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Found 24 results

  1. Dear Admin My Username: cassets email: clusterassets@gmail.com Kindly unsuspend my account as soon as possible. I have already posted. But I didn't found any response in my account still in same suspension. Kindly unarchive my account. I have to test and practice all.
  2. Hi, I tried to log in and it says that I am suspended. I do not know the reason. Please, Can you review the suspension and give me more information or active it again? a. HelioHost username: pgarciab. The server my account is on: Tommyc. your HelioHost main domain: http://matchandgos.heliohost.org Thanks in advanced
  3. I don't know why my account was suspended, but I can agree that I didn't login for like 30 days, but it said that I was suspended due to not following TOS, or causing high server load.. HelioHost Username: birdie Server: Ricky Main Domain: maanasnair.in Thank you
  4. Hi, I tried to log in and it says that I am suspended. I do not know the reason, but I read the Terms of Service and I think it has been incorrectly suspended. Pleas, Can you review the suspension and give me more information or active it again? a. HelioHost username: pgarciab. The server my account is on: Tommyc. your HelioHost main domain: http://matchandgos.heliohost.org Thanks in advanced
  5. username : newtrick server : tommy my account is suspended please unsuspend
  6. My account has been suspended due to inactivity can it please be unarchived.
  7. Hello sir my account suspended for nothing.i'm didn't commit any violation of heliohost laws please review my account suspension and restore my account as before.
  8. Dear Admins, I don't know if my account is suspended or not, but when I try to log-in I got this message: "Invalid Login" (see attachment) Again, I can't navigate to my site, because ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT. May you help me, please? Thanks in advance Muhrare
  9. My Username: talitha My server: Tommy My main domain: aluna.net (i try change main domain from cp heliohost still fail) I just want to know why my account suspend, & can i get my cpanel account again?
  10. Name : azdzikri domain : azdzikri.com hallo . can my account be reactivated, I want to backup my data. I understand maybe my website is too heavy sehinnga use a lot of memory. I will fix it
  11. hy admin can u unsupen my account? username : talitha server : tommy main domain : all-una.net warm regards
  12. My account was suspended due to not logging in for a while. I reactivated it, and succeeded to log in. However, phpMyAdmin cannot connect to the database. I tryed to re-define a new user for MySQL DB, with no luck: phpMyAdmin cannot connect to database. Here's my details: server: stevie website: aim.heliohost.org user: roaim Please help me. Thank you for your time!
  13. HelioHost username: onsen server: stevie onlinesentris.com Hi, my account has been suspended. I could not log into cpanel either. Please kindly advise what went wrong ? thnks
  14. Dear Support, My hosting account at HelioHost has been suspended for inactivity. I have tried to log in but all what I got was: "Login Attempt Failed!". I also couldn't reset password because of following: Password change cannot be completed: Account is currently suspended! Please contact the billing/support department. How can I get an access to my HelioHost account? My domain: rich.heliohost.org My cPanel login: getrich Thanks in advance.
  15. I have been suspended for a reason that I don't know. I haven't been active in some weeks, but I recently logged into my cpanel. When I try to reactivate my account it says that my account cannot be found in the database. My username is simber, my main domain name is either gameofstocks.net or gameofstocks.heliohost.org. It's on stevie. I hope my account can be reactivated!
  16. Sir/Mam, First, I want to ask, what if my website that hosted in HelioHost is in good standing and if I'm relaxing over 2 months and "forget to login to heliohost.org at least once a month", do the host suspend my account for inactivity causes my site to be inactive, even my site is in good standing? (This will make my site in bad standing..) Please answer this. This is my request, I would like to have an account on Stevie, even I already have an account on Johnny. My web pages that hosted on Johnny are slow and sometimes, they're down. That's why I'm confuse. For me, the name of the username is important. So, this is what I want, if HelioNet allow me to create an account on Stevie, can I registered an account on there with my username on Johnny? IF NOT, would you please move my account specially the username on Johnny, I don't care if all of my files will be formatted, because I'm just started and doesn't have any important file yet. So, I would create an account on Johnny when I needed. Actually, it's good for it to be reformatted because I have an unsolved issue, I can't add a domain name with that account (and that's important to me,) which can be seen at this topic: http://www.helionet.org/index/topic/15682-subdomain-created-instead-of-adding-a-new-domain/ My username on Johnny: mbdungo I hope my request would be granted, any suggestion will be appreciate.. Thank you!
  17. HelioHost username: chglove Server: Stevie Domain: http://shanhaigame.com my account has been suspended for inactivity, unfortunately, i see the email after one week... Now i can't use renew to reactive it, maybe it has been deleted? Is there any chance to reactive it? Thanks.
  18. My username is jthomas domain http://laquintaeyedoc.heliohost.org i believe im on stevie my account was suspended before for inactivity and now i set my google calender to remind me every week to log in so i dont know why it is suspended.... thanks - justin
  19. I have registered my acc 3-4 days ago, i have reseted the pass 3 times, but nothing changes.
  20. Username : MisterX Main domain : thevampirediariesapp.heliohost.org Serve name : johnny I don't remember the account password and if I click the link into email of reset password it not work fine and also if I isert the code into the form it not work...
  21. a. Username: grogolus b. Server: stevie c. Main domain: http://grogol.us Please help me My account got suspended again
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