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  1. hello, heliohost admin. my account has been suspended today, can u tell me what happened again? my details: a. usrnme heliohost: elektro8 b. server: stevie c. domain: elektro08.com thanks for any responsibility.
  2. Hi Admin, My website which is hosted on stevie server is not up. I have my own domain which has already been configured. It's been more than 24hrs but it's not up. the domain is rehabsecurity.com thanks.
  3. I have my log in bookmarked with my password/user saved. I log in at least once a month if not more, but still alwasy get the site is suspended email. I click the link and reactivate, but is there something else I should be doing to stop from having to do this every month? thank you
  4. Hey friends, everyone wants free stuff and when it is custom made its demand become more, I am krishna, a full time science student but much interested in designing and painting. So i decided let you help in your website building in free of cost, if you want to pay my service just thank me, like me, and add me as a friend. POST YOUR REQUIREMENTS HERE AS GIVEN BELOW--- 1)brand name(your website or product or service name) 2)color 3)expected filetype 4)expected file size(in KB) 5)link of any image or symbol(optional, if any symbol resembles your site) THANK YOU !!!
  5. Is erotic literature ok with no images? IF I put it on my site?
  6. Looking for free website monitoring ? try https://www.pingdom.com/free/ Feature : Detailed Report Direct Crawler Interaction Up or down checker Notify Via Email & SMS
  7. Welcome to my new post. If you are here then you were asking this question to google at some point to start programming your own website. I decided to share this information and help you get on the right patch to becomming a great programmer and website developer. "You are your limit" Alejandro Chataing For you to learn and apply there are some things about computers that you should know before coding. If you are like me, you would like to start learning right now. So if you feel inspired and eager to start learning right now before learning how to configure everything in a website then I will show you this: www.codecademy.com is a free place where you can start learning how to code HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Php/Python/Ruby for free. To learn with them you require 0 previous knowledge on any programming language, so if you are like I was, this is the right place to start learning. I reckon this site is idiot-proof and anyone who wants to start building a big idea should learn how to code. So if you feel like coding is imposible then try this website: www.codecademy.com They have built a good courses system to help yo implement the code they teach right on their web. Once you have finished learnning html/css/javascript/jquery/php (3 days for me), I suggest you come back to www.heliohost.com and do the following: 1) Go to http://www.heliohost.org/home/signup choose a server and signup 2) Go to http://my.dot.tk/cgi-bin/login01.taloha and join providing email & pass. You can signup there using a facebook/google/windows live/yahoo/aol/flirck account instead if you own one using just 1 click 3) Go to http://my.dot.tk/cgi-bin/domain-add.taloha and enter any name for your website 3.1) Choose "free" then "Next" 3.2) Choose "Use DNS for this domain" and notice that the option "Use Dot TK Free DNS Service" is selectedThere is another option you need to choose right below the text areas that are displayed. This option is "Use my own DNS Services" (above Use this domain for TK Mailias only) 3.3) Choose "Use my own DNS Services" and another set of text areas appear: in Host Name: put ns1.heliohost.org leave IP address blank and put ns2.heliohost.org under the first and leave the second IP address blank aswell 3.4) Register the name for a year and fill the captcha code and click "NEXT" 4)go to http://www.heliohost.org/home/ and scrolldown to the buttom. Enter you cPanel username and password 5) Create a new domain using "your-website-name.tk" and wait 24 to 48 hours until you can access "your-website-name.tk" from any computer in the world 5.1) If after waiting 48 hours you can not see anything but a standard Queued website go to http://www.helionet.org/index/forum/81-suspended-and-queued-accounts/ At this point you have yourself a free hosting, a free domain and your inicial inspiration is starting to materialize since soon enough your-website-name.tk will be public to the world 6) Since you are a newbie at programming you need to implement your new coding skills offline before putting in all together in this hosting service. So for you this is the simplest way: Go to http://www.w3schools.com/default.asp for reference when coding Go to http://www.htmlgoodies.com/ for extra reference You are wondering why I am not suggesting codecademy for referece. Because you are a newbie and codeacademy was to learn and apply with the help of their website and now you need to do it offline and those websites I put have all the info codecademy taught you and you will understand them more easily. I recommend you do not fall in love of any particular website so you can gain the knowledge from internet. It does not mean that you can not go back to codecademy, your work there has merly started. 7) Create 1 folder in your computer (does not matter where) name it what you want and create 3 files using notepad "index.html", "stylesheet.css" "scrip.js"
  8. I just want to know the news about the third annual HelioHost website contest? Website Voting Now Open Actually I'm looking for another HelioHost website contest..
  9. Hello KInd of a noob question I guess. I have dedicated SSL IP address, and I want to have just the "Contact" page use https. I have installed the CRT,CA and it looks like it should work. So far everything I've tried does not work. What steps should i take to get HTTP on just that one page? Last time I did this I placed a file in a separate folder, and referred to the page as "https://contact.php" I must have missed or forgotten something? Your help greatly appreciated!
  10. Our website starts on the page called: index.php but we want it to start on the page called: main.php but how do you that? Please help us!
  11. Dear HelioNet Team, Please note that in the answer to the Daily Signup Limit, "12:00AM PST/8PM GMT" should read "12:00AM PST / 8:00AM GMT", in accord with GMT=PST+8, unless I have misunderstood something. Thanks for your service - I hope to join you soon.
  12. My website was suspended about two days ago. It could be because of a program I wrote to download files. Website: trickpixelgames.heliohost.org Server: Stevie I can't login, it says my account doesn't exist, and if i try to reset my password it will say the same thing.
  13. hello, 5 days ago I created a account on jonnhy. I changed the nameservers for my domain RevolutionGaming.org to ns1.heliohost.org ns2.heliohost.org. My cpanel account works, but the domain doesn't work. Thanks, matijs <- cPanel username
  14. Hello, I am an artist. I made this my own website. I would like to hear comments from you for this website. My website – www.SandipArt.com Please do not hesitate to make any negative comments. Eagerly waiting for your comments. Thanks in advance.
  15. Hi, I'm quite new at Heliohost, I created my account a few weeks ago. I created my first website, based on latest wordpress 3.4.2, without any additional plugins. I added just a few test themes, added some notes, and I didn't published the website's address nowhere yet. Yesterday (22nd of Nov, at 19:26 to be precise), my main index.php was deleted and replaced by index.html, containing some turkish video on YT, and words "Rea_pErz Was Here". Also the hacker added wordpress theme "This Is Rea_pErz's Shell", written in PHP (of course, I downloaded the files and deleted from the account immediately after). Now, I'm starting to reinstall wordpress and database, change passwords, check all my computers against trojans and viruses, etc. I found, that there was such case on heliohost before - see http://www.helionet.org/index/topic/12493-wordpress-blog-hacked-by-rea-perz/ I have several thoughts on that: - I know that website stats are disabled, but can I access some apache logs? Perhaps I could find out, how someone managed to hack my website? - My password was of medium strength, but it wasn't dictionary word. I guess, that hacker managed to enter the site by some SQL Injection rather, than by password guessing. - how can I protect myself against such attacks, apart from not using plugins in wp, having strong passwords and making backups? - I wonder, how the attacker got address of my website - it was parked domain, made from SeveralConcatenatedPolishWords.pl - there is very small chance someone just guessed the name. - I tried to use user_logs ftp account, to see if I can access some logs, but server dropped the connection with message "home directory not found". I also see, that /var on stevie is 99% full. - I know I have unpaid account, but can I make support request out of this? Such cases can influent more people than me - the hacks could be because of my misconfiguration, but also because of some features of heliohost. I'm not blaming anyone, just I am thinking what do do next.
  16. Hi, It's just been an hour I purchased godaddy .com domain . now i am trying to link it to heliohost website of mine. I went to the godaddy account settings and in domain section, i put ns1.heliohost.org ns2.heliohost.org In cpanel, i tried to change parking to mywebsitename.com but it gives me the below error: Sorry, the domain is already pointed to an IP address that does not appear to use DNS servers associated with this server. Please transfer the domain to this servers nameservers or have your administrator add one of its nameservers to /etc/ips.remotedns and make the proper A entries on that remote nameserver.
  17. Hi, I had a problem regarding my first personal website and was hoping the forum folk could help. Just skip to Need Help: if you don't want to read through the background. Background: I have the domain alfonsocheng.com Originally I setup a subdomain, working fine at travel.alfonsocheng.com. This subdomain was redirected to alfonsocheng.com/travel The subdomain/folder /travel was used for a blog using wordpress.org's zipped platform and was working fine... Problem: Now, I want alfonsocheng.com to be a homepage (instead of the list of directories) So, I tried to add an A name with tumblr's IP address.... Simple DNS Zone Editor-> Add an A Record Name: alfonsocheng.com Address: Then I tried Simple DNS Zone Editor-> Add an CNAME Record Name: travel.alfonsocheng.com Address: but now all I see on alfonsocheng.com AND travel.alfonsocheng.com is the tumblr blog. Need Help: So basically, I want my own homepage (using tumblr platform or something else) to be alfonsocheng.com and if someone clicks a hyperlink somewhere, it can bring them to my existing wordpress platform blog: travel.alfonsocheng.com If someone could help me out with setting this up, that would be great. Thanks in advance, Alfonso
  18. Hello. I am a new member of HelioHost. As soon as I heard that you have FREE Remote MySQL I came here. Thats not the problem I have. I have made an account with Johnny about 2 days ago. I was first in line. It said it should be ready by Wednesday. Its already Thursday and I don't think it should've taken more than 24 hours since I was first in line. Can someone please check this out to see when my site may be ready? Thank you so much in advance! (Sorry if its not in the write category, this is like my first time using a forum). Oh and I almost forgot. My username is menachem, since thats probably important information. Sorry for long post. :S EDIT: Someone edited my title as [sOLVED], yet I haven't solved this problem yet. Can someone please help me? My website doesn't work and no, its not a co.cc anymore. I changed it back to heliohost.org. Thank you!
  19. Hello everyone... I hope this is the right forum to ask this question. I know a bit of html and perl. I wrote a basic perl script as follows #!/usr/bin/perl print "hello world; and uploaded in public_html folder with permissions 755. But my site is not visible. Please help. If i can just figure this out, i can start playing with the rest on my own.
  20. My website (giffgaffteam.co.uk) has suddenly decided not to load. It was loading this morning, but it doesn't connect now. Help please? Thanks.
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