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Found 5 results

  1. Please, anyone can helps me, I am unable to login to online my phyMyAdmin Here is my cPanel opened When I open phpMyAdmin form this page, this show Note: I can open my database with custom user's from remotely with is crated using MySQL Databases Basically, It's show this error: mysqli_connect(): (28000/1045): Access denied for user 'ctoabid'@'localhost' (using password: YES)I already, have tried every user, form which I can open my database remotely & also clear browser cache memory. Thanks in advanced.
  2. For some reason I am not able to access tables in MySQL database hosted at thank.heliohost.org through C#. The connection is establish but as soon as I try to access the table data, it creates an exception stating access is denied. I don't understand how that is possible as I can access the same data through MySQL workbench app on the same PC. Can you please help me. Username: shyamal_1 Domain: thank.heliohost.org Server: stevie
  3. I think I kinda locked myself out of mysql. I can log in using phpMyAdmin under any of the names that I created for the databases in the cPanel, but I think I did something wrong yesterday when I was trying to access the database incorrectly and exceeded my attempts. I attempted to change the max number of attempts allowed and I don't exactly remember what all I did, but I think I tried to change some permissions or something along those lines and ended up changing the permissions of the root account and now none of the accounts have any permissions. I was wondering if you guys could reset my mysql database, and if possible, do so without removing my tables, or reset the permissions back to default. Thanks. username: hmaal domain: maalstudios.heliohost.org server: johnny
  4. I am getting this error when accessing the homepage of my heliohost site: I checked my 'config.php' file and made sure that the the db name, db user, the password, and the server (stevie.heliohost.org) was correct. I also added the user to the database I created. What could be wrong? Any ideas? Thanks in advance
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