everything that I uploaded are in Stevie. Can you move my files/configs to Tommy server and change my main domain on it to lucasgv.com? I own that domain, and the nameservers are already pointed. If you can't move the files/configs from Stevie to Tommy, just change my main domain name and I will upload again. My login on Stevie was Lukkasss My new login on Tommy is lucasgv Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi, How do you replace the old domain (Main Domain) to new domain (in CPanel of stevie.heliohost)? For example: yahoo.com ------> yahoo123.com In other words, how can you change your primary domain (Main Domain). Please, if you're quite sure, might explain step by step. So I'm in a hurry. Thanks.
  8. Hi, I registered my main domain as mangimosbi.co.cc without realizing that all *.co.cc domains were blacklisted by google. Is there a way i could change my main domain to something else?? any help would be very much appreciated. Kind regards,
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