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Difference Between Johnny and Ricky????


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You should consider going for Tommy. Tommy’s uptime is way better than Ricky and Johnny. Tommy recently has been occasionally having long load times but virtually never goes down. In addition, Tommy offers instant domain setup as opposed to Ricky and Johnny which you have to wait up to 24 hour for Apache to restart.


If you need Java and ASP.NET, Tommy has them to use however you like! :)


Keep in mind that Ricky server is currently under maintenance for the rebuild process and so the signup button has temporarily been disable. If you are interested in signing one up, You will have to wait until midnight UTC and you need to be quick enough to get a chance. The signups are limited per day, and they will fill quickly. Tommy usually fills within a few seconds, and Johnny will surely fill faster than usual too since so many people will be moving off Ricky.


I know this can be though trying to get in and everyone are like that they don’t wanna to wait but instead they want to rush a lot quicker to put them into back in business but on the other hand, you do have an option to donate one as small amount of minimum $1.00 or more to skip the wait! Please visit at Heliohost.org/tommy and follow the instructions from the screen. Then you will receive an instant Tommy invitation in your email within 24 hours and all you have to do is just click on the link and fill out the form, is that simple and easy right?


You can check the news here for more information about it:



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Does Ricky cost money?

All of our servers are available for free. Johnny free signups usually stay open for hours, Ricky normally stays open about an hour, and Tommy free signups usually stay open for about 10 seconds.


What is the difference between Johnny and Ricky? Which one is worth it and what is the tradeoff?

  • Johnny has a lot of services, but is only meant for testing. The tradeoff is you can get an account easily, and test basically anything you want, but the uptime isn't great and there are a lot of load spikes.
  • Ricky has good uptime, but not a lot of services and is kind of slow. The tradeoff is you can still get an account relatively easily, but this server is more restrictive, and you'll get suspended if you use too many resources.
  • Tommy is the best of both worlds. All of the services we offer plus great uptime, and the fastest speeds. The tradeoff is it's rather hard to get a free account, and if you cause too much load you will be suspended.
You can get an invite to Tommy so you can signup at any time of the day, whether the server is full or not, by making a donation of $1 USD or more at https://www.heliohost.org/tommy/


Also, like Luigi123 said, Ricky won't be available for signups for probably a week or so, but when he's back he should be faster and even better uptime than before.

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Load levels vary, and the numbers are also relative to the hardware the server is running on. It's completely possible for a server with a load of 5 on old hardware to be slower than a server with 10 load on newer hardware.


Also, 100% uptime is completely possible depending on the time being represented. The numbers you see reflect up time over I believe the past 7 days. A server that was up every single time it was tested over a 7 day period was in fact up 100% of the time. The longer the measurement period is, the less likely it is to be 100%. 


Ricky's uptime is 100% because it has no users on it to cause load and downtime. The server isn't completely built and not fully functional which is why it's empty, but is running to the point where the monitor can receive responses from it.

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