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Found 5 results

  1. Have you ever thought that WordPress is slow? Have you ever been suspended for causing high load because of WordPress? Did you think that other CMSs like Joomla and Drupal have an outdated dashboard and/or are overwhelming for beginners? Then look no further. Publii is an AMAZING FREE static site CMS. Static sites can load WAYY faster than sites coded with an admin page (using PHP for example). Faster websites increases SEO, user engagement, and so much more. Unlike other static site generators or the simply static WordPress plugin, you can actually edit and update your site(s) with a simple to use, user friendly admin page (instead of having to manually code your website). It has an easy to use, beginner friendly user interface. Yet with customization features good for people with experience with code. After all this CMS generates static files that you can easily edit through the cPanel interface (or your favorite code editor) if you want more customization. To get started, go to Publii and just download their app. Then install the app on your computer. Done, it is that easy to setup. To create your first website, you need to click on add a new website. When you add a new website it will tell you to choose a name, symbol and author name. Then click add. Before you start anything, I recommend that you choose a theme. To choose a theme, go to this website: Themes and Plugins and download your preferred theme. Then go to the Publii dashboard and click on the three dots on the upper right hand corner. Select themes, click on install themes and select the zip file you downloaded. When you are finished, you can start creating your website. You can create your website in multiple different ways. If you have an existing (or backed up) WordPress installation, you can easily upload the website using the WordPress importer. If not, you can easily create your first post either using a WYSIWYG editor (kind of like the WordPress classic editor), block editor (pretty much identical as the WordPress Gutenberg editor), or Markdown editor (for the tech savvy people to code a page). When you finish writing your posts/pages (they are called the same thing), you can explore and play around with everything since the website hasn't been published yet. For example: tags, menus, authors, theme settings, site settings, backups, custom CSS, custom html, File Manger (not for existing files but to upload a new file), Log viewer, Regenerate Thumbnails, AMP (accelerated mobile pages), WordPress Importer(etc.). Now you just need to connect to a server so your website can be public. You can either choose to publish your website on cPanel or using GitHub Pages, whichever one you choose. To do that, click on Server in the side menu and choose your method of publishing. You can either upload using ftp (here you enter your site URL and ftp server, username, and password), using GitHub Pages, or manually uploading the files (not recommended as you will need to upload a fresh copy every time you edit your website). To publish your changes just click on sync your website and it will automatically upload a fresh copy of your website and rewrite the old copy of your website. Voila, you have just created a FAST and SECURE static site. Pictures of the Dashboard:
  2. Divi Theme A beautiful and powerful premium wordpress theme for your website, integrated with loads of modern features and unique functions such as: - Drag & DropOrganise your content easily with the Divi Builder. Just drag and drop! You can even zoom out and re-arrange content from a bird's eye view. - Draggable WidthsDragging widths and heights is such a wonderful experience in the visual builder. You are going to love how easy it is to create beautiful white space. - In-line EditingSimply click into your page and start typing to add new text content. Highlight text and adjust its font, color, sizing, styling and more. It's awesome! - Responsive EditingNow it's easier than ever to make your website responsive. Switch between mobile and tablet previews and adjust your design for each device independently. - CustomisationTons of customisation options and you can even customise the User Interface for yourself Check out the full features and details here Preview one of the Live Demos of this beautiful theme
  3. Are you looking for the most perfect, the most beautiful and elegantly designed premium wordpress theme for your websites or blogs? Search no further as you are at the right place. Right Here, we have only the very best that this world has to offer, elegant and professionally designed premium wordpress themes which are categorized under Magazine, Blog, Creative, Corporate, Ecommerce, Entertainment, Technology, Retail and many more! All the premium wordpress themes comes with great theme features, functionality and amazing theme support. Just have a look at some of the premium themes for wordpress below: DesignVille DesignVille is a Premium Business WordPress Theme and also a great theme for Portfolio sites/blogs. enViraShop An elegantly designed Premium Ecommerce WordPress Theme that comes with all the online shopping features you'll ever need. BigFeature BigFeature is a clean and flexible Premium WordPress Theme that is highly customizable with big article images and elegant typography. Find out more about this Premium Clean & Flexible Magazine WordPress Theme or you can search for other Premium Themes for WordPress by visiting the Premium WordPress Themes main page. Sofa Shoppr Sofa Shoppr is an Ecommerce Premium WordPress Theme that includes the three most popular payment gateways to process the shoppers' shopping basket at the checkout point. Find out more about this Premium Ecommerce WordPress Template or you can search for other Premium Themes for WordPress by visiting the Premium WP Themes main page.
  4. Hi everyone, today I want to share with all a collection of professional bussiness wordpress themes , all of the free. The wordpress themes designed, simple, clean. meet the requirements of your fastidious. Make and use downloads. WP-World Web Wordpress Themes Download | Demo WP-Web Directory Wordpress Themes Download | Demo WP-Web Connection Wordpress Themes Download | Demo All Themes: http://wordpressthem...hemes/business/
  5. My WordPress admin site says I should live a little and try more themes. When you change a theme does it pull all the info (posts, comments, stats, etc.) from the database you created with the account and post those to the new theme or do you just start over completely? I would not see the point and actually think it would be crazy to swap themes on a regular basis if you had to rebuild your site each time. If the info does carry over then I will be excited about this option as I would love to try out some of the neat looking themes posted in this forum and elsewhere. Please advise. *This is a conversational post. Please do not close it as [resolved] when someone answers. I want to discuss options. Thanks. www.360DegreeNetworking.com
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