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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I have tried to install IOMAD which is an edition of Moodle, but when checking the server information, there are points that have stopped at. I have currently set PHP version to 7.0, but can update to 7.2 if possible. It was not creating the database, so I tried to install Moodle from cpanel at softaculous, but it stuck for hours on the 95%, but it created the database, I tried to connect IOMAD to Moodle database, the connection is fine, but I could not find barracuda file format for each of the tables, what is available are compact and redundant. So the problem remained the same. Here are some details of the requests by Moodle & IOMAD 1- The most important point is that it requires Barracuda file format in the MySQL database. Without it, it cannot continue installation. 2- It prefers to have opcashe, I have seen that is was installed in another post and found that it is in php info, but actually Moodle is not identifying that it is enabled. I am using my account on heliohost with the username sola, the folder of installation in question is at /moodlebase. Would someone be able to help me in this? Thanks and best regards,
  2. Hello, I have a problem with my hosting. I have installed Moodle and needed to upload a file, but the Maximum file size is 8M (maybe needed 100M). How can I resolve the situation? Can you help me? Thank You.
  3. Hello, Can you upgrade mysql to ver 5.5. ??? I've install very simple web app, and there is a problem with it. With ver 5.5, there's no problem. Regards Raphael
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