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Found 4 results

  1. Username: kiki Server: Johnny Server Domain: christian.org -- Hello! I'm triyng to MIGRATE or DELETE my account because I need to use WordPress for test and web creations for testing (try templates, plugins, etc...) Maybe, Tommy Server is the best choice for that. Now, I cannot access with my account credentials (without reason ). I'm trying to reset the password, too for delete the account. I sent emails to support@helihost.org explain this, too. May you delete my account or migrate to Tommy Server? Thanks a lot, crew!
  2. Hello Heliohost, I cant get Tommy server. I woke early (in India it is 5:00am) (GMT:5:30) and waited for Tommy server. I keep on refreshing the page. At last the checkbox came. I clicked next but again it came the first page for comparing. After doing this, no way the checkbox went away.I tried this for more than 1 week. No way. So Please help me with this. Its a cheating. Every Time it shows 23 hours & 60 minutes to reopen even though I clicked next. So please help me with this. I need an urgent website. So please I beg You. With regards, Mubarak Bilal
  3. Moving request: Ricky to Tommy Hi HelioHost, could you please move my account from Ricky to Tommy? Account: mrander8 Donation ID: 6WK031394U705250H Main Domain: mranderson86.heliohost.org
  4. Hello, My usersname is mspro and my account on Tommy server for www.monsecretariat.pro is suspended. Could you please unsuspend my account and say me what was it suspended for ? I think I agree with Heliohost's terms of use, but I will take measures if not. Looking for your answer MSPRO
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