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Found 15 results

  1. Hey, My account says it's inactive but I logged in a few weeks ago. I've also had problems with my ISP earlier this month so I experienced some outages that prevented me from going online. Anyway I could get the account renewed? I think there's been a mistake made and I hate to lose my account.
  2. Dear Admin My Username: cassets email: clusterassets@gmail.com Kindly unsuspend my account as soon as possible. I have already posted. But I didn't found any response in my account still in same suspension. Kindly unarchive my account. I have to test and practice all.
  3. email:-testwebsiteads@gmail.complease unarchive my account
  4. Hi, there. I'd like to request my account recovery. The username is 'munny' and I've been informed that it was archived. Is that possible?
  5. Can you please reactivate my account. It was reported as "archived" due to inactivity. a. your HelioHost username: seihoen b. the server your account is on: Tommy c. your HelioHost main domain: www.seihoeng.com Thank you!
  6. a. your HelioHost username: natanapp b. the server your account is on: Johnny c. your HelioHost main domain: natansantos.ml
  7. Good day. Could you please unarchive my account. I've been inactive for some time due to school, but now that that's done I'd like to get back to using this account. Thanks in advance.
  8. HelioHost username : piyumald Server :johnny HelioHost main domain: piyumald.heliohost.org
  9. My account being flagged as inactive please active it again Username : thakurs Email : thakursboyamit@hotmail.com Server:tommy
  10. Dear, HelioNet! I was inactive for a long time. Now i returning to continue. My account is archived. Email: kagayakashi@hotmail.com Login: vjach
  11. Hey, my account was inactive for I while, and I want to start using againt, could you reactiveate it? Thank you.
  12. Hi , My account is Flagged as inactive, since I never logged-in more than a month. Kindly help me to resolve it. User name : selvam Thanks in advance.
  13. hi, i wanna if there is any terms of inactivating account, such as web monthly visitors should more than 10 or?
  14. I have use 000webhost recently, and I have about 1 month didn't login my account on 000webhost... And the result, all everything inside my account deleted, and most problem is my domain unable modify to other ns server (or changing ip server...) So... prevent this happen again, I have to asking admin/moderater/staff if I don't login my heliohost account, do my account will going expired?? or banned??
  15. username=crevbh server=stevie domain=crevalcore.com.br The account was suspended for inactivity. After trying to reset password, I was asked to contact customer support
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