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  1. Please, anyone can helps me, I am unable to login to online my phyMyAdmin Here is my cPanel opened When I open phpMyAdmin form this page, this show Note: I can open my database with custom user's from remotely with is crated using MySQL Databases Basically, It's show this error: mysqli_connect(): (28000/1045): Access denied for user 'ctoabid'@'localhost' (using password: YES)I already, have tried every user, form which I can open my database remotely & also clear browser cache memory. Thanks in advanced.
  2. I'm unable to connect to database. Following are my account details: Control Panel Username: sidsk99 Main domain name: sidsk99.heliohost.org Kindly help with this issue.
  3. Hi. I changed my password twice on Johnny. But from that moment on, I've never been able to connect to my database. This message shown on the top there: Error: SQLSTATE[HY000] [3118] Access denied for user 'munny'@'johnny.heliohost.org'. Account is locked. I'd like to know what I chould do to solve this problem as soon as possible. Thanks!
  4. Hi all, Something weird happened just now and I'm a little freaked. Three things, actually. Some background: I run a Ghost site on Heroku, which uses a HelioHost database via "remote MySQL". Today, the site failed to startup due to an application timeout, which I assume was a timeout while trying to connect to the database (it was working fine in the morning so I can't think of any other explanation). When I tried to sign in, the password was rejected thrice. That might have been just me in a panic, but I know what my password's supposed to be, so was wondering if someone's broken in and changed it. In any case, I reset via email to a different one. After signing in, I tried opening phpMyAdmin to test the database, but it fails with an error: As a side note: Tommy's cPanel seems much slower than usual. This might be unrelated, but it may also explain all the errors (maybe the password checks and database calls all timed out). If possible, would you admins be able to do the following: Send me IPs and login times for my last 3 cPanel logins (I got the last one's IP, but I'm travelling so would need a couple others to compare). Maybe also password reset logs or something to see if there's anything suspicious.Look into phpMyAdmin and remote SQL and see if others are having issues tooNot sure what else, but maybe something in the syslogs to indicate what may be happening?Thanks in advance!
  5. Hello, guys! I have a huge data table, my concern is if I can't upload it to your server through PhpMyAdmin. This table contains the names of all countries, states and cities of the world. I need it because I'm implementing a sign up form and these data are strictly necessary. I know there must be out there other ways to retrieve that information. But... Is it possible to upload or import over 200MB of data to your PhpMyAdmin? If so, how can I do this? The file is zipped. Thank you
  6. This question was changed to https://www.helionet.org/index/topic/36204-how-to-import-big-files-to-phpmyadmin/ Thank you
  7. Hi, I recently created my first database and database user and was able to add the user to the database in cPanel. However, I am confused as to how a user with the login credentials I created would be able to access and modify data in the database in phpMyAdmin without having to first login through Heliohost cPanel? This is for security reasons as I do not want one user (who has access to only one database) to be able to tamper with other users/databases. Please let me know how to proceed. Thank you, Ardent
  8. username: goark server: ricky main domain: ping.usehype.ga Could you please increase max_user_connections? Thank You.
  9. Hey, i'm new here, please, help me to fix this error http://imgur.com/a/uu6pw
  10. hello, im new to website hosting sites and stuff... so my problem is that i want to connect a database to my website which i made it on my system using mysql all i want is my database to show up in phpmyadmin from where i can do the editing and stuff to my database that is present on my system. i dont want to import and export files. i need to be able to do changes to my database directly from phpmyadmin through my website and same changes must be applied to my database and i should be able to see it using mysql in my system. and the data i collect from the html file must directly go into the database of my system so that i can access it offline aswell. i know this is very stupid question to ask but it be very helpful for me if someone actually told me how to connect. can u please tel me what host name should i give instead of local host and database username and password in my php file.. thanks in advance.
  11. I am having a lot of inssues with PhpMyAdmin, sometimes its just really slow or it just freezes and then I have to reload the page. Is there anything that I could do to? My link is flpcarv.heliohost.org.
  12. Everytime i try to access the phpMyAdmin, the connection is so slow I had to wait five minutes until I open phpMyAdmin, is there a solution?
  13. Hi, I wanted to import a database (.sql) with phpMyAdmin but i've got this error : InnoDB is in read only mode. Please help me to fix this issue. Thanks.
  14. a. your HelioHost: nightz b. the server your account is on: stevie c. database nightz_sky999 Hello I have logged into phpmyadmin but it's showing a blank screen, and the database isn't responding, is this the problem of the database being invisible? http://www.helionet.org/index/topic/22260-stevie-mysql-fixed/ Thanks. NightHawk
  15. Where in the file manager should I put php files that I want to run externally with a url? After putting the file in the correct directory will I be able to run it with the following url? example.heliohost.org/file.php
  16. Good day. I can log in to the cpanel and access file manager as well as other stuff. Apparently, I can't log in to phpmyadmin. After I click the icon on cpanel, I get taken to a login page. After filling out the fields, it just stops at an index.php page which shows nothing (blank). Help would be very much appreciated. Thank you! Edit: I was able to search the forums for a similar problem and found the solution that worked: changed my cpanel password, set it to sync with mysql and was able to log in. Thanks.
  17. Hello Sir, I am having problem accessing the phpmyadmin through my stevie account. The page just keeps on loading. The database doesn't open. username= ecell Please resolve this issue. I have communicated this on IRC Chat but I didn't get any response.
  18. HI, I was unable to access phpmyadmin. Consequently changed my cpanel password. Was able to accesss to phpmyadmin however no databases are showing up in phpmyadmin. Here are the missing ones: 1. gujsingh_millennium1 2. gujsingh_rajgarh 3. gujsingh_unique please recreate / fix it ASAP. Thanks guj Ref: http://www.helionet.org/index/topic/22939-solved-empty-database/?hl=%2Bdatabases+%2Bshow&do=findComment&comment=113730
  19. Username: demon666 Domain: phantomtest.heliohost.org Server: johnny Hi, Earlier today I received an email informing me that as I hadn't logged into cpanel for thirty days my account was being suspended. A link was provided in the email if I wanted to reactivate my account. I clicked on this link, reactived my account, and I was once more able to access my web pages. However, I am no longer able to connect to any databases, from a web page I get an error of "Connection refused". Furthermore, from the cpanel, I am unable to access phpMyAdmin at all, I am presented with the following error: #2002 Cannot log in to the MySQL server Please can anyone assist? Thanks in advance. D
  20. My account was suspended due to not logging in for a while. I reactivated it, and succeeded to log in. However, phpMyAdmin cannot connect to the database. I tryed to re-define a new user for MySQL DB, with no luck: phpMyAdmin cannot connect to database. Here's my details: server: stevie website: aim.heliohost.org user: roaim Please help me. Thank you for your time!
  21. Hello, I am getting issues on my Wordpress application [link] where I get an "Error establishing a database connection" message when opening the home page. I'm also getting login issues when I try to acces phpMyAdmin from cPanel wherein I get a blank page after entering my credentials. I'm not sure if this is relevant but the login page also looks weird: Hoping for an immediate solution because I plan to upload a new website within the week. Thanks in advance!
  22. Yesterday and today, I attempted to access PHPMyAdmin only to have the page look like this. When I attempt to sumbit anything the page just creates a 500 error and nothing else happens. Any idea why?
  23. Good day. Ever since yesterday, I have been trying to access phpmyadmin, but when I click on the phpmyadmin button in cpanel, I get taken to a login screen. After entering the username and password I use to log in to cpanel (the only combination I know that was given) I get a 500 screen, as shown in the attachment. I have tried the previous suggestion of changing the password, clearing the cache and restarting the browser given to another post of similar situation, to no avail. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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