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Found 17 results

  1. hi, i would like to have my account deleted. Thank you! Thom
  2. Hi, Before I had 3 accounts, which were suspended, I asked for the reactivation of 1 and it was reactivated, but now I need to delete all the suspended accounts, since I need to have those emails free, to register and verify if Johnny's server is available, and if so, delete my account and continue registration The User Names are: Current account that is active: santy (fsantyrodriguez07@gmail.com) Suspended accounts that I want to delete: lowm (santiago@lowmodding.rf.gd) megac (santiago@megacloud.cf) pruebas (accounts@lowmodding.rf.gd)
  3. Hello, I added my 2 domains (pk-creations.gq & pk-os.gq) to "Domains" instead of "Addon Domains" using cpanel. But when I try to remove them, I get the following error message: Error: Unable to find out which user owns the parked domain Could someone please help me? Thank you.
  4. Username: kiki Server: Johnny Server Domain: christian.org -- Hello! I'm triyng to MIGRATE or DELETE my account because I need to use WordPress for test and web creations for testing (try templates, plugins, etc...) Maybe, Tommy Server is the best choice for that. Now, I cannot access with my account credentials (without reason ). I'm trying to reset the password, too for delete the account. I sent emails to support@helihost.org explain this, too. May you delete my account or migrate to Tommy Server? Thanks a lot, crew!
  5. Please delete the account: jonjs(in HelioHost) Reason: No reason.
  6. Hey, I'm trying to switch my server from Johnny to Tommy. I'm trying to delete my account but is says: We're sorry, but we either could not find that account in the database, or it is not listed as active. Please contact an administrator if you feel this message is in error. please help, Thanks!
  7. Dear admin, please delete my Johnny account "pdfx". I can't add "soda.tk" domain on Ricky. Thank you.
  8. Hi, I deleted an addon domain from the CP to start clean. However, I am unable to add the deleted domain again. I get the following error. Please advice. A DNS entry for the domain “smritinandan.smritinandan.heliohost.org” already exists Thank you LSU
  9. Helio! My account has been susspended following 30 days inactivity. I stopped using it because Jonhny was pretty slow and cutting out too often. Someone kindly recomended I should try Steve... although I'm predicting some equivulent issues (free servers don't come for free!). But will give it a try. I just tried to delete my Johny account but as its susspended it seems no can do. Would you guys be able to transfer it over to Steve for me... or do I need to log in, make it active then delete then reopen a steve account.... Many thanks. D
  10. i recently deleted my johny account, and trying to signup for steive account, but it says your domain alreday with us choose different one. my account name vigneshb Help me.
  11. i am not able to delete "urbanazzi.com" from my addon domains. This domain is owned by me and i want to add it in parked domain. The error seems to be "Unable to find out which user owns the parked domain urbanazzi.com."
  12. Dear Heliohost, Since I move my website to other hosting, My web is still connect to this IP, although, I change my nameserver to new nameserver from my new hosting, please help. my website cant running because crashed with this IP. Here's the address www.yonandha.com Thankyou for your freehosting Best regards.
  13. Can you delete my account? I believe the username's "proxse" and I don't know which server it's on. It got banned earlier on for server load and I can't log in or use the delete script.
  14. I made a an account on johnny (polders.heliohost.org) but due to some issues I decided it was better to move to the stevie server. My problem: my password on johnny isn't working anymore, I tried resetting the password a couple of times but that fails for me (I'm getting the mail but the two reset links and the keyword aren't working for me). Because of that I cant login nor delete my johnny account. So I made a stevie account (bzub.heliohost.org) and decided to let the johnny account die out in 30 days, but this new stevie account can a ) not add any addon domains (it says I can add (0) domains) b ) not park the domain I want because the wrapper says it's being used by another user (the johnny account?) So I was wondering if you could guide me trough the password reset or delete the johnny account and help me with that domain addon problem on bzub.heliohost.org. Thanks,
  15. Hello, I switched to stevie a week or two ago,and I would like my old account on johnny (conor1) to be deleted . Thanks Conor
  16. I want to delete my account in heliohost.org. But it says could not find that account in the database, or it is not listed as active. Kindly help with deletion ... Thank you!
  17. I need the account for something else.
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