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  1. Hello Heliohost, I receive an error message when inputting my password for my free web hosting account. The error I receive is shown as at the following link: http://imgur.com/rTOw1Gz Also I tried to delete my account but the script says that my password is not correct but I think it is. Could this issue be caused by the fact that I cannot log in because the johnny server is experiencing some type of issue? It has been a while since I received an e-mail that my account was off because of inactivity. Did I lose control of my account? Was I hacked? Thank-you for reading this. Respectfully, Helio Host Member
  2. Early this morning (around 2:30am PST), I got an error message when trying to create an account on Stevie: "We're sorry, but an error was encountered during signup. Please try again later." From Kevery13's Apr 17 2012 [solved] Error In Stevie Signup forum post it looks like he had received the same message. He was told that it was because he was trying to signup a 2nd account on Stevie using the same IP address. There is already a Stevie account on my family's IP address. But that account isn't mine, it belongs to my son, who's still living at home. Moderator Ice IT Support told Kevery13: "If you would like a second account on the other server, you need to ask the administrators to make an exception for your IP address." How can I contact the administrators to request an exception for there to be 2 accounts (1 for my son, 1 for me) from our shared IP address?
  3. Dear Heliohost, Thanks for a great service. I am thoroughly impressed with the quality and reliability of your hosting platform. I would like to host: www.requiteright.tk on your Johnny server if that's OK. I already have deliverer.biz on Stevie. Thanks again. Mr Nigel Barksfield
  4. Hello I would like to know why my account was suspended/deleted. I logon frequently so if there is anything that I am not following as per the T&C's I would love to know and if it is possible to have my account again that would be amazing. Below is the required information: a. thewitch b. stevie server c. http://www.thewitch.ml
  5. good night, I made ​​the payment by paypal for $ 12 dollars, to acquire an account on a server ssl Stevie , is awaiting confirmation from you or instructions of the steps
  6. Hi, my account with Heliohost was created on Friday 05/02/2016, it says that it can take up to 24h to get activated, but since today 09/02/2016 it's still not working. I can access my cPanel, the domain has been pointed to HelioHost servers, but still, everytime that I try to access my website, it keeps on giving me the Account Queued message. WEB-SITE: theradioga.ga USERNAME: webber
  7. Dear Heliohost Team, I am newbie in this forum.I have created account hosting(Johny Server). I can login into Cpanel from helionet.org and create wordpress site,but i can not open my site/domain URL from my browser. I have clear my browser cache,change PC to open site from my browser,but the result is server is not found and webpage is not available.i am stuck ,then i check myheliohost website from http://www.websitenotworking.com/ and the result is my website is not working not only from my PC ,but for others my Url : theimaginations.heliohost.org i will attached screenshot pictures to easy to fix my error.I am sorry if my english is not good,because english is not my native language. Best Regards luckyb0y888
  8. Can I have two subdomains under the domain name heliohost.org in my account with the help of a moderator? That's it, thanks..
  9. I'm very serious to use the HelioHost free hosting to host my upcoming commercial scripts. Upon trying to register a HelioHost account on Stevie 3-4 times with a username that starts with a number, they've successfully "Hosting Account Installed!" but later received the following email: Title: HelioHost Account Error Dear 5ervant, Your hosting account at HelioHost has encountered an error during installation. The error is: Sorry you must provide a valid username Please visit http://www.heliohost.org/scripts/signup.php and try to signup again. Regards, HelioHost Staff I doubt that registering a username that starts with a number is not allowed by the system. Can somebody help me create a HelioHost account with that username that starts with a number? Don't worry I'll delete the other one if this is possible with the help of an administrator or moderator. Thank you!
  10. username : stefaanc server : stevie domain : casierstefaan.heliohost.org More than a week ago I asked to delete my account on the johnny server. Then I waited some days. Last weekend I created a new account on server stevie. So I made a move from johnny to stevie. I've used the same username, password, and I've got the same domain name as on johnny. I still cannot start with FTP for some reason, Tried everything I can think of. Could it be that after 4 days, things are not ready yet? Or something got mixed up somewhere?
  11. Hi May i request for my account to be completely reset-ed? Because i think that i have deleted some necessary files etc. Also i have a problem when installing Wordpress using site builder, it always fails because of some mysql problems. Sometimes it cannot establish connection to mysql database ( 90% of time) and then it's about indd recovery being set to 6 . When i installed wordpress using original files from wordpress.org i ran into problems with uploading xml files for one of my themes. It failed every time i have also used domain changer on your site and that has messed up everything. I can't even access my site anymore. It was elektrokilla.helihost.org but i played around and now it's inaccessible. So if you could please reset my entire account and set up this domain transhumanistickastranka.heliohost.org ?
  12. Parts of my website have had the "Account Queued" page for weeks but when I put a "www." in front of the URL it works fine. Any ideas? I would really like to get my website fully up and running without always having to worry about if users are putting the "www." in.
  13. i recently deleted my johny account, and trying to signup for steive account, but it says your domain alreday with us choose different one. my account name vigneshb Help me.
  14. I've been getting the following error when trying to create an account since this morning: Create Johnny Account We're sorry, but an error was encountered during signup. Please try again later. Edit: got it to work.
  15. Hello everyone, I signed up for a hosting account on Wednesday afternoon, well over 24 hours ago, and I am still seeing the 'Account Queued' page. I have attempting clearing cache but to no avail. http://genapexllc.com/
  16. Hi Domain Name: zoraw.ar.com Until an hour ago, my account was working perfectly fine I was configuring my FTP accounts, when I suddenly got an error and had to sign in. since then, I havent been able to sign in into cPanel. My username is Zorawar and I used the reset password (which cant be used more than twice apparently) but I still cant get in. Further, The Account status recognises my username but the Account Renewal Script does not. Please help me out, I have a dead line with my work.
  17. (I think I post this to the right place) I know the rule about logging in within 30 days or your website will be deactivated. However, I've been logging in for a month now, and yesterday I got an email telling me that I needed to reactivate the website(which I did) but it said the last time I logged in was April 10th, but I just logged in last three days ago to check email and things like that...is there a specific place I need to go when I login so it knows I'm on? Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  18. I'm now switching my server from Johnny to Stevie to increase my website performance, but I'm encountering an error during the installation of my new account.. Could you please delete a DNS entry for "professionalserver.tk" ? Thanks..
  19. i'm sorry, heliohost admin, but the last post is unsolved my problem, the account still suspended, without any reason. can you unsuspended the account? and tell me why its suspended, i believe there's mistake or hijaking that is not from me. thank you. a. usrnme heliohost: elektro8 b. server: stevie c. domain: elektro08.com
  20. What happened to my main website? Please visit: Apache Tomcat 7.0.32 - Error report Username: mbdungo
  21. Hello, My account name is elmyra. I've had a website on the stevie server since 2011. My domain is at: clerith.heliohost.org I do not know why my account was suspended. Some pages of my site are still available, but when I click into other pages, I get a page saying that my account has been suspended. Would you please clarify why this has happened, and explain how to reactivate my account? As I remember, I last visited by cpanel last week so I do not think it's because I've been inactive or anything like that. I would appreciate your help. Thank you.
  22. Hi. I'm just registered hosting Johnny, and i have a couple of questions. First one: is it posible to change account type from Johnny to Stevie ? Suppose i dont need functionality of Johnny, but maybe i wanted stability of Stevie. Second: is it posible to connect to mysql remotely? And last: did you have php support for outcoming connections ? Maybe my english not really good, sorry about that.
  23. Greetings! I am having a problem and I am not sure whether it means my account was deleted or not (username: volt; domain: scripthall.com). Upon trying to enter my username and password I encounter the following error message: We're sorry, but we could not find that username in the database. I have also tried to use the reactivation script but a similar message is displayed: We're sorry, but we either could not find that account in the database, or it is not listed as inactive. Please contact an administrator if you feel this message is in error. I haven't used your services for about 4-5 months and today I decided to upload a fresh wordpress install on the server and I was able to do so (not sure what server, maybe jhonny - f4.host-ed.me). However, I can not access cPanel.
  24. Dear Heliohost, Since I move my website to other hosting, My web is still connect to this IP, although, I change my nameserver to new nameserver from my new hosting, please help. my website cant running because crashed with this IP. Here's the address www.yonandha.com Thankyou for your freehosting Best regards.
  25. Hi, it's been two days since I created my website and is not online, is the Account Queue, I was wondering if this is normal or if you have to fix that ... Usarname : Zout Domain : http://zoutofficial.heliohost.com Server : Johnny
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