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Found 9 results

  1. Username: fasouza. Server: Tommy. Main domain: kairion.helioho.st. Could you guys please add two additional SFTP users to my account? They will be used on backup operations so I'd think it's better to have them limited to their respective backup folder instead of using my main SFTP account. Usernames and passwords sent on HelioHost's Change Password page (https://heliohost.org/password/). Usernames and their respective root directories: fasouza_fashost_keyhelp -> /fasouza/backup/fashost.eu.org/keyhelp/ fasouza_fashost_fasouza -> /fasouza/backup/fashost.eu.org/fasouza/ Thanks 😊
  2. Hi, I was just moved to Tommy and I am having issues connecting remotely to my PostgreSQL DB. Can you please enable remote connection for the following database and 3 users. database: bee1_sensor_data users: bee1_sensor_user bee1_remote bee1_data Thank you!
  3. I'm new at this website and I created an user but when I tried to use the given data to login it was false and I kept trying different things and then I got blocked??? I need help to get unblocked and I#d like to know how to login into an user.
  4. Hello How can i set max user connections from 4 to 0 as you can see but i get error (Access denied) Cpanel username: dw Main Domain: dw.heliohost.org Server: johnny.heliohost.org E-mail: hak.ghosts@gmail.com
  5. I've created a account on User manager but i don't know how log in, anyone know how or where login?
  6. When trying to set the SQL user permissions for our database through cPanel, it says that it has updated them successfully. However, the permissions are still unchecked when I go back to the update permissions page. username: m1c0l database: m1c0l_Calendar server: stevie
  7. Hi Domain Name: zoraw.ar.com Until an hour ago, my account was working perfectly fine I was configuring my FTP accounts, when I suddenly got an error and had to sign in. since then, I havent been able to sign in into cPanel. My username is Zorawar and I used the reset password (which cant be used more than twice apparently) but I still cant get in. Further, The Account status recognises my username but the Account Renewal Script does not. Please help me out, I have a dead line with my work.
  8. I have suggested HelioHost to my project partner which is located in Nepal. So we choose it to be a web hosting provider of our project. So for now on, I'm logging with our chosen username "sowhale" in the same IP address where do I also log my personal username. So, if any admin have tracked that I'm logging with two different usernames, please notice this post.. And if the hosting systems automatically disable both accounts that are using the same IP, then please allow it on our accounts. Big THANKS!!
  9. Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: User **** already has more than 'max_user_connections' active connections in /home1/*****/public_html/***** on line ** Failed to connect to server. I get this error when I'm trying to access my site. Hosted @ Stevie. When I quickly checked phpMyAdmin, it said that max user connections = 3. I think that is way too low number, even a little forum takes about 10.
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