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  1. Your account was suspended for inactivity as you suspected. You can renew an inactive account yourself by using this script: http://www.heliohost.org/home/support/scripts/renew I've already renewed it for you this time. As for your password, try resetting it again now that your account is unsuspended.
  2. Heliohost has been free for years, and there are no plans to convert to a paid hosting company.
  3. I'm running some software that uses it to read XML from Twitter with no issues. What leads you to believe it is disabled?
  4. The database system at GoDaddy is one of the more screwy I've had the displeasure of using. Your difficulty with it is unfortunately typical :(/&--#62;/&--#62; I had similar issues when I managed that site for someone. It's not you, it's them. Not only do they assume you know what you're doing, they assume you know what they are doing, which makes things difficult when they explain it 3 different ways, nothing is in one place, and everything you've ever known about a web host suddenly doesn't apply to their non-standard system. Most Linux-based hosts work very similarly to HH minus a few things like the database host name. GoDaddy (and likely other Windows/IIS hosts)...not so much. Yes. Everything might be a bit slow the first time after you do it, that is normal. The suspended/queued pages tends to get stuck in people's cache for some reason, and people don't realize their site is working. Also, no need to apologize, it's a common issue; we post an awful lot of "Please clear your cache" messages around here... You're welcome
  5. As someone who used to manage a site on GoDaddy for someone a year or two back...I can't believe that I didn't realize from the nameservers that it was GD you were using. They're fine as a domain registrar but no good as a web host. Their default configuration is Windows IIS with a whole boatload of non-standard settings. Databases are a nightmare (as you're discovering), as is running anything that needs an .htaccess file. And for Stevie, how long registration stays open varies everyday depending on how fast people register. If you register right after 8AM, you should be fine. Johnny is down a lot, Stevie isn't.
  6. No problem. As for Stevie's signups, they do fill up quickly every day. They re-open every night at midnight (U.S. Pacific time). Last night they were open for just over 6 hours before they closed. You can see when they're open here: http://heliohost.grd.net.pl/monitor/ (The top line under registrations is Stevie). Also, since it appears you're trying to install WordPress, you might want to switch to linux hosting. WordPress and Windows servers don't go together very well (things like pretty URLs won't work right).
  7. I see "Error establishing a database connection" for robgregg.co.uk. Your domain's nameservers aren't set to Heliohost anymore, so you shouldn't be seeing anything from Heliohost. Please try clearing your cache. Also, if you liked Heliohost but need stable hosting, you might want to consider Stevie instead. Stevie's uptime is 99% compared to Johnny's often-down reliability. Johnny is the experimental server. We give people more room to use resources, and more features to use on it. Because of this, it is also more apt to bogging down under load than Stevie is.
  8. The cPanel usernames aren't an issue, since everyone posts them on here anyway when their account gets suspended or something breaks. MySQL databases use the same format names too. Also, the server blocks remote access to your MySQL databases unless you explicitly allow it in cPanel, unlike Postgres which allows it and as far as I know doesn't permit it to be restricted.
  9. I see the same thing when using pgAdmin, so it's probably just how they have it set up. I feel like it could be a security issue, but the data in the databases isn't accessible, only the structure is, and read-only, so its not too much of a risk. Almost every database has GRANT CONNECT, TEMPORARY to PUBLIC, which won't let you do much. I've seen far worse.
  10. I see the hello world post in a new install of WordPress. If you still see the Queued page, please clear your cache.
  11. I've had issues with using cP's file manager for .tar.gz archives in the past. In my case they'd just stop mid-upload. Try uploading it via FTP then just extracting it from the file manager. That worked for me when I had the issue. Alternately, you could just unpack it and upload the files inside via FTP.
  12. This happens every few weeks. Both servers seem to be working now. I just logged into both without issue.
  13. That domain is showing a directory listing "Index of /". If you still see the queued page, please clear your cache.
  14. The sign ups on Stevie are limited per day. They open again everynight at midnight Pacific, so try signing up again just that time. When you go to sign up, select the free (non-SSL) account since you already paid. Once the free account is created and active (it takes a day or so to become active after you sign up), post in Customer Service so an admin can verify the payment and give you the dedicated IP address to use SSL. As for the system letting you pay anyway despite the account signup limit being reached...I'll agree that it is a bit silly.
  15. Was showing Queued earlier for me, but now seems to be working normally. Odds are you simply hadn't waited long enough for the domain to become active. We say 24 hours which is usually accurate, but it can take longer sometimes, especially on Johnny where high load can be an issue at times. Anyway, if you still see the Queued page, please clear your cache.
  16. As Sove said, this domain is now working. If you still see the Queued page, please try clearing your cache.
  17. WordPress is almost certainly the cause. Was it up to date? Many of the minor updates to it are to fix issues like these, but a lot of people don't realize that or forget to install them. Also, even if plugins are legitimate, they can have vulnerabilities that can be used to hack your site. There are lots of legitimate plugins and themes, both paid and free, whose newest version has security holes. Using paid plugins or themes will help reduce the risk of vulnerabilities or intentional back doors, but there is no way to eliminate the risk entirely. The more popular the software is, the more likely it is to be targeted by hackers. WordPress and popular plugins are such a target because they are heavily used. Odds are extremely good (I'd say 99.99%) that it was NOT Heliohost's fault. If it were, everyone else would be having the similar problems with their site. WordPress is easily the most common CMS I see "hacked site" posts for, and it's almost always due to someone using outdated software, outdated plugins, plugins with security holes, or themes with malware. I'd recommend you get the latest version of WordPress and whatever plugins you use and update everything. You might want to make a backup and antivirus it as well.
  18. If you think your cPanel password is compromised, change it first. The more likely problem though is vulnerable software installed on your site. It happens a lot. You didn't post a link to your site so I don't know what software you're using, but software vulnerabilities are common. WordPress and Joomla are two well known programs that are infamous for being easily hackable, especially if you install random plugins/extensions. Also, many of the "free" WordPress themes you find online at random websites are actually backdoors designed with to let in hackers. If you use such software on your site, make sure to keep everything updated. Also, remove any themes and extensions you installed, and only install ones trusted sources.
  19. Not sure what that is, but it is not Heliohost's suspended page. If your Heliohost account was suspended, you would be seeing this page instead. You might want to try flushing your PC's DNS cache. Also, can you try another computer on the same network? An admin might have some more ideas as to what's going on with this.
  20. Have you tried clearing your cache? You also are using Cloudflare, so it's possible that it could be a problem. Also, like Sove said, your account doesn't seem to be suspended. Reizn.com is working fine for me.
  21. Something might still be wrong with that domain. I can't resolve it to anything meaningful. Nslookup gives "server failed" whenever I try. If it still won't let you add it saying your nameservers are wrong, talk to your registrar. It sounds like they didn't do something right on their end after you changed them.
  22. Dubbels.co.uk is showing a directory listing. If you still see a suspended page, please try clearing your cache. Also, dubbels.co.uk looks like it is on Stevie.
  23. The easiest and recommended way to get to cPanel is to visit www.heliohost.org and log in using the username/password you chose during signup. The log in form is at the bottom of the page. If you haven't signed up yet, you can do that here: www.heliohost.org/home/signup.
  24. You can create a database here: http://rentersguild.com:2082/frontend/x3/sql/wizard1.html Enter a name for the database, click Next Step. On the next page enter a username and password for the database and click "Create User". On the final page, check "All Privileges" at the top of the list, then click "Next Step". Wait for it to say it was created and added successfully. That's all there is to it. Just a note: Your database user and database name will both start with your cpanel username and an underscore, even though you didn't type that part in when you create them. The names will look something like guild83_DBNAME and guild83_USERNAME.
  25. An admin would need to add the extra software for you if you wanted it in softaculous. As for Open Real Estate, you can install it yourself quite easily. The developer's website for Open Real Estate is here: http://monoray.net/products/6-open-real-estate There's a link to an English download and an install guide on that site. It's pretty much a matter of uploading the files, setting permissions, creating a database and DB user for it through cPanel, then visiting it in your browser to configure it.
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