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Found 10 results

  1. Hey, I was wondering if there is a python shell. I was also wondering if you could install django version 1.9 onto the Tommy server please, thanks!
  2. Hello and thank you for the free service you offer. I just signed up and have my account on Johnny, but I need to use PHP 7. I can't find the multiple php version link on the software tab, could you please tell me how to switch PHP version? Thank you
  3. Can I have php 7.1 on my johny server? If yes, could you change it? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello, I'm currently able to use Python v2.7.5 for CGI Scripts. But I instead need to use any 3.x version, from 3.1-thru-3.6(preferred). What version(s) are available on Tommy, and what is the correct Shebang line? Thanks!!
  5. Hi, In the past I was able to change PHP version.. but it seems that PHP version switcher is not included in new system`s accounts. I hope you add the switcher to my account. If this is not possible kindly change PHP version to one that is greater than 5.5.0 This is required for SLiMS installation (and many other softaculous scripts) - Account name: jplib - Site: cairojpdeptlib.heliohost.org Thnak you Ashraf
  6. Hi, I am using HelioHost with Stevie plan, and recently, I downloaded a program called "Server List" which requires php version 5.4 or higher. Can I change my php version? Or may you help me to upgrade the php?
  7. I was able to change PHP Version at another hoster, while I can`t see this feature here (under PHP Configuration). I was told that hthe hoster can do it for me in such cases, so, please downgrade my PHP version to 4x.,as many famous Softaculous scripts are not compatible with 5x. Thanks
  8. Hello, I've been trying for a while now to run a different version of Django on my site and got to wondering if Heliohost plans to upgrade the Django version on Stevie or Johnny? The file structure used in Django 1.3 has been deprecated for a couple years now and having another more recent Django version preinstalled on the server would make development and deployment much easier. It's an awesome framework and this is one of the few hosting sites (free or not) that supports it, so not much to complain about I suppose, just curious/hopefull that there may be plans to upgrade the version. Thanks, P
  9. Hi, I have an application developed in PHP but this requires having PHP4 version. You may request a change or is there a script that allows me to switch between versions? Thank you.
  10. Hello, Can you upgrade mysql to ver 5.5. ??? I've install very simple web app, and there is a problem with it. With ver 5.5, there's no problem. Regards Raphael
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