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  1. Moving to Web Coding & Management. I think PHP is a very popular, stable, and powerful language to accomplish things like this.
  2. Yes - Wizard and Byron have found and run the command. The command can only be run by the server administrators. Closing...
  3. This is a strange error. Does the HelioHost Account Error message display any form of detail about the error? Also, have you had an account before with HelioHost in the past?
  4. According to HelioHost's timezone checker, the time is correct: http://heliohost.grd.net.pl/server-time/
  5. However, Johnny itself is sort of like a VPS. Johnny shares the disk with Cody, which hosts the main heliohost.org and helionet.org websites. So, Johnny and Cody are both on 1 physical server called 'Charlie'.
  6. @xboz540 - Yes, HelioHost has recently been attempting to disable core dumps to fix this as it has been consuming lots of disk space.
  7. I can't find an account in the database with the username 'vol7ron'. It might have got deleted for inactivity. Could you please provide your main domain so I can investigate further? However, it does seem likely that your account has been permanently deleted. If this is the case, then please feel free to create a new account.
  8. The HelioHost Server Monitor monitors FTP, HTTP and cPanel. The statistics on the homepage only test HTTP - plus the HelioHost Server Monitor is updated every 2 minutes while the heliohost.org statistics are (I think!) in real time.
  9. You probably can still point to our A Records as an alternative to nameservers - not sure though
  10. That domain is no longer pointing to HelioHost's nameservers. http://byrondallas.heliohost.org/php/tools/dns_records.php?domain=thepalacegardenhotel.com&rec=NS
  11. jje

    Extended Downtime

    HelioHost is a free web hosting company - not paid/premium host Unfortunately we do not have an estimate - at this time we are waiting for our root administrator, djbob.
  12. jje

    Extended Downtime

    The support admins cannot access Stevie right now, and migrating everyone on Stevie would take quite a long time and seriously decrease Johnny's performance. Therefore I do not believe that this would be possible, plus we would probably be able to fix stevie before getting that finished.
  13. Please read the latest news topic for information about the downtime
  14. jje

    Extended Downtime

    There will probably be NO loss of data when Stevie comes back online. Ever since I have joined HelioNet, I have only witnessed a loss of data affect 2 accounts, therefore it is extremely unlikely that any loss of data will occur.
  15. TextEdit (the program that is in every Mac) is really annoying and not designed for website design. I personally use Eclipse to edit my websites - much much better with syntax highlighting and project management with support for systems such as GIT and addons such as PHP.
  16. Hello craigis We are currently having a few technical difficulties with the database for Stevie accounts. This is causing the script that suspends old accounts to be unable to find any old Stevie accounts. In other words, the inactivity suspension system is currently non-functional but we hope to bring it back as soon as we can to prevent old accounts from filling up the server. This does not effect Johnny accounts, and it does effect most of Stevie accounts. Thanks,
  17. jje

    Add Us To Your Circles

    @cl58 - If you have access to that page, could you change the avatar to this bigger image? The current one is quite scaled down...
  18. Hello. I assume your account is nolan; if so then your account has been activated You can now start using your account
  19. Could you please provide a URL? We are currently working on removing those core files right now - feel free to delete them as they seem to be consuming lots of space.
  20. Please use the domain script: http://heliohost.org.../scripts/domain
  21. Were you sending lots and lots and lots of emails in a small period of time, or sending lots of spam email?
  22. Sorry, this isn't resolved. I have reopened the topic.
  23. Glad your problem got solved! Please spare a few minutes to take our brief survey: http://feedback.heliohost.org/ Your participation in this survey is greatly appreciated.
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