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  1. My First question is, is the storage calculated in HD or SSD? Also is there a guarantee uptime or is that only for the shared hosting? Lastly what are the differences between Ubuntu, Centos, or Windows does one cost more or less?
  2. Username: kikiEmail Adress: christianvelazquezalvarez@gmail.comHosting: christian.heliohost.org / Domain name: christianenremoto.tkServer: Tommy Hello! Is it possible to activate my account? Suddenly, you have blocked it. I use it for exposure and testing. And I intend to delete the internal scripts that can overload the web (and the hosting). I have donated before and I just want to regain access and service. Thank you. Merry Xmas, crew!
  3. I've deployed my asp.net website to my Tommy server via FTP with Visual Studio. However when I open the aspx file on the website, it just shows the code. How can I fix this so it doesn't show the code? Please see the screenshot of what I see when I open the aspx. https://prnt.sc/vwhyzb
  4. Hey, I need the ability of hosting an ASP.NET web application. I was told there was a server named Lily that has this capability, and to post on this forum to get it sorted out. Thanks in advance!
  5. Sir, My hosting account has been suspended. May be due to large space that my site uses, i don't know. But i will try to remove those files which is useless and consuming much space and resources. If there is any other issue, i will try to remove/eliminate that to reduce the cpu usage but please reactivate my account. This is first time suspension, so i request to please activate my account. Please reactivate my account. My username : samparke Server : ricky.heliohost.org Thank you
  6. user900


    Hey, i'll use HelioNet free Python hosting but is Discord bot (discord.py) working? Thanks.
  7. I have uploaded my war file and now want to deploy it. Username: tonububt war filename: WebApplication1
  8. Have the free sign ups on tommy reopened?
  9. sir.. please unblock my ip.. help me
  10. How can I shift from johny to tommy and after shifting how many days would take to enable java and deploy JSP website?
  11. Hi admin/s, I need a Java Hosted website at Divyansj.gq for educational and training purpose only. I dont even need it for a whole year. But the current time shows that java will be activated in May 2018. I have to set up my files and application server within this month. Can the activation time be lessened? I dont even need other services like php support, not even email and all. Please do the needful if possible. Thanks, Divyans Username: divyansj Website: divyansj.gq server: Johnny
  12. Domain: glasalvia.heliohost.org Email: glasalviacalio@gmail.com Username: glasalvia Thanks!
  13. Hello Helionet, Could someone please delete my domain? The domain is:badvibesforcefield.heliohost.org The server is:johnny I do not have time to maintain this anymore. I have copied all my files and source code from my domain via ftp. Thank-you for hosting my website for free for these last few years.
  14. Dear Heliohost Team, I am newbie in this forum.I have created account hosting(Johny Server). I can login into Cpanel from helionet.org and create wordpress site,but i can not open my site/domain URL from my browser. I have clear my browser cache,change PC to open site from my browser,but the result is server is not found and webpage is not available.i am stuck ,then i check myheliohost website from http://www.websitenotworking.com/ and the result is my website is not working not only from my PC ,but for others my Url : theimaginations.heliohost.org i will attached screenshot pictures to easy to fix my error.I am sorry if my english is not good,because english is not my native language. Best Regards luckyb0y888
  15. It's possible to enable SSL on stevie? I have an active account, at the moment of setup, I chose the Free Stevie option, & I think the $12 usd setup fee is for the SSL certificate (but I already have one). I tried to enable it by installing the certificate in my free account, but no results. My site is accessible via HTTPS through CloudFlare Flexible SSL option, but I want a HTTPS connection with the Strict SSL option (or Full SSL at least), that requires an successful HTTPS connection on HelioHost Hosting. So, the question is: It's possible enable an SSL connection on Free Stevie accounts for free (on Stevie server, not on CloudFlare) if I already have the SSL certificate? Thanks in advance.
  16. Hello, good night! I paid for SSL Stevie Hosting but i cant get it. I want to know if it's possible to get it or a refound. Transaction ID : 42N17425DG4885404 Sorry for mad bad english. Cheers!
  17. I am currently working on a website that is a mixture of php, AJS, and JQuery. I was wondering if AJS or JQuery would work on other free hosting websites or if i should just wait for my javascript to be active on this site. I mean I'm in no hurry, but why wait until may if i can do it now. Right? This is probably a stupid question but I figured I'd ask.
  18. Hello everybody, first, thanks to heliohost for the hosting service, i created a new account on stevie server with the domain name: http://sd.heliohost.org/ and i already uploaded my frontpage to the FTP and everything is fine! but unfortunetly since few hours i am trying to create a new postgreSQL database but the connexion to phpPgAdmin is not possible with my root login and password! How can i fix that please! Thanks for your help! --------------------------------- Smart Decisions
  19. as you can see i cannot get into my account and the cpanel password reset is not working i click the link to confirm my code but it keeps requesting for a code? plz help
  20. /hello guys, just want to say thank you for this free service, i had been trying and using many other free web hosting services but find all of them with many issues and some services not provided for free web hosting service. My web is working fine with Heliohost services. Thank you.
  21. Good Morning (or evening, depending on where you are), I have a few problems, 1. On my cpanel, I am trying to create a subdomain called: mail.clovisd.com or mail.clovisd.heliohost.org However, everytime I attempt this, it spits out this error: also, when trying to access mail.clovisd.com, I get forwarded to my old host, website is coming soon page. 2. I have correctly added my domain name: clovisd.com as a parked domain, with the nameservers pointed at: ns1.heliohost.org ns2.heliohost.org50% of the time, when trying to acces clovisd.com, I get forwarded to my old host's suspended page. 25% of the time, I am forwarded to an error page: Internal Server error 25%: of the time, I get sent to Account Queued Heliohost.net page. 3. This brings me onto my next point, I created my account over 28 hours ago and it is still in que? This doesn't add up with what the que script tells me (it says my account is already activated and working). 4. I have created subdomains, such as proxy.clovisd.com and these already have webfiles in them, however, everytime I try and visit it, I get this error: However, checking the error logs doesn't tell me much. Just: I have both flushed my DNS and cleared my browser cache and still get all of these issues. It may just be because I need to wait longer, or it may because all my stuff is crazy jumbled. Other than that, I am really pleased with what I have seen so far. Cheers, Clovis
  22. Hi thanks again for your excellent hosting features. I created an account with domain at yangfeng.heliohost.org a few days back and now I notice that I'm able to access the website from anywhere but mainland China. I used "dig yangfeng.heliohost.org" in my mainland China network and it does return the correct IP address. Am I missing something? What else can I do to check for my situation?
  23. Hello, been with you a month and run out of disk space so have to move. (I make videos). The new hoster requires me to update the name servers to my new private name servers. ns1.irishsecure.com and ns2.irishsecure.com . Currently they are heliohost. I am the registrant of the domain. irishsecure.com . Can I do it or does it have to be done by you? Thanks, Great Hosting thank you very much. Philip / Dude
  24. Does heliohost support remote mysql database hosting. Please Reply. I have project to complete.
  25. How are funds to provide free hosting Heliohost? It's a question I have, if they put advertising on websites, or requires that the webmaster does, or as they are funded.
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