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Found 15 results

  1. I'm trying to install WordPress from Softaculous, but when installation beginning, suddenly connection is closed, and when i'm going to task list of softaculous keep in 85%.
  2. To those who run HelioHost and HelioNet, support it, and help with questions, thanks from a new member. I applied only for an account for "production web page hosting" (perhaps not exact words, but that was the idea), and my new account was made available to me today (Apr 1, 2020) on the server Johnny. I didn't request for PHP programming, databases, etc., because I don't think I'll need any of those things. I don't think I'll use e-mail here either. Although I hope to use Wordpress, I intend to minimize CPU, RAM use, etc, by keeping the website small, having few (highly rated) plugins, keeping it secure, keeping it up to date, and not running cron jobs. I anticipate low bandwidth. I mention these things after looking for a solution to my problem, and reading warnings about Wordpress from the Admin. It appears that it is allowed here, and made available, and I need it for charitable purposes, so I'll do my best to keep it from causing anyone any discomfort resource-wise or otherwise. My problem is, I have tried three times to install Wordpress (latest version, custom install for security purposes) through Softaculous, and each time, the installation progress bar stuck at 95%, and after a few minutes, a pop-up message indicated a time-out or connection lost. I can't seem to find a log in my directory to find out in more detail what went wrong. I would be grateful for any assistance. I tried Google-ing it, and didn't find anything useful that way. Best wishes to everyone.
  3. Hello everyone. I'm not sure if this is a problem with the host, so I'll post as a question. I'm trying to install the 'BlaB!' script at one of my subdomains, but Softaculous retrieve this error message after loading about 8% of the instalation: Could not access your domain. Please make sure your domain is pointing to this server and there is no .htaccess file restricing access to your domainThe script would be installed at http://chat.vnsmes.com/ I'm sure the domain is pointing to the server, and the .htaccess file doesn't look to be a problem for other scripts at softaculous. Besides that, i've already allowed the 'chat' folder at .htaccess (otherwise my Oxwall instalation wouldn't let me access the folder's files). Is it a problem with the script itself, or the host doesn't fill the requirements, or it is just me doing something wrong? Any help is appreciated. Thank you for reading.
  4. When is Sitepad website editor coming to Tommy?
  5. Hi folks, got two questions: 1) Had a long-long discussion with CF support team about getting 522 error sometimes. At the end, it seems like there some connectivity issues with one of their IPs. From one of their answers: 2) I've installed Wordpress lately with softaculous to avoid chmoding folders/files by myself and it seems like everything is ok, but sometimes I'm experiencing some delays while wordpress is loading: Sometimes it just goes beyond this to extreme numbers with total delay of more than minute. Usually I get(should) this(cached-clear etc, of course): Is this issue related to database in general(overloaded sometimes etc) or/and is it related to several downtimes(tommy) past couple of days(http://heliohost.grd.net.pl/monitor/archive/?2017-12-04)?
  6. Hi, I'm trying to install Bugs with Softaculous but every time I get an installation failed error message in the install page. Could you hep me? I tried to install it also by uploading and installing it manually, but I get session_startand headerserrors... Thanks
  7. As the heading says, I cant install ghost blogging platform using softaculous. After the "Chekcing submitted data" step, I get the error message: The following errors were found : Error installing node modules ! This generally happens due to less memory. I have enough memory left. I have just used about 8 MB out of the 500 MB I have. Do aybody know whats the issue? -- Thanks in Advance, Aurabindo J
  8. There seems to be an issue with Softaculous as Wordpress is not getting installed. It's giving the following error: The following errors were found : The MySQL Connection could not be established. The MySQL Connection could not be established. My website is www.startmutualfundinvestments.com and the username for my account is smfi Thanks for helping out
  9. Howdy! I tried to install Wordpress in my subdomain using softaculous yet I got this message. The following errors were found : The MySQL Connection could not be established. The MySQL Connection could not be established. I don't actually set major configuration in the Wordpress. Now, I wanted to know why I am getting the issues and what are the solutions of this problem? Further, I wanted to install Wordpress here: http://mabzicle.heliohost.org/ For utmost consideration and appropriate action. Thank you, Richard
  10. Hello, I have a problem with MySQL innoDB tables. This happens after Stevie was crashed. Now all InnoDB tables are not accessible with error message: Unknown table engine 'InnoDB'. Thanks in advance!
  11. Hello Using stevie server, condellprojex.org and condell.com.au Tried installing yesterday the Softaculous program X2CRM into condell.com.au - I can see it in the directory - But it doesnt appear in the list of installed programs on the Softaculous panel Today I tried to install 2 programs from Softacuous into the condellprojex.org (EGROUPWARE and X2 CRM), and not only did I not receive any emailed installation emails, but they ALSO did not appear in the list of installations. In fact, for everything, I'm getting an error: "CDbException - CDbConnection failed to open the DB connection." ..and then 500 Internal Server Error. I have installed several programs before, never had these problems Thanks if you can help. Murray
  12. Friends, i installed php PRADA framework from softaculous. But after installing i found just a read me page and prada folders in public_html folder. Please explain how to use it and a tutorial link is expected..
  13. What is better - fantasitico or softaculous
  14. Hi, I am getting the following when attempting to use Softaculous to install software (Moodle) on my johnny account: The following error occured: The INFO.XML file could not be found! Please report this to the server administrator. Can you assist? Regards, Ivan
  15. Hello,I just reigstered a sub-domain on heliohost server johnny, i logged into my cpanel but when i tried to use softaculous, the page shows this message ::logobuzz.heliohost.orgusername : logobuzzAny help in this regard would be grateful.Arfath
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