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  1. Hi guys, I have (had) an accout in Tommy, but during down time I didn't move to Ricky. Since when Tommy is back I cannot receive e-mails, the following message appear: No mx record found for domain=luan.heliohost.org I need wait to my accout in Tommy get back to configure MX records and receive e-emails again? Regards, Luan
  2. Is Johnny Down? I was transfered to that after Tommy went down, but it is not loading today. pcbsunbirdcondo.com Also, I can lo into my cpanel update, now cpanel is slow to load
  3. Hi, everybody. Due to Tommys breakdown, I moved temporarily to Ricky... and started having problems with email receipt and delivery. The email for my domain (infantex.com.mx) is managed by GoogleApps, so I went and deleted the default MX record(s) in cPanel and replaced them with the ones indicated by Google (https://support.google.com/a/answer/33915). Email delivery was slow and sometimes intermitent: I would send a test email to our five addresses and two of them would receive nothing... But it was intermitent not permanent, I mean, if I send another test email to the account that received none, this time the email would be received. I attributed this to the fact that Ricky was slower than Tommy... Though, as the email is managed not by HelioHost's servers but by Google Apps, I don't know how this can be the case. In fact, after Tommy's crash and before I moved to Ricky, I had absolutely no problems with the email, even if the site was down, email kept functioning without a hickup. But since yesterday, I can't sent or receive email. When sending email I receive a 550 error, for example: 550 The mail server could not deliver mail to cfdi@infantex.com.mx. The account or domain may not exist, they may be blacklisted, or missing the proper dns entries. And when sending, I receive an authentication error or the email is simply lost (no send error but isn't received). I can login to Google Apps using the accounts and passwords, so the accounts do exist. What am I missing or doing wrong? Any help is appreciatted. Regards,
  4. Can't find the post I wrote this on, but was told I would manually be given a link to my site backup a few days ago (user is sunbird) as I am not getting an email link. Still have not received this. Please send to TLSRENTALS@SBCGLOBAL.NET
  5. Username: Alfonso Server: Tommy Logged in several times but the page always shows it's under maintenance, then suddenly after logging in recently to check if it's still under maintenance, I found my account deactivated! It says due to inactivity (But hey! I tried accessing the panel several times at several days but the Tommy server is always down) is it my fault if I can't log in by that time because of your maintenance?
  6. I just found out today that Tommy is down when I went to edit my website. Need to make backup, BUT the email I have associated no longer workds. (thanks yahoo). How do I do a backup when email no longer works. User is: sunbird I want to change my email to: TLSRENTALS@SBCGLOBAL.NET thank you, Linda
  7. I have been trying to get my backup from tommy. I fill out the request for link and it says it is sending to my email, but never get it. Also checked my spam email Use on Tommy is sunbird
  8. Could you please transfer my Tommy Account to Ricky ? I made the Donation through PayPal Giving Fund / GoFundMe. Transaction ID: 6X133753W94110645 User: bbird Domain: https://bbird.heliohost.org Thank you very much !
  9. Good morning, I recently asked for Java to be reinstated to my account (it was removed due to a Tomcat service problem, I believe). Then, once I got back to cPanel > Java, I uploaded two WAR files to be deployed. I can see the files in the file manager, but the Java section does not see them. The only option I have is the Upload WAR button. I can't deploy any of my WAR files. --- I know war deployment can take a while, but I don't think it should be that long for the platform to initially see the files. Thanks in advance for your help.
  10. I'm trying to deploy a new war file, and it appears to be stuck on "Java deployment pending. Refresh the page to check the status." Can someone please trigger the deployment? Thank you
  11. Hi, this morning I tried deploying my .war while the server was down and now it's stuck like that. Can someone please help me with it? Tank you very much in advance.
  12. Hello, The access logging for the domains on my account stopped on the 11th. I think this happened once before after Tommy's /var became full.
  13. Hello, I cannot login to my account on tommy and I tried to reset my password which didn't work. I understand the issue is due to the lack of disk space on /var Admin, how soon do you think the issue should be resolved? Thank you to keep us updated.
  14. Hi team, I need remote access to the postgresql database from any ip. Server: tommy.heliohost.org Postgresql user: "ducquang_dev" Postgresql database: "ducquang_quanlygia" Thank you in advance
  15. Hi, I am struggling with my Phpbb forum database, any help would be appreciated. - I have uploaded my files by FTP in a directory: public_html/forum - I have imported my sql backup in PhpMyAdmin - I have edited my config.php file And I cannot connect to my forum, I have an Internal Server Error: http://greed-is-good.fr/forum/ In order to go further and check if I was doing something wrong, I have also installed Phpbb thanks to softaculous, in public_html/phpbb and here it is working fine, but I cannot find where the error is? In the config.php file there are some differences: - Mysql vs mysqli - @define('PHPBB_ENVIRONMENT', 'production'); Even if I change those lines I still have the issue, I also tried to change localhost to Any ideas? Regards, G
  16. Hi, yesterday I deployed a new version of my .war but something didn't work. I mean, it did deploy successfully and I can use methods that access the database through a management page, but there's a scheduled job that isn't running. Unfortunately, I've set my application to write in its own log file under "home/cridus10/logs", but the file doesn't get created at all. Does it lack permissions? Can you please look at my app's logs to see if there's an error and give the stack trace to me in private? Thank you very much.
  17. Hi team, I need remote access to the postgresql database from any ip. Server: tommy.heliohost.org Postgresql user: "ducquang_dev" Postgresql database: "ducquang_quanlychitieunhom" Thank you in advance
  18. Hello, I tried to upload my site that was built on CodeIgniter 3 and using SQLite DB, But When I am loading it, it shows error: It works on my PC (Wamp), but I had the same issue on Xampp and to fix it I had to edit the php.ini file to enable Sqlite 3. can you check if Tommy support SQLIte 3? Thank you!
  19. I have recently come to need of the use of the Tidy feature of PHP. I noticed via phpinfo that its installed, but any calls to it return errors. Is it possible to activate Tidy for tommy? Account: murakumo
  20. Problem in Login into (Tommy Server) : thakurs Server : tommy Login Page is Showing Messages like = invalid Cookie IP address has been Changed The connection timed out. Please try again. i think these errors are occurring due to immediately cookie Expiration named (horde,PPA_id,SQMSSID,horde_secret_key,roundcube_sessid).
  21. When is Sitepad website editor coming to Tommy?
  22. Hi team, I need remote access to the postgresql database from any ip. Server: tommy.heliohost.org Postgresql user: "ducquang_main" Postgresql database: "ducquang_crowdworks" Thank you in advance
  23. Hey, I was wondering if there is a python shell. I was also wondering if you could install django version 1.9 onto the Tommy server please, thanks!
  24. Hi there, I was wondering if there are any plans on upgrading the PHP version for Tommy. I am currently trying to run an updated version of Magento and I am not able to do so due to the PHP version.
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